Untitled Side Project

Hi people!

     Ok, I’m still working on profiles, but I have a partically done side project I can’t think of a title for…:(

    So I have decided I’d post it here, and ask, plead, beg inquire if anyone has an idea for a title?  THANK YOU!  YOU ROCK!

    Oh, and yes, I am an Anastasia fan so that explains a few things in the story…

“Assignment: Write a paper on Slavic myths and how they affect us today.”

I looked at the assignment again and finished getting ready. I figured I’d do something different for this paper. So, I finished putting my full Goth garb on for the first time in forever. After that I went to the local teen Goth club and hoped to find someone in vampire garb. (Ok, so I was wishing for a hot guy, but what eighteen year old isn’t?).

After about two hours I was ready to give up and just hang out with my friends, who had come in right after me. I was just picking up my drink when a voice behind me said “Dark chocolate covered cherries. Very pleasant.”

I jumped and dropped my glass. Before it could hit the ground and spill a long white hand shot out and caught it. I spun around, and the boy in front of me said “Clumsy are we? Or scared?”

I raised an eyebrow, as he spoke I noticed the stranger wore vampire fangs, “Neither. There is a difference between scared and surprised.”

He smiled, “Would that be pleasantly, or unpleasantly surprised?”

“That is yet to be discovered.”

“May I say you’re very good at speaking with those fangs in?”

Now I smiled, “You may. And by now I should be, I was born with them.”

His eyes brightened at this, “You’re a half-blood?”

I laughed, “No. But you’re close. I’m one sixteenth on one side.”

He smirked, “Does that include the blood drinking?”

“Sometimes. It’s my cure to the common cold. I find that at least eating raw steak helps with anything.”

He laughed, and said “You’re good. Will you dance with me?”

I sighed, “Sorry. I make a point of not dancing with someone unless I know their name…?”

He took my hand, kissed it, and said “Call me Alaric.”

I smirked, “Your human name please.”

“What makes you think that isn’t my human name?”

I looked him over. He couldn’t have been much older than me, a year maybe. He was dressed as a Victorian Vampire, and he also had pale skin, blue-green eyes, and curly brown hair. My conclusion was “‘Alaric’ suites you now, but if you had to go by it every day, you’d have changed it by now.”

He smiled, “Very good. My mortal name is Blake. Now, since you have mine, may I have yours?”

I smiled, “My human name’s Emily, and Vampire name’s Phoenix Moon.”

Alaric bowed to me, and asked “Well, Phoenix, will you dance with me now?”

I curtsied, and said “Yes I will, Alaric.”

He held out his hand to me, I took it and we walked onto the dance floor. We danced more slowly than everyone else, a waltz instead of…whatever. This gave us the chance to talk. We talked about anything and everything, and it felt totally normal, like I’d known him for my whole life. Finally, we fell silent. But it wasn’t awkward, we smiled at each other, and gazed in each others eyes. Personally, I was lost in his eyes, completely and totally lost. For all I knew, from how we were dressed and how we were dancing we could have been in Victorian England.

At long last, (and too soon), I saw the time and said “I should be going.”

Alaric’s face fell, “Alright. May I walk you home?”

I smiled, “Well…normally I don’t let guys I meet at a club see where I live the same night I meet them…”

I could almost hear his heart fall to the floor. “Oh. Well, may I see you again?”

I bit my lip, “Hmmm…I’ll make you a deal. Tomorrow’s Saturday, so meet me at the tea shop down the street and help me with some homework, and you can walk me home afterwards.”

He smiled, “You have a deal,” he took my hand again, bowed, kissed my hand, stood, and whispered in my ear “Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace in thy breast. Would I were sleep and peace, so sweet the rest.”

I gasped. It must have been coincidence, but Alaric just quoted my favorite line form my favorite play. I just pulled back and nodded. Then I walked out the door, and went back to my dorm.

When I got there Anastasia, my roommate, had her nose in a book. I flopped down on my bed, kicked off my boots and said “Anastasia?”


I smiled a little, “I met someone.”

Anastasia, who could not, for the life of her, understand why I’ve never, (that I can remember), had a boyfriend, looked up out of her book, looked at me sideways and asked “Really?”

I nodded, “He’s a vampire Goth, like me, and he’s totally old fashioned! He bowed when we met and kissed my hand when I left!”

Anastasia was open mouthed, “Whoa…it’s like that guy read a book on how to impress you.”

“I know, and that’s not all, I danced with him, and instead of the modern stuff that I suck at, he automatically started waltzing with me! And right before I left, he quoted Romeo.”

“That line you obsess over?”

“The one.”

