Here Come the Wolves…WEREwolves


     Ok, so like I said, here’s Lily…

     Hi!  I’m Lillian Nightingale McKendricks, and I wanted to give you a brief overview of my story,

     So I live in New York… I’m fifteen, going on sixteen… I go to private school… My mom is a history teacher… My dad is a rock star… My brother is a vampire… And my boyfriend is a blind werewolf.  My.  Life.  Is.  WEIRD!!!!!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    It all started when I bumped into Connor Moon.  I mean literally bumped into him.  I wasn’t watching where I was going and…CRASH!!!

     I found out he was blind that same day.  I also lost my sight that day too.  I got chemicals in my eyes, and was blind from Thanksgiving until my birthday in December.

    Connor helped me, he taught me to see when I had no eyes.  He showed me his world then, and I help him through mine now.

     I learned what he was on Christmas Eve, the most epic night of my life.  He can see, but only after he transforms, and only until the sun comes up.  No one knows why; all they know is that he lost his sight after he was bitten at age six, and the transformation cures it, temporarily.

   Right now we’re just trying to figure this out, so cross your fingers and hope for the best!

              That’s it, for now,



Facts on Vamps


     Ok, so I don’t go with the flow when it comes to Vampires.  I prefer making up my own rules for them.

     Just so you don’t get confused by anything I say about them, here are the facts on vamps:

                           1: They can be religious.  My vampires are Christians, unless I’m using them as villains.

                          2: They have different options for what type of blood to live on; it can be human, animal, or simply from recently purchased/killed meat.

                          3: The sun only hurts them if they have lived on human blood for too long.

                         4: Garlic hurts them if they are Italian.

                          5: Crosses burn their skin if they’re atheist.

                          6:  They sleep at night, just like you and me, unless they have killed innocent people.  Then they cannot rest because of the screams that reverberate in their heads.

                       7: The only way to kill them, (yes I know this is VERY unconventional), is to drive a silver knife/sword/dagger/basically any sharp pointy blade through their heart.

     That’s all I can think of for the weird stuff I did to vampires.  They still have the power of persuasion and super speed/streangth and that kind of stuff.

     So I’ll talk to you later,



Hi everyone,

     Sorry I haven’t been on lately, my parents have me working in the yard this summer.

     I have’nt goten to write very much lately so for now the new posts will most likely be in new catigoies; one catigory for each book.  One exception; Amy will only have one catigory even though she has two books.

     The next catigory I’ll add will be for Lily, so if you like werewovles you’ll want to check it out.

     That’s all for now.