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     As I said, Happy Halloween!!!  I am very excited because this month is OFFICIALLY the busiest month EVER for the site!  EEEPPPP!!!!  So, as a prize for everyone coming to see the blog, (and putting up with the ranting obsession of a teenager), you get….a huge post!  Seriously, this is going to be LONG…because I’m posting ALL of Charity, as I have it written thus far.  Enjoy:

Hello, my name is Charity Abigail Jameson and as you’ve already guessed I’m a bit strange. You see, my mother was a born nacita whose family had been banished before she was born. When she was about twenty she was attacked, and bitten, by a vampire. Later in life she fell in love with my father, who turned out to be a werewolf. They got married and had me and my twin brother Jonas Jasper Jameson, (he was named for my father). This all happened back in the 1800’s, in fact I was born in 1845. To be specific May thirty-first, and I was born first. A fact that I constantly reminded my brother of. And just so you know; I inherited being both a vampire and a nacita while my brother was werewolf and nacita, though we both have certain characteristics of the third species. Like I said, I’m strange. Anyway time to tell my story, and it starts one day when I was having a walk down memory lane in the middle of Biology…

The year was eighteen sixty-five, just before General Lee surrendered to General Grant. My brother and best friend had been gone for three years and that day they were coming home due to injuries that hindered their ability to use a musket or sword. I was waiting for them with my mother and other best friend Amelia, whose cousin was the other man coming home that day. His name was Jonas Jasper Hawthorn, his family had moved to my town when he was two years old (which made him a year older than me) and to avoid confusion everyone had always called him Jasper, seeing as he and my brother shared the same name. He had also been trying to court me for quite some time, and I had always refused. I’d always loved him, as a brother at the very least. But, as we got older I saw him differently, and my love for him changed. I was afraid though, what if it ended badly? I could not justify risking our friendship for something that could go wrong. In the end, I was content as his friend, and would rather see him happy with someone else than hurt by me. My brother on the other hand would’ve liked nothing better than to see Jasper and I wed. I understand why, I mean who wouldn’t want his best friend as his brother-in-law? My view of Jasper as only a friend changed completely the day they came home. When they arrived Jonas was the first in the door and the first thing I noticed about my twin was that his right arm was in bandages and a sling, of course the dummy had to injury the arm he writes with. Jonas set his bag down and I hugged him, I then found out how much stronger he’d gotten as he proceeded to try and crush me “Jonas, you are suffocating me!” I managed to say after a minute or so. He let go and held me at arms length to look at me, as usual the only way you could tell we were twins was if you looked at our eyes, which were mirror images of each other, my right eye is gold my left green, on Jonas it was the reverse. Otherwise we just looked related, I have red hair my brother had black hair, I’m short and slender, Jonas was tall and broad shouldered. Jonas smiled at me in an evil way that made his eyes shine with humor “Alright, you are small, sound like a mouse and look like a bird. It doesn’t look like you’ve changed since I left.” I laughed and said “And you are still tall, funny and incredibly annoying. It’s good to have you back Jonas. But why did you have to get yourself shot?!?” Jonas beckoned over his shoulder and said “I was saving our best friends life.” I looked over his shoulder at Jasper, who had his back to me, was talking to Amelia and had his left arm in a sling. I pressed a finger to my lips to tell Jonas to keep quiet as I tip-toed around him and up behind Jasper, I placed two fingers to his back and said “Don’t move, I have a musket at your back.” I felt and heard Jasper start to laugh, then he spun around grabbed my wrist and spun me so that my arms were incapacitated, he leaned down and said “I can even beat you with one arm. I think that’s a new record.” I said “Can’t you let me win just once?” he let go of me and said “What fun would be in letting you win?” “It would be fun