First exerpt 4 Ruby

     Ok, so I’m starting to post exerpts from some of my books.

      I thought I’d start with the poem I wrote for Ruby.  In the book there was a class assignment to write a poem about one of your favorite things, and Jack wrote his about night time.  So, fittingly, this poem is called The Night.  I hope you like it…

The sun is tired

So ‘til morn he shall retire…

The dogs begin to howl

For they know I shall soon be on the prowl

As a bird takes to flight

I set off into the Night

The forest calls me

I dare not say no,

The wolves I race

As the deer we chase

Yet kill I none

Enough harm I have done.

Sweet moon, we must now part

For dawn draws near,

Night is nearly done

‘til morrow Night, dear

I must be gone

     Tell me what you think,



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