So hyper, so impatient


     Be glad you can’t hear my voice.  It sounds weird today.  Probably from how much I was talking on the phone last night.

     Anyway the writing’s going good; I worked on Annabella a little yesterday.  As I keep saying; if you want to know something about the books: TELL ME.  I don’t want to bore people, but I’m not sure what you want to read.  So help a girl out here; I’m still new at this, so leave me a question or two.

    Talk to you later,




  1. Omg you’re so cool! Hey it’s Danielle, theDanielleDiaries chick, regarding your question I’m a big fan of the tv fanatic forum, it’s this fan website for practically every tv show, and thats what most people there think as the actress who plays Isabelle is signed on for several more episodes, and the body disapeered when she had supposedly died. I’m reading the second VD book at the moment, but I must confess I prefer the tv show. Oh and your choice of favourite writers rock . . . I have work by all, JKR is phenomenal, so is SM, but I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Merchant of Venice (we did it in school so ew)
    I love that you’re a writer, I’m fifteen and in the process of becoming a writer too, although I’ve got this book that’s being published before Christmas (I didn’t write it, I’m co-ordinating this charity book for Hachette Ireland, it’s basically just Irish celebs writing short pieces, oh and I’m from Ireland btw)
    But I must say you rock! I am vampire obcessed at the moment, have you seen True Blood? There is actually so much common ground between it and Vampire Diaries, and the idea that the whole world knowing about vampires is really different.
    Don’t worry I swear not to steal you’re ideas, I’m more of a chick lit writer, think gossip girl this side of the atlantic. I’m subscribing to your blog now; I can’t wait to read about your story.
    Best of luck with everything, us teen writers have got to stick together!
    Peace out, xoxo

    • Hey Danielle,
      I did forget to mention one author; C. S. Lewis! I keep meaning to change it, but haven’t gotten to.
      I’ve never seen True Blood, but as to the “chick lit” writer…you’d like Amethyst 1&2. They’re my Chick Flicks in the making.
      Ruby’s a little like VD, I actually freaked out when I heard about the show in the first place because of the slight simalairtys. But I calmed down when I saw it and realized I was still in the clear.
      I have not gotten to read The Merchant of Venice, but my favorite tragdy is King Lear. My favorite comedy is Much Ado About Nothing; Beatrice is my fictional twin. Well, if you’re not counting Alice Cullen…but that’s a different subject. =)
      Talk to you later!

  2. Appreciate it for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info.

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