“Ok, forget the dance, tell me about Him.”

I could hear the obvious emphasis and capital letter in the last word, “Ok, so his human name is Blake, but he prefers his vampire name of Alaric. He’s a bit taller than I am, and he’s totally hot. He has curly brown hair, and gorgeous eyes, they’re that shade of blue-green I love-”

Anastasia cut me off, “What about him? Like what do you know about him other than looks???”

I thought for a moment, “Um…well when we were dancing he didn’t really talk about himself, he mostly listened and asked questions. I know he’s as much of a bookworm as I am.”

She nodded, “Uh-huh. So you know nothing about him?”

“Well…not nothing…”

She shook her head, “At least you didn’t let him walk you home.”

I felt my face drain of blood, “Oh no. You know over cautious me? Well, I didn’t let him walk me home tonight…but I’m meeting him tomorrow to work on the Slavic essay.”

“Em! What were you thinking?!?”

“I was thinking ‘cute boy, wants to see me again, is vampire Goth, will be at least some help with homework, maybe more than one date…’.”

Anastasia hit her forehead with her hand, “You were thinking like a girl for the first time since I met you. Ok, let me guess, I’ll be meeting Alaric tomorrow night?”

I blushed “I did promise him he could walk me home.” Anastasia broke up laughing, and fell over on her bed, “Good night Anastasia.”

I turned the light off, and went to sleep.

The next morning I got up, got ready, grabbed my purse, and went to meet Alaric. When I entered the tea shop, Alaric stood to greet me “Good morning Phoenix.”

I smiled when I saw him, “Good morning Alaric, or would you prefer Blake?”

“Would you prefer Emily?”

I answered him without hesitation, “No.”

He pulled my chair out for me, I sat down as he said “Then you have my answer.”

He sat back down across the table from me and I started pulling books and papers out of my bag. “You might want to come over here, there’s a lot of stuff.”

Alaric nodded, moved his chair over so he was sitting next to me, then asked “So what do you need help with?”

I explained the assignment and what I wanted to do with it. “So basically I’m going to interview you, and then work that into an essay.”

He nodded again, “Alright. But, before you ask, my favorite color is a nice dark emerald green.”

I blushed as I wrote that answer, because my eyes were a ‘nice dark emerald green’. “Ok, um…favorite classic author?”

He smiled “Voltare.”

I was surprised, “Huh. I would’ve pegged you for Shakespeare.”

Alaric raised an eyebrow, “Why’s that?”

I shrugged, “Well, with how you quoted Romeo perfectly last night, I would’ve thought you like Shakespeare best.”

He laughed, “Well, I am a man of many surprises. I assure you, my author of choice will not be the last.”

I smiled, and we were doing it again, just staring at each other, smiling. It still wasn’t awkward, it felt normal, even in a tea shop full of people. Something flashed across my mind, to fast for me to fully register it. What I caught of it looked like an old movie set in Paris, a little corner café with tables outside, and people in old style clothes walking down the street. I shook my head, “Alaric, will you answer a question for me?”

“That’s why I’m here.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with the assignment. I want to know if…well, if we’ve met before? Before last night. Because I have the weirdest feeling that I know you,” I felt tears coming. Alaric placed a hand on my cheek, “I don’t remember anything before I was sixteen. The only thing I had when I found my adopted family is my name. And there are no birth records for an ‘Emily Amelia Moon’ in this state. So if you know me please, Alaric, please I am begging you, tell me.”

Alaric sighed, “Phoenix, I promise I’ll tell you. But right now, we’re here to work on your homework. I’ll tell you tonight, after we finish. I promise.”

I nodded, “Alright, I’m sorry, it’s just, my memory is like the Holy Grail to me. I know it’s real, I just can’t find it. I need any clue I can get.”

“I understand. Now come on, what else do you need to know about the tall, dark, dare I say, handsome stranger you met last night?”

I laughed, and we went back to the questions. It wasn’t until I’d written down about five answers that I realized I hadn’t asked those questions. “Uh…Alaric? How many of these, if any, are right?”

I handed him the paper, and pointed out the questions I hadn’t asked. He looked at them, then at me, and said “All of these are right. How did you know I like Alternative Rock music but prefer classic artists?”

“I don’t know.” I was starting to freak out.

Alaric could tell, “Ok, Phoenix, why don’t we put this up for now and just hang out? We could get…tea, or something.”

I could tell I didn’t have an expression, “You don’t like tea, you prefer coffee because it’s stronger. But you won’t drink it unless you add a lot of sugar first because you say black coffee-”

“Reminds me of eating dead leaves.” he finished, “How did you know that?”

