Ok, my first blog entry…EVER.  So I think I should start by telling you how I started writing…

     Well it was last year, and my best friend, Jenni was over for a sleep-over and we were talking.

     We text almost every day and I had been trying to explain nacitas to her, (I will explain them in the next post, I promise) but I wasn’t able to convey the details to her using “text talk”.  She was finally getting it because I was able to tell her absolutely EVERYTHING I could remember from the dream I’d had in ’07 that started this whole epic mess.  After I finished she said “Wow, you should try writing a book based on that, Meredith.” So I did.  And it’s all gone up hill from there.

     All of the books I write are based on dreams that I’ve had, and let me tell you something; it should say A LOT about my imagination if this stuff is coming from my head.  But hopefully it’s good stuff.  =)




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