First Excerpt, From the First Half of My Story.


     So I thought I might add an excerpt from Amethyst Part 1.  The basic story at this point is that Amy’s BFF Leslie has been attacked by a nacita and has been sent to the hospital.  This part of the story is one of my favorites because this is where Any and Henri meet, and Amy….well, you’ll see what happens.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so sink your teeth in.

     A few days went by with Leslie slowly recovering in the hospital she was finally getting some color back but still hadn’t opened her eyes although that didn’t stop her from crying out in her sleep.

     Derek didn’t leave her bedside until I told him that I’d gotten a boat to go out onto the lake to see if we could catch the nacita that attacked her.

     The next day we set out on the lake. Derek wasn’t going to let me help

     “I want to help! I want to do something! She’s my Best Friend Derek!” I yelled at him.

      He replied coolly, “Fine; you can hold the bait in the water if you like, just yell if anything bites.”  With that he handed me the bait and I put my hand in the water.

     After a while my hand started to go numb with cold from the water and all of a sudden my hand hurt, the water stung, my head spun, and I was nearly drug under water by something that surfaced when I pulled my hand out of the water.

     I was looking at a boy with long hair and the most amazingly blue eyes I’ve ever seen, he looked to be about my age. But what surprised me the most was that he had the bait in his mouth.

     I didn’t yell for Derek but stared at the boy, who didn’t take his eyes off of me.

     He swam up to the side of the boat, took my hand and wiped away the blood. Then he smiled and looked up at me and said something that I didn’t quite understand. Like it was in a different language that I had started to learn and had half forgotten.

    “What did you say?” I asked him.

     He repeated it I still didn’t understand and told him so.  He raised his hand, covered my eyes with it and said, “Can you understand me?” he sounded anxious and excited.

     I nodded as he uncovered my eyes and I said, “Of course I can understand you now that you’re speaking English.”

      But I wasn’t.  The words that came out of my mouth were strange and unfamiliar to me but I still knew what they meant and I didn’t know how.

     The boy broke into the biggest smile I’d ever seen.  I stared at him, slightly scared, and very puzzled.

     He looked at my hand, then at me and then shrugged; I looked at my hand as well, it was bleeding again. I wiped away the blood and saw that my hand looked like it had been bitten by a dog, a dog with very sharp teeth and a strangely human like muzzle.

     I now understood. The boy was a nacita and he had bitten me. “Who are you?”….

Hope you liked it =)



Hi People!!!!!


     So just some general news…

     1: I have a new history based addiction, and its name is The Dreamer, Act One: The Consequence of Nathan Hale.

     2: Since I couldn’t get on here on Sunday, Happy Late Birthday Nathan Hale!!!!!!!!!! =) Yes, I’m weird. =)

     3: When I get off I’m going to write for a while.

     4: To quote a Disney classic… “No time to say ‘Hello’ Goodbye!  I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!”

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Exerpt from Annabella Aster: Strange Love


     Here’s the first part of Annabella, thought you might like it…    

     Hello, I’m Annabella.  I’m a werewolf with a peculiar story.  And I’m here to share it with you…

     It was the full moon, and I had already transformed into a wolf.  I was running at top speed and once again I was glad that my parents let me camp by myself during full moons.  One of the many benefits of being a home-schooled seventeen-year-old-werewolf is that your parents know they can trust you to not set the forest on fire in the middle of the night.

     But I wasn’t paying attention to that right at that moment.  An incredibly good scent had caught my attention and I was following it.  It must have been nearing dawn when I saw him, the source of the scent.  He was standing as still as a statue when I reached the edge of the clearing.  I caught the scent again; curry, (the plant, not the spice), rosemary, wild thyme and basil.  I sniffed the air again, and again, and before I realized it; my paws were carrying me closer to the strange man.

     When I was about a foot away, he knelt down and held out his hand, apparently unafraid of the wolf approaching him.  I sniffed at his hand, the animal desires took over for a moment, and I licked his hand.

     I know it sounds weird, but he tasted good, as good as his scent smelled.  The stranger patted my head, my ears folded back in contentment; he leaned forward as he moved his hand along my shoulder.

     I was frozen in place as I felt his breath somehow penetrate my long fur, I heard him whisper “This won’t hurt.”

     My fur stood on end when he spoke.  I jumped back, pulling myself out of the strangers’ reach.  A growl ripped though my teeth as I took a defensive position about ten feet away from him.  The first rays of dawn shone through the trees, and I was…um, forcibly removed from my wolf form.

     I stayed in the crouch that allowed me to be ready for an attack, or to run for my life.  Whichever came first.  The stranger looked shocked for a moment, before recovering and springing gracefully to his feet.  He didn’t look like he was getting ready to attack, or defend, or do anything.

     I wasn’t moving, though.  My instincts told me he was danger, and I listened.  “Who are you?!?!” I asked…

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Annabella…My Turn.

Hi, last character…for the girls anyway…

     My name is Annabella.  Do not call me Bella, under ANY circumstance.  I am seventeen years old, home schooled, and a werewolf.  My life is was simple, I hardly ever got in trouble, I lived in Colonial Williamsburg VA, I was a role model to my little sister and best friend to my twin cousins, Lina and Linda.

     My life changed in one night.  The one night I ran towards trouble, and his name is Roderick Calahan.  He is a vampire, the one thing on earth I’d been taught to hate.  Not dislike, HATE.  Roderick was not what I expected, he was kind, and polite, and…charming.  We became friends…slowly.

     Then my life changed, again.  But you’ll just have to read my story to find out what happened, and what the consequences of my choice are…

Look for exerpts!


Lily Meets Connor

                After the weekend was over and I was back in school, I saw the boy I had a crush on, (and I thought had a crush on me), kissing the cheerleading captain.  I started crying and ran into somebody.

                We both fell to the floor, and my books fell around us.  I sat up, brushed my elbow-length strawberry blonde hair out of my face, and said “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?!?”

                The boy I had bumped into didn’t say anything at first.  He just picked up a stick with a wrist band attached, stood up, opened the cane, and said “Sorry, I can’t.”

                I turned red, and stammered “I-I’m s-sorry.  I-I didn’t realize you were-”

                “Blind?” He finished the sentence for me, and shrugged “It’s ok.  Most people who don’t know me just assume I can see.  I’ve been told I act like I can.  I’m Connor by the way.  Connor Moon.”  He held out his hand.

                I shook it saying “I’m Lily McKendricks.”

                …Connor started to say something, but stopped.  He bent down picked something up, and said “I think this is yours, I just heard it fall.”

                Connor held out my fairy pendant necklace.  I grabbed it saying “Thank you!  I didn’t even realize it fell off!”

                “I guess you really like that necklace, huh?”

                I nodded, “Yeah.  My brother gave it to me for a fifteenth birthday present.  That was the last birthday we were together for.”

                “Before your parents spilt?”

                I sighed, remembering that no one outside the family knew the truth, “Yes.”  The bell rang, and I asked “Do you want some help to class?”

                “Well I am new here, and I don’t really know where I’m going, obviously.  So if you’re already heading my way?”

                “What class are you supposed to be going to?”

                “Chemistry.  You?”

                I smiled, “Same here.  Take my hand.”

                “Ok.” He leaned forward and whispered “Where is it?”

                I laughed, took his hand and started walking slowly toward class.