I looked up at him, “I honestly don’t know. Alaric, how do you know me?”

“Phoenix, I want you to put all your stuff in your bag, and come with me. Can you do that?”

I nodded, “Ok.” I packed up my stuff, and followed Alaric out the door, and into…an alley. “Alaric, what are we doing back here?”

He placed a hand on my cheek, “Phoenix, I-” He stopped, and looked over my shoulder, I tried to turn, but Alaric stopped me, “No, don’t look,” he swallowed hard, “Phoenix, I can’t tell you exactly how I know you. But we know each other so well…I know you can remember me. Just try. Please just try.”

I nodded, “I will.”

Alaric leaned his forehead against mine, “I’ve missed you so much.”

I closed my eyes, and pulled him into a tight hug. I felt Alaric wrap his arms around me, and bury his face in my hair. I rested my head in the crook of his neck, and closed my eyes. I was glad the alley was never used for anything, I felt so…safe, in Alaric’s arms.

More images flashed through my mind. Sunsets on the beach, walking through London, most of all I saw Alaric’s face. He looked different at first, his face darker, more arrogant, and his eyes empty of all emotion. “Alaric, how long have I known you?”

“A long time. Longer than you’d believe.”

“Then why, in the few images I see, has your face never shown age? I can watch it grow softer, and your eyes kinder, but I don’t see signs of age. Why?”

He smiled, and kissed my forehead, “I’ll tell you everything tomorrow. I promise Phoenix. For now, will you allow me escort you on a walk?”

I nodded, and took his hand, “Ok. Come on, I know somewhere you’ll like.”

Alaric let me drag him along the streets until we got to the oldest park in town. There were signs warning of poison ivy everywhere, that’s why no one every came here anymore. I, however, can roll in ivy and not break out at all. I asked Alaric if he had any problems with the ivy, and he said no. So I led him to the swing set and sat down, then I patted the swing next to me for him to sit with me.

He sat and asked “What would you like to do?”

I looked at my shoes, “Just talk. I don’t want to mess with the paper right now, I can procrastinate for once in my life since it’s not due until after break.”

“Alright, but you’re not telling me something,” he reached over, and stroked a lock of hair from my face, “I know you too well, Meine Geliebte.”

I smiled, “Sie sprechen Deutsch?”

Alaric smiled, and chuckled, “Yes I do. I’m the one who taught you Phoenix.”

“Really? What’s my first language? The Smiths, my adopted family, told me I was speaking gibberish when they found me; but I can’t seem to speak it anymore no matter how much I try.”

“Russian. Your first language is Russian. That’s why you sometimes have an accent when you’re exhausted, or slip into the full language when you’re excited. Do you remember my surname?”

I thought for a moment, and frowned. I opened my mouth to speak, then I remembered, “Romanov. You share the name of the last Czar.”

Alaric nodded and stroked my cheek, “Yes. You were so beautiful when I told you for the first time…Your red hair up in curls around your face, and you eyes, normally so calm, blazing with such excitement, such passion…”

His voice trailed off, and he looked away. We sat in silence for a moment, then I saw a tear fall to the ground. “Alaric?”

I placed a hand lightly on his arm, and he started shaking, “You don’t know- How long it’s been. Phoenix.”

He was sobbing now, I slid off the swing and onto the ground in front of Alaric. I held my arms open and said “Come on, you know we’ll fall if I try and sit on you up there.”

He smiled weakly, then slid to his knees on the ground in front of me, and hugged me. He buried his face in my shoulder so I didn’t see him cry. He was such a guy like that. I just held him, and stroked his hair, trying to soothe him. “Alaric, shhh…it’s ok. I know I don’t remember much, but I remember more than I ever have. I know that when your parents died, you cried, and you let me hold you like this. But even then you wouldn’t let me see the tears. You hate it when I see the tears, but you’ve told me time, and time again, that the only refuge you seek when you’re like this is my embrace. Isn’t that right?”

Alaric’s answer was muffled because he wouldn’t look up from my shoulder, “It is, but…I’m supposed to be the strong one. I’m supposed to be the one comforting you.”

I smiled,

“You hide behind a smile,

You act free of care,

I see the fear in your eyes,

On your face I see pain,

I know I can’t help,

It makes me want to cry.

I love you,

I always will.

I see your pain,

That emptiness,

That just won’t fill.

The scars on your past,

Match the scars on my soul.

With out the other,

Neither is whole.

Together, no act is needed,

Together, no warning is heeded.

Take my hand,

Fellow forsaken,

Do not act with me,

Just be.

When will you see?

You and I are the same.