for me. Now where’s my hug.” And he hugged me. After a little while I tried to pull away but Jasper held me tight, I looked at him and said “Jasper, you can let go now.” “I can, but I do not really want to…” his voice trailed off as I looked in his eyes; they’d always reminded me of watching the sunset. Before I really knew what was happening we were leaning in closer to each other, I was closing my eyes and Jasper was kissing me, it was as sweet as honey and as perfect as a summer’s day. I ran my hands through his thick brown hair, he’d let it grow out in the past three years; it was pulled back in a neat, short, ponytail. Unlike my hair which I let hang lose down my back ending around my knees. We broke apart and just smiled at each other for a moment before remembering where we were and who was watching us. We turned to look at them, Jonas and Amelia had their jaws on the floor and my mother was acting like she hadn’t seen anything so she wouldn’t have to lecture me later. Then (thanks to ye olde nacitian telepathy) I heard Jonas think “IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH!!!” at which I shot him a look and said “I can change my mind if I want to.” Jonas started laughing and said “Yes, I know you can. This just proves it.” Now Jasper started to laugh and I skipped ahead to a few weeks later, to be precise the day of my twentieth birthday. Jasper was supposed to have come around ten in the morning, it was now nearly supper time and no one had seen him all day. I knew something was wrong, Jasper had never forgotten mine and Jonas’s birthday before. Even when he was away at war he’d send a letter that was written on my birthday with some small trinket, a feather from a bird or even a pressed flower, I would get three letters like that, one from Jasper, one from Jonas and one from my father. But today was different, there was no letter, no trinket, and worse of all, there was no Jasper. No matter where we looked he was nowhere to be seen. The search went on for a few days, and then people started to give up until finally it stopped all together. Some thought he’d been kidnapped, others thought he’d been killed. But not me, I knew he was alive, and I knew he was out there, I could feel it, I could sense it…

“Tory?” I snapped back to reality with a jolt and looked at the person sitting next to me. His name was Jonas, but he always went by his middle name of Jasper, his eyes reminded me of the sunset and his hair was the exact shade of brown it had been one hundred and forty-four years ago, although now it was shorter than it had been and very wavy now that it was out of a ponytail. How did I know this was Jasper and not just a relative of his? Simple, I’m a nacita and can sense what a person is, and I could sense that Jasper was a vampire and an old one, little older than I, not to mention the fact that there was just too much in common between him and Jasper Hawthorn, for him to just be related to him. Although I knew who he was, he had no idea who I was. You may ask ‘Why didn’t he recognize me?’ once again that is a simple answer; my nacita talent is that I may change my appearance at will. My eyes were no longer gold and green but both were brown and my hair was brown instead of red and in a long, thick braid down my back instead of flowing freely with its own idea of neatness. “What Jazz?” “Nothing, you just looked like you were zoning out so I thought I’d snap you out of it. And please don’t call me Jazz.” His eyes shined as he said this and I rolled my eyes as the bell rang. I picked up my bag and headed out into the hall, Jasper ran after me, when he caught up to me he said “Tory, I was wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner today? We’re having steak.” I smiled and asked “Is it going to be just the two of us?” “Uh…no; my roommates are going to be there. Do you mind?” “No, I don’t mind. What time should I be there?” “How about seven-ish?” “Alright, see you then.” I stood on tip-toe (Jasper’s five nine and I’m barely five feet tall, so you do the math) and kissed his cheek. Then I said “Bye Jasper; I’ll see you later.” and walked away, now a good thing about being both nacita and vampire is that I have very good hearing so I could hear Jasper whisper “Yeeeeeesssssssss!!!!” I looked back over my shoulder to see him spin around in an improper about-face and walk in the opposite direction with an unusual spring in his step. I got home around five and went up to the apartment that I