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    I’m not dead!  Don’t faint!  -.-”  Anyway I know it’s (once again) been a while since I was on, but job hunting got in the way.  Though this time it paid off!!!  WHOOO!!!!!!  Ok, so here’s the profile for one of the supproting characters in Charity.  I admit I would have had this one up sooner, but I wasn’t sure if my friend Jermaine would have seen it before this past Saturday.  Reason being, this is his character, and I wanted the profile to be a surprise for his Grad party.  So here’s Emo Boy:



Riley Coltear


Age: Physically: 23 In Reality: … 94

Height: 6’3”

Favorite book: The Picture of Dorian Grey

Favorite song: Mercy – OneRepublic

Favorite place: The Rocky Mountains…there’s very good hunting there.

First line: “Get.  Off. Me.  Now.  Woman!”

Annoying nickname for Charity: Cherribell

Annoying nickname for Mia: …oh there are so many! I cannot list them all!

Name only Charity can call him: Emo Boy, (but he still HATES it)

Name only Mia can call him: Rye, or Rye Bread, if she’s trying to be “cute”.

B-day: 5/5/1915

Species: Half Blood.  Vampire/Nacita

Talent: He can turn invisible at will. A gift he makes good use of to pull pranks while bowling with Charity.

Background: Riley’s mother was a banished nacita and his dad a slightly…eccentric, vampire. Ever since Riley opened his eyes, his parents knew he would have his fathers immortality. The only question, when would he stop aging?

Thankfully, Riley has the typical nacita powers; controlling water, the normal telepathic abilities, and control over his age. So when the time came for Riley to be able to change his age at will, he settled as a twenty-three year old.

Life was good, until the Depression hit, that part of his personal history Riley refuses to talk about. Since the nacita half of his family shunned Riley and his parents, they lived as Wonderers for many years after the Depression. They only settled down again in the late 40’s.

Unfortunately, Riley had already started having “The Dreams” a certain, uh, problem that only affects Wonderers. He always has a Dream, and it’s always the same thing…or should I say, one? He can’t remember the actual dream, just glimpses of someone in the dream. He needed to start moving around again, trying to find what he was looking for. So he finally moved out of his parents house!J

He traveled alone for a long time, before he met little Alma, he found her during a full moon, with her ears and tail out, cowering in an alley. She was only physically ten at the time. After that night Riley and Alma have been inseparable. Riley’s even the one who came up with ‘Mia’ as a nickname, because of Alma’s fascination with ABBA.

In the 80’s, while Riley was going through his “Emo Phase” and Mia was having a leather fetish, they “bumped” into Charity. It was during one of the rare times when Riley and Mia had settled in an area temporarily and Riley was having…issues. Charity basically gave him a slap upside the head and helped set him straight.

Riley and Mia stayed near Charity, (who usually stays near her family), until 1992, when one of Riley’s dreams started pulling him towards England. He asked Charity to come with him, but she declined so she could stay with her young great-great-great-great nephew. Little did they know they wouldn’t see each other for almost twenty years…

BFF: Mia, (though she’s more like his baby sister), and Charity.

GF:…I’ll answer that when these dreams stop…

Favorite things to do: Bowl. Annoy Mia when she annoys me. Bowl. Goof around. Bowl. Hang out with Charity when we’re in town. And did I mention Bowl? (Writer: Yes, Riley, yes you did.) Oh…Well, that’s it I guess…Seeya!


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