I watch,

As the day goes by,

Know I am here.

Take off The Act,

You needn’t be strong,

Weather you notice or not,

Emotions are not wrong,

My shoulder is here,

For you to cry on.

I wrote that for you a long time ago, didn’t I?”

He finally looked up at me, “You remember that poem?”

I nodded, and gently placed a hand on his cheek, “Human memories fade, but feelings shall always remain. Didn’t you tell me that? I don’t remember much, but I know how I feel.”

He smiled, placed his hand on top of mine, and closed his eyes. I sat up a bit more, and lightly kissed him. I pulled back as he gasped, I just smiled at him. Alaric ran his free hand through my hair for about two seconds, before kissing me, passionately, fiercely, and somewhat…hungrily.

I instantly kissed back, and felt the arm wrapped around my waist tighten as my hands buried themselves in his hair. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t feel. All I knew was right then and there, I was in heaven.

  Ok, since I now know how to post pictures on here you get a…BONUS!!!!!!  (I found the picture’s via google, have no idea where/what they’re from)

Alaric Romanov. (Oh how I do wish Anime guys and the curls… but this guy’s dang close)

Phoenix (You don’t get to know her real last name yet! XP)



Hi ppl…

    I’m not dead!  Don’t faint!  -.-”  Anyway I know it’s (once again) been a while since I was on, but job hunting got in the way.  Though this time it paid off!!!  WHOOO!!!!!!  Ok, so here’s the profile for one of the supproting characters in Charity.  I admit I would have had this one up sooner, but I wasn’t sure if my friend Jermaine would have seen it before this past Saturday.  Reason being, this is his character, and I wanted the profile to be a surprise for his Grad party.  So here’s Emo Boy:



Riley Coltear


Age: Physically: 23 In Reality: … 94

Height: 6’3”

Favorite book: The Picture of Dorian Grey

Favorite song: Mercy – OneRepublic

Favorite place: The Rocky Mountains…there’s very good hunting there.

First line: “Get.  Off. Me.  Now.  Woman!”

Annoying nickname for Charity: Cherribell

Annoying nickname for Mia: …oh there are so many! I cannot list them all!

Name only Charity can call him: Emo Boy, (but he still HATES it)

Name only Mia can call him: Rye, or Rye Bread, if she’s trying to be “cute”.

B-day: 5/5/1915

Species: Half Blood.  Vampire/Nacita

Talent: He can turn invisible at will. A gift he makes good use of to pull pranks while bowling with Charity.

Background: Riley’s mother was a banished nacita and his dad a slightly…eccentric, vampire. Ever since Riley opened his eyes, his parents knew he would have his fathers immortality. The only question, when would he stop aging?

Thankfully, Riley has the typical nacita powers; controlling water, the normal telepathic abilities, and control over his age. So when the time came for Riley to be able to change his age at will, he settled as a twenty-three year old.

Life was good, until the Depression hit, that part of his personal history Riley refuses to talk about. Since the nacita half of his family shunned Riley and his parents, they lived as Wonderers for many years after the Depression. They only settled down again in the late 40’s.

Unfortunately, Riley had already started having “The Dreams” a certain, uh, problem that only affects Wonderers. He always has a Dream, and it’s always the same thing…or should I say, one? He can’t remember the actual dream, just glimpses of someone in the dream. He needed to start moving around again, trying to find what he was looking for. So he finally moved out of his parents house!J

He traveled alone for a long time, before he met little Alma, he found her during a full moon, with her ears and tail out, cowering in an alley. She was only physically ten at the time. After that night Riley and Alma have been inseparable. Riley’s even the one who came up with ‘Mia’ as a nickname, because of Alma’s fascination with ABBA.

In the 80’s, while Riley was going through his “Emo Phase” and Mia was having a leather fetish, they “bumped” into Charity. It was during one of the rare times when Riley and Mia had settled in an area temporarily and Riley was having…issues. Charity basically gave him a slap upside the head and helped set him straight.

Riley and Mia stayed near Charity, (who usually stays near her family), until 1992, when one of Riley’s dreams started pulling him towards England. He asked Charity to come with him, but she declined so she could stay with her young great-great-great-great nephew. Little did they know they wouldn’t see each other for almost twenty years…

BFF: Mia, (though she’s more like his baby sister), and Charity.

GF:…I’ll answer that when these dreams stop…

Favorite things to do: Bowl. Annoy Mia when she annoys me. Bowl. Goof around. Bowl. Hang out with Charity when we’re in town. And did I mention Bowl? (Writer: Yes, Riley, yes you did.) Oh…Well, that’s it I guess…Seeya!