share with one of my best friends’ daughter, her name is Emma Wright and the only reason she lives with me is that she is a nacita, with a birth defect. Although Emma can control water and her age and she can speak nacitian…she can’t transform. She is the first nacita in living memory to have this problem so the only solution was that after she reached a certain age, Emma’s parents would go back to their lake and Emma would come live with me. Physically Emma’s only a year younger than I am, (which means she looks nineteen because I tend to look around twenty), she also has green eyes and black hair with so many natural highlights that you have to look carefully to find her real hair color. Back to the story. I went up to our apartment and opened the door; I didn’t expect anyone to be there because Emma was spending the day with some friends at the library. Needless to say I was surprised by my great-great-great-great nephew being on the couch when I got in the door. “Gabriel!! What are you doing here and how did you get in?” Gabriel Lenox stood up and said “Hello to you too Charity, it’s the fifteenth remember?” and now I did remember, I had told Gabriel’s parents he could stay with me while they were out of town and I had given him a key just in case I wasn’t home when he got there. “Oh! That’s right your parents left today!” “Yeah, and they asked me to ask you if you mind if I stay for a bit longer than expected. So do you mind?” “Of course not, how long do you need to stay?” “Well…Dad’s getting transferred to Morocco and they don’t trust me to go over there seeing as some of the girls are…” he flushed, cleared his throat and lapsed into awkward laughter I shook my head and said “Say no more. But I wouldn’t let you near belly-dancers either.” “I’m eighteen! I think I can be trusted!” “And that is what your grandmother said before she got pregnant with your father.” Gabriel just gave me a dark look when I said this. “Don’t give me that look! I used to get it enough from my brother! And it doesn’t help that you have his eyes!” “How is it a bad thing that I look like my great-great-great-great grandfather?” “It’s not; it just makes me miss him more when you give me the same looks he used to give me. You wouldn’t believe how dead on you get them.” And this was true; Gabriel was the spitting image of Jonas, with the exception of having lighter skin and darker hair. Gabriel just smiled at me and asked “What’s for dinner?” “What’s in the fridge is for dinner for you. I’m going over to a friends house for dinner, though, so I’ll see you later. I actually only stopped by to write Emma a note.” “Who’s Emma?” I forgot Gabriel hadn’t seen Emma since she moved in three weeks ago, “She’s a friend’s daughter. She’s staying with me as well. I’ll be back later, don’t wait up.” So I wrote the note for Emma and left. When I got to Jaspers house I knocked on the door and a girl answered, she was about five-three, had a short, dirty blonde bob cut, nearly black eyes, and looked to be about Emma’s age. She smiled at me and said “Hi! You must be Tory. Jasper’s told us a lot about you, I’m Katie. Come on in.” Katie had the type of voice that just made you want to laugh, not because it was funny, but because it was so full of laughter itself. Another thing I noticed about her was that she was a vampire as well. As we walked in I heard someone cry “OW!!” and Jasper say “Isaac you are the biggest klutz I have ever met!!! Katie, who was it at the door?” she called back, “It’s Tory!” then she turned to me and asked “You are Tory Johnson, right?” I nodded and said “Yes, I’m Tory.” “Ok. Follow me.” and Katie led me into the kitchen. “Just so you know it’s Isaacs’ turn to cook today so…” and she shrugged, then Jasper came over to where I was standing and said “Now, now Kat, don’t try to scare Tory.” Then Jasper looked at me and asked “How do you want your steak cooked?” at this point my vampire half was ravenous and demanded as much blood as I could get, “Would you mind making mine brown on both sides and completely bloody in the middle?” for a moment they both just stared at me then Jasper shook his head and said “Sure, no problem.” “Thanks, most people think it’s completely gross that I eat nearly raw steak.” Jasper laughed and said “Well then I guess you wouldn’t mind if Isaac ate his completely raw?” I laughed a little, “No, not at all.” Jasper smiled broadly and said “Come with me.” So I followed him out onto a patio where there was another person