Christopher Calahan

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     So I told you I would post one of the vampires stories before I left, so I thought you might want to get to know Christopher Calahan; Roderick’s physically older, realistically younger adopted brother.  So here goes…

     We ate dinner in the sitting room, and Christopher was oddly quiet. Once Roderick asked what was wrong, and he said “I’m trying to remember something.”

     Roderick glanced at me and nodded. After dinner I sent Laura up stairs, and put the dishes in the sink. Then I went back to the sitting room and said “Ok Christopher. Your turn.”

     He sighed, and Linda sat down next to him. Christopher looked at her before beginning, “Alright, Annabella, you need to understand that not all vampires retain their human memories. I do not remember most of my life. From what I know of history, and what little I remember, I believe I was born sometime in 1924. I fought in the second World War as a fighter pilot, I think I was shot down somewhere over Germany in 1945.

     “All I remember is the shooting, the sound of the planes, and the feeling of falling.  Then I woke up.  I was clutching the remains of my dog tags.  The only legible words on it were my first name and my age.

     “The next few days were horrible; my throat burned like it was on fire, that is, until a human crossed my path. That’s when I learned what I was, what I had become,” He swallowed, and took a moment before continuing, “The worst part was seeing the girl I had attacked, she couldn’t have been much older than Laura.

     “The next five years weren’t any better. I couldn’t stand killing humans,” He shook his head and relaxed a little, “Then these two ‘animal lovers’ tackle me while I’m looking for homeless people to feed on, and they drag me into the woods.

     “Of coarse, I think they’re trying to steal my kill, so I try to fight them off. I shook Edgar off, but Roderick got me into a head lock, and threw his nice little ‘mood stabilizer’ on full force. I calmed down enough to listen to what they had to say. 

     “Then I decided that the animal blood diet sounded better than torturing myself by going as long as possible between feeding so I would kill as little as possible. I’ve traveled with them ever since, and I have never regretted the decision, particularly not now.” He kissed the side of Linda’s head.  My cousin turned blood red, and Lina and I giggled…

Hope you enjoyed that!



News on me


     So I have been very busy lately, I am currently getting ready to go to Sea World and Busch Gardens in FL.  And I can now throw a curve ball in bowling!!!!

     In book news, I have been working on Annabella and Victoria a lot recently, also writing a few pages in Lily last week.  Christmas is here for Lily, and Conor’s big secret is about to be blown… =)

     I will try to post some more excerpts from a few of the books before I leave next Thursday, (and I will try to get on while I’m away, but I can make no guarantees).  I’m thinking of posting one of the vampires stories…I’m just not sure if it’s going to be Jack, Jasper, Roderick or one of the other vampires you haven’t met yet that gets the spot light.

     Well that’s it for now,