Meet Ruby

     Ok, so I thought you might want to meet Ruby…

     Ruby Black, Amy’s little ten year old cousin, all grown up.  It’s been eight years since her dad died, and three years since she dumped her rat of a boyfriend.  Now she’s in college, with her best friend Bones, and as always; they’re inseperable.

     A couple months into the semester a new student comes to the school; he’s mystrious, and distant.  His name is Jackson Halloway, and, at first, he and Ruby do not get along.

     But that all changes with one dance.  Ruby falls for him, as he had for her the first time they met.  You see, Jack has a secret; and that secret could kill Ruby.  Jackson is a vampire, and he’s not alone.

     Eirc Boone; a former friend of Jack’s, he is now out to kill Ruby.  Just so he can torture Jack for something that happened sixty years ago.

     Ruby has made her choice.  Jack needs to make his; bite, and save his true love, or let her be killed by a sadistic bloodsucker?

    Easy choice, huh?  Well I’ll talk to you later.



Bored, Very Bored.


     Ok, so still haven’t really gotten to write much.  I’m a little hyper too, because in little more than a week I will be sixteen!  I might even get to have Jenni, (you know, my BFF that told me to write the books), over for a sleep over and we might get to see Remember Me!  Dying to see it!

     Oh well, that’s al I have time for today,




Hi guys,

     Ok, so not much new in the world of my books…haven’t gotten to write very much this week.  =(

     I have started a collection of short stories though…just for when I otherwise have writers block.  I already have one story finished and two in progress.  So far they are My Life, After Death.  Did It Have to be A Dream?  And Undying Love.

     Go figure; I have writers block on Undying Love.

     Well I have to go for now…GS meeting tonight. =)



I’m Back!!!

Hey everyone,

     I’m back form Senior Conferance…no African drumming this year.  The classes I got were on interview skills, (nothing I haven’t already gone over with my mother), a drama class that focused on women in lead roles in plays, (unfortunately we had to stop before we reached Taming of The Shrew), a class on DNA testing; I got some REALLY awesome pictures of the equipment.  And a class on engineering, (we got candy for giving the right answer in that class, YUM!!).

     I got to see some friends from camp at the conference, and of corse, I’m also sick again.

     So, I have no idea what to write right now, other than to say that I’m reading Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Theif.

     On that note I return to the point of this blog; to try to get the news of my books out into the world.  As some of you have noticed; I have a new category, it’s just for news on my first book, (the one that’s finished), and I hope you get the time to look at it because. . . I’m going through the editing phase, and when I’m done with that I start sending to publishers!

     Wish me luck!!!


C Ya On Monday!

Hey guy,

     Sorry I haven’t been on.  Been cleaning and writing like KRAZY.  LOL.

     Anyway, nothing much new.  Worked on Amethyst 2 and Lily this week. 

     Oh yeah, I won’t be back on until at least Monday; I’m going to Girl Scout Senior Conferance!!!!  Second year there and I REALLY hope I get this CSI like class!  But I won’t know til I get there.

     I’m also signed up for stuff like Archaeology,  drama, oh, and one class that you get to learn African dancing and drumming!  Personally, I’m more interested in the drumming aspect of that class.  So hyper about it, can’t wait!  If anyone out there is going; hope to see you soon!