Ok, I’m back. Finally.

Hi guys,

     Sorry I haven’t been on in a while; been busy.  Any way yesterday was a writing day, and if it hadn’t been garbage day too, I probably wouldn’t have left my room. =)

     So I was working on Annabella, (my sixth book, and one of the “stand alone’s”), and got about three pages done before I had a brain storm for Lily, (the fourth book in my saga, and the first one with werewolves).

     Just so no one gets confused, (or more confused), my books are as follows:

The saga:

Amethyst Jones Part 1.

Amethyst Jones Part 2.

Ruby Black.

Lily McKendricks.

Stand alone books:

Victoria Jameson.

Annabella Aster.

     Before I forget, i did say I would post about nacitas today:

The Facts about Nacitas:

1: They are water dwellers, but they can live on land as well.

2: To much time on land, and they lose their memory.

3: If one bites you while they are in the water, you can become a nacita.

4: They can control water, and their age.

5: Out of the water they look like a normal human, under water their feet elongate and turn to fins, their skin becomes covered in scales, and they breathe water like we breathe air.

   And those are the basic facts about nacitas.

Talk to you soon,



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  1. Lovely just what I was searching for. Thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

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