was working on the grill. As the smoke cleared away slightly I saw that he was taller than Jasper by several inches, he had dark brown, almost black hair and silver eyes that looked like the moon. Once again I sensed that he was a vampire. Jasper took the liberty of introducing us, “Tory, this is Isaac Walker. Isaac this is Tory.” Isaac wiped his hand off on the apron tied around his waist and held in out to me saying “It’s nice to meet you Tory, Jasper talks about you a lot.” I laughed, shook his hand and asked “What does he say?” “He just talks about stuff you do in class. Like-” Now Jasper spoke up “Isaac, guess what.” “You know I don’t guess.” “Fine then I’ll just tell you…feel free to eat your steak raw.” “We have a guest though.” Now I said “And I have no problem with someone eating raw beef.” Isaac smiled and said “So I DON’T have to cook my steak?” I answered “No you don’t, and please feel free to only leave mine on for ten seconds on each side.” All three of them just stared at me, then Jasper said “Don’t let him over cook it.” I started to laugh, Jasper had always been able to make me laugh, even when he didn’t mean to. Jasper raised an eyebrow at me and asked “Are you ok Tory?” I calmed down enough to talk and said “Yes I’m fine, I’m just a little…uh…I guess nervous. I laugh a lot when I’m nervous.” Jaspers eyebrows pulled together slightly in confusion, “I used to know someone that did that too. She also played with her skirt.” I noticed that I was playing with my skirt, just like Jasper said I used to. I stopped and said “That’s really weird…” I caught a sent that said ‘I’m not edible’ and I said “Isaac I wouldn’t cook that steak.” “Uh…why?” “Because unless I’m mistaken it’s rather old and at this point inedible.” he frowned, “I bought it today.” “Try some if you think I’m wrong.” “This is supposed to be Jaspers. I’m not going to bite it.” “Then smell it.” “Fine.” Isaac smelled it and jerked back with a repulsed expression on is face. “Jasper, would you mind eating something else?” “Why?” “Because Tory was right, the steak’s rotten.” I curtsied and said “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!” Jasper laughed and asked “How did you know?” I shrugged and said “My dad was a butcher, so I’m really sensitive to the smell of rotting meat.” He shrugged, but I could almost hear the gears in his head trying to work out who I was, “That…makes sense.” Isaac cut in “Since Jaspers steak was bad I don’t have anything else to cook, so dinner is ready.” Jasper opened the door so that we could go inside, then smiled at me and said “Ladies first.” I smiled and went in. After dinner we hung out for a while. Then I looked at the time and saw that it was nearly nine; it was going to take me at least half an hour to walk home. “I’d better get going…” Katie asked “How come?” “I don’t drive so I have to walk everywhere and it takes me half an hour to walk back to my place.” “Oh, ok.” Jasper looked a little sad, “What’s wrong Jasper?” “Nothing’s wrong. Let me walk you to the door.” I nodded, “Ok, bye Katie, bye Isaac. Thanks for having me over; I had a lot of fun.” Jasper walked me to the door and said “It was nice having you over Tory. I’ll see you on Monday.” I smiled and said “Thanks for inviting me Jasper, I had a great time. And I guess I’ll see you later. Bye.” “Goodbye Tory.” He looked like he wanted to say something else, but thought better of it, so I just smiled at him and started my walk home. During my walk I wondered why I didn’t just tell Jasper who I was, but something inside me said not to, at least not yet. Then something in the corner of my eye caught my attention; I looked around at it. ‘It’ turned out to be a werewolf, I’d been hated by his family for years and if he said anything people would know about me. Now this was a problem, I’ve kept the fact that I’m a vampire/nacita a secret for one hundred and fifty years. I turned on my heel and ran to the nearest house that I knew, a.k.a. Jaspers house. I heard the werewolf running behind me. I reached the house and didn’t bother to knock; I ran inside and screamed “Jasper! Help!” Jasper ran to me and grabbed my shoulders saying “Tory? What’s the matter?” “There’s a guy out there chasing me!!!” Jasper nodded and said “Ok. It’s ok Tory; Isaac will take care of it.” Then Jasper looked over his shoulder and called “Isaac! The idiot’s back!” Isaac came over to the door holding a shot gun. I immediately asked “What are you doing with that?!?!?” “Well I was born