Annabella…My Turn.

Hi, last character…for the girls anyway…

     My name is Annabella.  Do not call me Bella, under ANY circumstance.  I am seventeen years old, home schooled, and a werewolf.  My life is was simple, I hardly ever got in trouble, I lived in Colonial Williamsburg VA, I was a role model to my little sister and best friend to my twin cousins, Lina and Linda.

     My life changed in one night.  The one night I ran towards trouble, and his name is Roderick Calahan.  He is a vampire, the one thing on earth I’d been taught to hate.  Not dislike, HATE.  Roderick was not what I expected, he was kind, and polite, and…charming.  We became friends…slowly.

     Then my life changed, again.  But you’ll just have to read my story to find out what happened, and what the consequences of my choice are…

Look for exerpts!



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