Hello again

Hi everyone,

     I am currently back from the annual Girl Scout Senior Leadership Conference at Salve Regina U…I got awesome classes this year.  Though I have to say that I spent most of the time we were listening to lectures writing eight and a quarter pages of Annabella in my note book.  It’s a scene right before Christmas in the book and I might put it in a post later today or tomorrow.

    In other news, can someone say boo-ya?  I started drivers ed!!!!!  It’s so cool, my teacher is awesome…he’s Rhyming Ron!  Seriously, he rhymes all the time, and I’ve already gotten to make a poster for the wall with a new rhyme on it… “People will get offended a lot, if you dance to the store from a handicap spot”

     A little dorky, but SO easy to remember.

    Any how, I have to post this and get to the rest of my work so I’ll TTYL!