and raised in Tennessee. So I’m gonna show that jerk some good old southern hospitality.” And he opened the door went out side and shouted “How many times do I have to tell you?!?!?!? Get off my land and get some brains!!!!!!” I heard the werewolf say something back to Isaac and then run off. Isaac came back in and said “I’m getting sick and tired of that boy. I’m really glad he’s leaving tomorrow.” “You know him?” “Not personally, but I know that he’s visiting from New York City because of an issue with his idea of a practical joke. Which is probably what he was trying to pull.” My jaw dropped and I blurted “Vampire say what?!?” I realized that I had just blown a one hundred year old carefully concealed identity as both Jasper and Isaac said “What?!?” I took a deep breath and said “I think I need to explain some things to you both, and I might as well tell Katie at the same time.” Jasper nodded and said “Yeah, I think you do, and should.” We walked back to the living room where Katie was asleep on the couch. Jasper asked me to sit down and Isaac went over to Katie and woke her up. After everyone was up and Jasper and Isaac had explained why I was back, Jasper asked “Now it’s your turn to talk Tory; how do you know we’re vampires?” and so I started my story, “The reason I know that all three of you are vampires is that I’m both vampire and nacita. My mother was a nacita that was attacked by a vampire and I inherited both genes. As such I can sense what people are, when I saw each of you I sensed that you were vampires.” Katie asked “Why didn’t you tell us?” “Because I’ve kept what I am a secret my entire life; the only people that know are my most trusted friends, my family, and now you three. That ‘boy’ that was chasing me was a werewolf. And I’ve had problems with his family for the past century.” Jasper asked “How old are you?” “One hundred and sixty-three.” Jasper raised his eyebrows, “You’re a year younger than I am. Where did you grow up?” I smiled; maybe Jasper was putting some pieces of the puzzle I’d been making for him together. “I was born and raised in a small town near the northern border of Pennsylvania. It was called Green River, why do you ask?” “I moved there when I was two! Did you know the Jameson’s?!?!?” I laughed. “You could say I knew them, Jonas and Charity anyway. I met them after Jonas got married. And I know Jonas’s great-great-great-great grandson.” “Jonas and Charity were my best friends; in fact Jonas saved my life during The Civil War. Who did he marry?” “If I remember the connection correctly she was your cousin.” “He married Amelia?” I nodded and said “He looks like Jonas. Their grandson, Gabriel, he looks like Jonas. Acts like him too.” Jasper laughed and said “That I find a little hard to believe. Jonas had a rather unique personality.” I rolled my eyes and said “Don’t I know it!” “How old were Jonas and Amelia when they got married?” “Uh…Jonas was twenty-five and Amelia was twenty-one.” Jasper and I kept talking like this for several hours. By the time Jasper was out of questions Isaac and Katie were passed out on either side of him, and Isaac snores like a drunken sailor. Jasper stood and asked “Would you like to spend the night here?” after a moment I nodded, saying “Sure, where would I be staying?” “You can have the room next to mine. If you need anything there’s a little sliding door over the head of the bed that opens up to my room, just knock.” I walked over to him, I thought it would be fun to joke around with him like we used to, “Is the big, strong vampire afraid of little old me?” Jasper just looked at me; if he wasn’t having déjà vu by now then I wasn’t acting like myself. “Tory, have we met before? I mean before we met in school, like a long time ago?” I smiled and had to will myself to not shout ‘YES!!!’ fling my arms around his neck and kiss him. “Maybe we have, over the years I’ve gone by several names. And I can change my appearance at will so…” I shrugged; Jasper asked “Is this what you really look like?” I slowly shook my head, “Can I see what you really look like?” I smiled sadly and had to fight not to cry, Jasper gently placed a hand on my cheek and said “Tory, don’t cry. It’s just that you remind me of someone incredibly special to me and I just need to know if…” “You don’t need to explain any further, I understand but I’m not ready to show you what I look like.” He nodded and asked “Do you want me to show you where you’re staying?” “Yes, that’d be great. Thanks for