Exerpt from Annabella Aster: Strange Love


     Here’s the first part of Annabella, thought you might like it…    

     Hello, I’m Annabella.  I’m a werewolf with a peculiar story.  And I’m here to share it with you…

     It was the full moon, and I had already transformed into a wolf.  I was running at top speed and once again I was glad that my parents let me camp by myself during full moons.  One of the many benefits of being a home-schooled seventeen-year-old-werewolf is that your parents know they can trust you to not set the forest on fire in the middle of the night.

     But I wasn’t paying attention to that right at that moment.  An incredibly good scent had caught my attention and I was following it.  It must have been nearing dawn when I saw him, the source of the scent.  He was standing as still as a statue when I reached the edge of the clearing.  I caught the scent again; curry, (the plant, not the spice), rosemary, wild thyme and basil.  I sniffed the air again, and again, and before I realized it; my paws were carrying me closer to the strange man.

     When I was about a foot away, he knelt down and held out his hand, apparently unafraid of the wolf approaching him.  I sniffed at his hand, the animal desires took over for a moment, and I licked his hand.

     I know it sounds weird, but he tasted good, as good as his scent smelled.  The stranger patted my head, my ears folded back in contentment; he leaned forward as he moved his hand along my shoulder.

     I was frozen in place as I felt his breath somehow penetrate my long fur, I heard him whisper “This won’t hurt.”

     My fur stood on end when he spoke.  I jumped back, pulling myself out of the strangers’ reach.  A growl ripped though my teeth as I took a defensive position about ten feet away from him.  The first rays of dawn shone through the trees, and I was…um, forcibly removed from my wolf form.

     I stayed in the crouch that allowed me to be ready for an attack, or to run for my life.  Whichever came first.  The stranger looked shocked for a moment, before recovering and springing gracefully to his feet.  He didn’t look like he was getting ready to attack, or defend, or do anything.

     I wasn’t moving, though.  My instincts told me he was danger, and I listened.  “Who are you?!?!” I asked…

That’s it for now… =)



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