First Part of Charity!!!!!

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     Yes it is finally here! the first part of Victoria Charity!!!  So, I really hope you all like this!  Tell me what you think…

Charity Jameson: Vampire, Nacita… and Just A Little Bit Werewolf

     Hello, my name is Charity Abigail Jameson and as you’ve already guessed I’m a bit strange. You see, my mother was a born nacita whose family had been banished before she was born. When she was about twenty she was attacked, and bitten, by a vampire. Later in life she fell in love with my father, who turned out to be a werewolf.

     They got married and had me and my twin brother Jonas Jasper Jameson, (he was named for my father). This all happened back in the 1800’s, in fact I was born in 1845. To be specific May thirty-first, and I was born first. A fact that I constantly reminded my brother of.

    Just so you know; I inherited being both a vampire and a nacita while my brother was werewolf and nacita, though we both have certain characteristics of the third species. Like I said, I’m strange. Anyway time to tell my story, and it starts one day when I was having a walk down memory lane in the middle of Biology…

    The year was eighteen sixty-five, just before General Lee surrendered to General Grant. My brother and best friend had been gone for three years and that day they were coming home due to injuries that hindered their ability to use a musket or sword. I was waiting for them with my mother and other best friend Amelia, whose cousin was the other man coming home that day.

     His name was Jonas Jasper Hawthorn, his family had moved to my town when he was two years old (which made him a year older than me) and to avoid confusion everyone had always called him Jasper, seeing as he and my brother shared the same name. He had also been trying to court me for quite some time, and I had always refused.

     I’d always loved him, as a brother at the very least. But, as we got older I saw him differently, and my love for him changed. I was afraid though, what if it ended badly? I could not justify risking our friendship for something that could go wrong. In the end, I was content as his friend, and would rather see him happy with someone else than hurt by me.

     My brother on the other hand would’ve liked nothing better than to see Jasper and I wed. I understand why, I mean who wouldn’t want his best friend as his brother-in-law?

     My view of Jasper as only a friend changed completely the day they came home. When they arrived Jonas was the first in the door and the first thing I noticed about my twin was that his right arm was in bandages and a sling, of course the dummy had to injury the arm he writes with.

     Jonas set his bag down and I hugged him, I then found out how much stronger he’d gotten as he proceeded to try and crush me.

     “Jonas, you are suffocating me!” I managed to say after a minute or so.

     He let go and held me at arms length to look at me, as usual the only way you could tell we were twins was if you looked at our eyes, which were mirror images of each other.

     My right eye is gold my left green, on Jonas it was the reverse. Otherwise we just looked related. I have red hair, my brother had black hair, I’m short and slender, Jonas was tall and broad shouldered.

     Jonas smiled at me in an evil way that made his eyes shine with humor “Alright, you are small, sound like a mouse and look like a bird. It doesn’t look like you’ve changed since I left.”

     I laughed and said “And you are still tall, funny and incredibly annoying. It’s good to have you back Jonas. But why did you have to get yourself shot?!?”

     Jonas beckoned over his shoulder and said “I was saving our best friends life.”

     I looked over his shoulder at Jasper, who had his back to me, was talking to Amelia and had his left arm in a sling. I pressed a finger to my lips to tell Jonas to keep quiet as I tip-toed around him and up behind Jasper, I placed two fingers to his back and said “Don’t move, I have a musket at your back.”

     I felt and heard Jasper start to laugh, then he spun around grabbed my wrist and spun me so that my arms were incapacitated, he leaned down and said “I can even beat you with one arm. I think that’s a new record.”

     I said “Can’t you let me win just once?”

     He let go of me and said “What fun would be in letting you win?”

     “It would be fun for me. Now where’s my hug.”

     He hugged me. After a little while I tried to pull away but Jasper held me tight, I looked at him and said “Jasper, you can let go now.”

     “I can, but I do not really want to…” his voice trailed off as I looked in his eyes; they’d always reminded me of watching the sunset. Before I really knew what was happening we were leaning in closer to each other, I was closing my eyes and Jasper was kissing me…

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Name Changes for Victoria!

Hi everyone!
Ok, so due to some accidental similarities to Twilight characters of the same names, I have had to change the names of four of the characters in Victoria. Following this post is a list of the original names with the new names after.

Victoria Abigail Jameson – Charity Abigail Jameson

Jacob Jasper Jameson – Jonas Jasper Jameson
Jacob Jasper Covitch – Jonas Jasper Hawthorn

Tyler Jacob Lenox – Gabriel Jonas Lenox

So those are the new names.  Stay tuned for the first part of the story, following the publishing of this post… 🙂