Facts on Vamps


     Ok, so I don’t go with the flow when it comes to Vampires.  I prefer making up my own rules for them.

     Just so you don’t get confused by anything I say about them, here are the facts on vamps:

                           1: They can be religious.  My vampires are Christians, unless I’m using them as villains.

                          2: They have different options for what type of blood to live on; it can be human, animal, or simply from recently purchased/killed meat.

                          3: The sun only hurts them if they have lived on human blood for too long.

                         4: Garlic hurts them if they are Italian.

                          5: Crosses burn their skin if they’re atheist.

                          6:  They sleep at night, just like you and me, unless they have killed innocent people.  Then they cannot rest because of the screams that reverberate in their heads.

                       7: The only way to kill them, (yes I know this is VERY unconventional), is to drive a silver knife/sword/dagger/basically any sharp pointy blade through their heart.

     That’s all I can think of for the weird stuff I did to vampires.  They still have the power of persuasion and super speed/streangth and that kind of stuff.

     So I’ll talk to you later,



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