Here’s Amy…


     Ok, so I’m going to just start with an intro to Amy, you already know what nacitas are so here I go:

      Amethyst Jade Jones was just you’re normal home schooled sixteen year old.  She had two wonderful best friends and incredibly awesome parents.

     But all that changed in one night.

     Amy’s parents were in a horrible car crash, the only survivor was her ten-year old cousin, Ruby.  Amy only coped because her friends were there to pull her through the darkest part of her life.

     When it seemed like everything was ok, Leslie, her best friend, was attacked by a nacita, while on dry land.

     Amy, her friend Derek, and Leslie’s cousins Zeke and Colin go out on the lake Amy lives on to try to capture the nacita that hurt Leslie.

     They find him…but he is nothing like Amy expected.  For one; he is kind.  For another; he bit her.  And for last; they fell in love.

     Feel free to tell me what you think!!!!

     And remember; that’s only the first half of her story.




  1. hey mer i found you

  2. Lovely just what I was looking for. Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

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