Random Poem

         Hi guys!

         Ok, so just for the fact that I haven’t posted in forever…. I’m going to post a poem I wrote for a poetry class I’m taking.

Come to me,

Visions of the night,

Scents of lost dreams,

True love,

And flight.

Come to me,

Oh lost souls of my mind,

You Wanderers, Watchers,

Fleers of plight.

Talk with me,

Tell tales of your world,

Of the darkness so cold,

And light more warm,

Than any summers day.

Come to me,

Thou outcast,



I welcome thee with open arms.

Stay with me,

Until the dawn comes.

Stay with me,

Speak stories unspoken.

Weave a web,

From which I seek no escape…

When dawn breaks,

Leave me for a moment,

If you must.


When sleep takes my eyes,

I wait for you.

Come to me.

If only for a moment.

Stay with me.

Why can’t you stay forever?


     Believe it or not, this actually only took me half an hour to write.  I think that’s a new record for me.




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