First exerpt 4 Ruby

     Ok, so I’m starting to post exerpts from some of my books.

      I thought I’d start with the poem I wrote for Ruby.  In the book there was a class assignment to write a poem about one of your favorite things, and Jack wrote his about night time.  So, fittingly, this poem is called The Night.  I hope you like it…

The sun is tired

So ‘til morn he shall retire…

The dogs begin to howl

For they know I shall soon be on the prowl

As a bird takes to flight

I set off into the Night

The forest calls me

I dare not say no,

The wolves I race

As the deer we chase

Yet kill I none

Enough harm I have done.

Sweet moon, we must now part

For dawn draws near,

Night is nearly done

‘til morrow Night, dear

I must be gone

     Tell me what you think,



Victoria Jameson

     Ok, so for right now I’m just going to tell you a little about Victoria…

     Hi!  I’m Victoria Abigail Jameson.  I have a twin brother named Jacob Jasper, (he was named for my father).  My best friend is also named Jacob Jasper, though he prefers to go by Jasper.  I’ve known Jasper ever since I was a year old, and we grew up together in a small town in Pensylvaina…in the 1840’s.

     You see, I’m…strange.  I’m part vampire, part nacita, AND part werewolf.  As such, I have lived for a VERY long time.  I have seen many things in my life, I have seen death time and time again.  I have watched my family members grow up, have families of their own and, somehow, find room to keep me in their lives.

     I know first hand how a mind can change its’ perspective of a person; one day I saw Jasper as just a friend.  The next thing I know he’s home from the Civil War, has just kissed me, and I, (finally), fall for him.

     The strangest thing I have ever seen is something that is happening right now;  Jasper is alive.  The man I am in love with and have mourned for over a century and a half is still living in the same little town we grew up in…and he’s a vampire.

That’s all for now,