Here’s Amy…


     Ok, so I’m going to just start with an intro to Amy, you already know what nacitas are so here I go:

      Amethyst Jade Jones was just you’re normal home schooled sixteen year old.  She had two wonderful best friends and incredibly awesome parents.

     But all that changed in one night.

     Amy’s parents were in a horrible car crash, the only survivor was her ten-year old cousin, Ruby.  Amy only coped because her friends were there to pull her through the darkest part of her life.

     When it seemed like everything was ok, Leslie, her best friend, was attacked by a nacita, while on dry land.

     Amy, her friend Derek, and Leslie’s cousins Zeke and Colin go out on the lake Amy lives on to try to capture the nacita that hurt Leslie.

     They find him…but he is nothing like Amy expected.  For one; he is kind.  For another; he bit her.  And for last; they fell in love.

     Feel free to tell me what you think!!!!

     And remember; that’s only the first half of her story.



So hyper, so impatient


     Be glad you can’t hear my voice.  It sounds weird today.  Probably from how much I was talking on the phone last night.

     Anyway the writing’s going good; I worked on Annabella a little yesterday.  As I keep saying; if you want to know something about the books: TELL ME.  I don’t want to bore people, but I’m not sure what you want to read.  So help a girl out here; I’m still new at this, so leave me a question or two.

    Talk to you later,


Just bored, and want to write SOMETHING


     So I’m sick, and I can’t wait to get back up to my room and get to write.  I think I’ll work on Annabella today, but I’m also to a point in Ruby that I’m copying some of my notes; so she’s a probability too.

     My week’s been good so far, I had a sleep over with my other BFF Hannah on Tuesday….and The Vampire Diaries is on tonight.  But alas, it’s a repeat.  But Damon gets his butt kicked in it sooo…….=)

     Ok, I’m going to write my books now.  So I will talk to you people soon.


     PS  If you want to know something about the books; leave a comment with your question.  I welcome them, and remember; there’s no such thing as a dumb question.  And I don’t mind bad spelling, (trust me, if it weren’t for spell check my writing would be a disaster).


Ok, I’m back. Finally.

Hi guys,

     Sorry I haven’t been on in a while; been busy.  Any way yesterday was a writing day, and if it hadn’t been garbage day too, I probably wouldn’t have left my room. =)

     So I was working on Annabella, (my sixth book, and one of the “stand alone’s”), and got about three pages done before I had a brain storm for Lily, (the fourth book in my saga, and the first one with werewolves).

     Just so no one gets confused, (or more confused), my books are as follows:

The saga:

Amethyst Jones Part 1.

Amethyst Jones Part 2.

Ruby Black.

Lily McKendricks.

Stand alone books:

Victoria Jameson.

Annabella Aster.

     Before I forget, i did say I would post about nacitas today:

The Facts about Nacitas:

1: They are water dwellers, but they can live on land as well.

2: To much time on land, and they lose their memory.

3: If one bites you while they are in the water, you can become a nacita.

4: They can control water, and their age.

5: Out of the water they look like a normal human, under water their feet elongate and turn to fins, their skin becomes covered in scales, and they breathe water like we breathe air.

   And those are the basic facts about nacitas.

Talk to you soon,



     Ok, my first blog entry…EVER.  So I think I should start by telling you how I started writing…

     Well it was last year, and my best friend, Jenni was over for a sleep-over and we were talking.

     We text almost every day and I had been trying to explain nacitas to her, (I will explain them in the next post, I promise) but I wasn’t able to convey the details to her using “text talk”.  She was finally getting it because I was able to tell her absolutely EVERYTHING I could remember from the dream I’d had in ’07 that started this whole epic mess.  After I finished she said “Wow, you should try writing a book based on that, Meredith.” So I did.  And it’s all gone up hill from there.

     All of the books I write are based on dreams that I’ve had, and let me tell you something; it should say A LOT about my imagination if this stuff is coming from my head.  But hopefully it’s good stuff.  =)