letting me stay Jasper.” And we walked upstairs. Jasper showed me to a room that made me want to cry; it looked like I’d just stepped back in time to when I was growing up. I turned around and hugged Jasper. I started crying and Jasper asked “What’s wrong Tory?” I looked at him and said “This looks exactly like the bedroom I had when I was growing up! Thank you!” “I didn’t even know that it did. But you’re welcome. Now you’d better get some sleep, Tory.” I smiled sweetly, brushed a lock of hair from his forehead and said “I know this is going to sound weird, but; call me Charity.” “That’s your full name?” “That‘s my real name.” he placed a hand on my cheek and leaned down, as though to kiss me. I nearly let him, but at the last second I turned away. I felt Jaspers hand leave my face, travel down my arm and he kissed my hand. A tear ran down my cheek, Jasper gently wiped it away and said “Goodnight. Charity.” And he left. I laid down on the bed and just thought about some stuff, stuff like why I didn’t tell Jasper who I was, why I didn’t let him kiss me just now. I knew that it was just my instincts telling me not to tell him, I wondered why. I love Jasper. I knew I loved him. THEN WHY COULDN’T I JUST STRAIT OUT TELL HIM THE TRUTH!!!!!???? “UGH!!!!!!!” I inadvertently cried out loud, I felt someone tug on my hair which I’d taken out of the braid. I sat up and gasped then I heard someone chuckle, I turned around and saw Jasper looking through an opening in the wall. “You might want to scream a bit louder, I don’t think they heard you in Tokyo.” His eyes sparkled as he said this. Out of habit, from when we were kids and he’d pull something like this, I flicked his nose and said “Why can’t you be nice to me for once?” seemingly without thought Jasper said, just as he’s always responded, “I’m nice to you all the time, I just feel like being a pain right now…whoa; déjà vu.” “What do you mean?” he shook his head, “Nothing…I just used to do that a lot with Charity Jameson. I really miss her…and Jonas.” He sighed and continued “Anyway, I’ll let you get to bed. Night.” “Goodnight Jasper.” Jasper smiled at me and closed the door. I laid back down and fell asleep quickly. The next morning I woke up, went down stairs and found that no one else was up. So I fixed myself breakfast and by the time I was nearly done Jasper and Katie had come down. While the three of us were talking my phone rang; I looked at the caller ID, it was my landlord, Mr. Kane. He never calls me unless there’s a problem with something, or someone. As I answered the phone, all I could think was “What has Gabriel done now?” What I actually said was “Hey Mr. Kane.” “Hello Tory, I’m afraid I have bad news.” “What happened? Are Emma and Gabriel alright?” “Yes, they’re ok, but I’m sorry to say that you’re being evicted.” I felt myself go white, where in the world was I going to move to? “Why am I being evicted? I’m ahead on my rent, I’ve never broken a single rule, and I’ve lived in that apartment since you started renting out four years ago.” “Tory, I’m sorry, you’re a model tenant, but I’m selling the building and the new owner isn’t interested in renting. I’m giving you a months notice, and I’m willing to refund the rent you won’t be using.” “Ok, thank you for the notice. Bye.” “Goodbye Tory, I’m sorry about this.” And he hung up. I turned to Jasper and said “Do you think they’ll hear me in Tokyo now? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “What’s the matter Charity?” “I’m being EVICTED!!!!! I’ve rented there for four years and now I’m being kicked out!” Jasper looked at Katie, she shrugged. Jasper looked back at me and said “You can move in here. You can even have the room next to mine if you want.” I placed my hand on his shoulder and said “Thank you Jasper, but I’m not the only one that needs to move.” “Who else is there?” “There’s Gabriel Lenox, Jonas’s’ grandson, and Emma Wright, a friends’ daughter.” “They can move in too.” After a moment of shock, his words sunk in and I flung my arms around his neck and cried “Thank you!!!! Jasper THANK YOU!!!!!” Jasper stuttered “N-no pro-problem.” He gently unwound my arms from his neck, held my hands in his and said “You have a heartbeat. How are you a vampire if you have a heartbeat?” “It has to do with my being both vampire and nacita. The fact that my dad was a werewolf probably helps. But my heartbeat is really faint, the last time I went to a doctor they panicked because they couldn’t find my pulse.” Jasper