Meet Ruby

     Ok, so I thought you might want to meet Ruby…

     Ruby Black, Amy’s little ten year old cousin, all grown up.  It’s been eight years since her dad died, and three years since she dumped her rat of a boyfriend.  Now she’s in college, with her best friend Bones, and as always; they’re inseperable.

     A couple months into the semester a new student comes to the school; he’s mystrious, and distant.  His name is Jackson Halloway, and, at first, he and Ruby do not get along.

     But that all changes with one dance.  Ruby falls for him, as he had for her the first time they met.  You see, Jack has a secret; and that secret could kill Ruby.  Jackson is a vampire, and he’s not alone.

     Eirc Boone; a former friend of Jack’s, he is now out to kill Ruby.  Just so he can torture Jack for something that happened sixty years ago.

     Ruby has made her choice.  Jack needs to make his; bite, and save his true love, or let her be killed by a sadistic bloodsucker?

    Easy choice, huh?  Well I’ll talk to you later.



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  1. I am always thought about this, appreciate it for posting.

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