just laughed, it was nice to make him laugh. I’d hardly ever been able to in the past. When he had calmed down Jasper asked “Do you need help moving?” Katie left the room as though reading my thoughts. I moved closer to Jasper, smirked and asked “Do you think I can’t move myself?” “N-no I-I…” I moved ever so slightly closer to him “Does the ‘big strong vampire’ think little old me can’t lift heavy boxes into Gabriel’s car?” “N-no, I-I-I mean yes? How am I supposed to answer?” he ran a hand through my hair, I closed my eyes, and the distance between us. Jasper gently pulled me closer; we were just about to kiss when I opened my eyes and said “Don’t kiss me Jasper, not just yet.” Jasper looked at me and kissed my cheek. I closed my eyes and felt a tear slide down my cheek. “Do you want to go now, Charity?” I bit my lip and nodded. As we walked to my apartment we talked about what we’d been up to the past century, and I told him about my life after he disappeared, all the time letting him think that Charity Jameson was dead, which, ironically, nearly killed me. “So what did you do after Charity and Jonas died?” Jasper asked, I replied “Not much, I grieved for a while, then I decided to see the world. What about you? You know, Charity was devastated after you left.” Jasper muttered “I didn’t do very much, just hid with Isaac for the most part before meeting up with Katie again. Where did you go?” “I went to Europe. I’d always wanted to go to Paris…here we are; this is my building.” We went up to the apartment, I introduced Jasper to Emma and asked her “Where’s Gabriel?” Emma shrugged, and said, southern accent and all “I think he’s still asleep. He is CA-UTE.” I gave her a look that said ‘talk, alone, NOW.’ We walked over to the kitchen and I asked “What do you mean ‘he is CUTE’ Emma?” “I mean Gabriel’s cute. And may I say your friend isn’t exactly ugly either.” I hissed “Emma Elena Wright, Jasper is WAY too old for you. And besides a hundred years ago he was in love with me.” “THAT’S JONAS JASPER?!?!?!?!?!?” “Shush!!!!! He doesn’t know I’m me!” “What?! Why???” “My instincts are telling me not to tell him.” “Oooohhhh…got cha.” “Yeah, and by the way, if I find out that anything inappropriate

happens between you and Gabriel, your parents will hear about it.” “Don’t worry…nothing will happen.” “It better not.” And we went back out to Jasper. Gabriel was standing with him and just talking. I decided to make sure that nothing had slipped out of his mouth, so I asked “What have you guys been talking about?” and I added, thinking to Gabriel, “You haven’t mentioned who I am, have you?” “No.” then Jasper said “Gabriel was just explaining that he started staying with you yesterday.” “That’s cool, did you happen to tell him who you are?” then I muttered so that just Jasper could hear “Or what?” “No I haven’t, I thought that would be a good story for the walk back to the house.” Gabriel looked at me and asked “Victoria? What is he talking about?” I smiled, reverted to nacitian and said “We’re moving! Mr. Kane called this morning and told me that the building is being sold, and Jasper was kind enough to offer to let us move in with him and his room mates.” Gabriel gaped at me and asked “We’re moving in with him?!?” I nodded, but before I could answer Jasper asked “He speaks nacitian? What aren’t you telling me Charity?” “One of his ancestors was a nacita…and a werewolf.” Jasper went to answer but I held up my hand and said “It will be a nice story for the walk back.” As I packed, I made sure I thought “Don’t mention that it was Jonas that was a nacita/werewolf.” Gabriel asked “Why?” “Jasper doesn’t know about Jonas being anything but human. And it’s a small step from werewolf and nacita, to vampire and nacita. And I’m not ready to tell him about me just yet.” Gabriel just nodded. When we were ready to go, we each took two boxes and started walking. It was a really nice day out; especially considering it was nearing Halloween. I nudged Jasper in the ribs and muttered “Would you like to tell that good story now?” “Ok. Hey Gabriel, did I tell you that I used to know your grandfather?” “Which one?” “Jonas Jameson. In fact my cousin’s your grandmother.” “Your cousin??? How old are you?” “One hundred and sixty-three. I’ll be one hundred and sixty-four in November.” “Let me rephrase that question; what are you?” Jasper just looked at Gabriel, and smiled. Making sure to show his fangs. I laughed at the look on Gabriel’s face. He’d always been a little prone to believing the ‘classic’ vampire stories like Dracula. So he’s not very fond of vampires, other than me…he also happens to like acting like an over protective brother…I just couldn’t wait to see how this would work out! After I stopped laughing I said “Gabriel, you honestly look more and more like Jonas each time you pull a goofy face!” he looked at me, and did his ‘vampire’ face. At least that’s what he calls it; I refer to it as his Medusa impersonation… eyebrows raised, eyes squinted and tongue out. I smiled and said “Still not vampire, wolf boy.” Both Emma and Jasper looked at me then at Gabriel and asked “What does she mean ‘wolf boy’!?!?!?” Gabriel shrugged and said “I’m half werewolf and half nacita. As Charity’s already said, and you obviously decided not to hear.” I walked over to Emma and whispered “You’re starting to drool…” “Shut up! I’m not drooling; I’m merely severely crushing.” I started to laugh as Jasper asked “Where do you get the werewolf from?” Gabriel glanced at me, and then he said “I’m not sure. I think it’s from somewhere on my moms side. By the way, can you tell your story as we walk?” “What do you mean ‘my story’?” “Like your background? Like why you abandoned my grandparents and my great aunt?” I’d never seen Gabriel look at anyone the way he was looking at Jasper; with a face of stone and a tone of voice to match. Jasper was obviously surprised, and didn’t respond. “Yes, I know about that.” “How?” “A popular pass time back then was keeping a journal. I happen to have both Charity’s and Amelia’s. And they both talk about your disappearance.” As Jasper went to answer we reached the house. We went in and decided who got which room. I got to keep the one next to Jaspers; Emma took the room across from Gabriel, who had the room next to Isaac. After we all got settled Emma and Gabriel met Isaac and Katie and we just relaxed for a while before homework. Later that day Gabriel pulled me over for a private talk, “Are you sure about this?” “About what?” “About our moving in with three vampires.” “Yes, I’m sure about it. And you’ll have to get used to it or you’ll have to go live with your grandma Lenox.” Gabriel’s eyes bugged and I said “Yeah, now you get the picture.” Gabriel’s grandmother was eighty years old and as nutty as a fruitcake made for chipmunks. “Just try to relax a bit Gabriel. You’ll get used to vampires. Try not to rely on things like Dracula when it comes to normal vampires. It’s just one humans view of the evil ones.” I patted his shoulder and went back out to the others. A few weeks went by and Jasper and I grew closer, not as close as we used to be, but closer. And I was happy about that. Then one night around Thanksgiving, everyone, except for Jasper and I, was out. After dinner we cleaned up and Jasper said “I have a surprise for you.” He held out his hand and I took it. Jasper led me to a door, he opened it and I gasped; it was a music room. There was a piano, three different guitars and some flutes! As soon as I saw it, I knew the piano was Jaspers. Ever since we were little, Jasper had been in love with pianos. At one point he’d even tried to teach me, but it just didn’t work. “Jasper, this is awesome!” he smiled and said “I thought you’d like it.” He walked over to the piano, sat down and asked “Would you like to hear a song?” I nodded vigorously and Jasper began to play an old waltz. I started to dance; I closed my eyes and didn’t realize Jasper had stopped playing until he placed one hand on my waist, the other in my hand and slipped right into the dance. I opened my eyes, smiled and laughed, Jasper just looked at me. It was the way that he used to look at me; like he was just happy to see me, and only me, dancing with him. When we stopped dancing, I curtsied. Jasper bowed, and kissed my hand; then he straightened and hugged me. Pulling me closer to him than I had been in a long time. After a moment Jasper whispered “Charity, I don’t know why, but your heart beat feels really familiar.” I started to cry. I wanted to just tell him, but I’d never gone against my instincts before, and I wasn’t going to start now. I just stood in Jaspers arms until we heard the door slam shut in the other room and Gabriel called “Charity! We’re back!” I assumed ‘we’ meant him and Emma, so I reluctantly pulled away from Jasper and said “We should go out there.” He pulled back into the hug and buried his face in my hair muttering “Or we could just stay in here?” I pulled away from Jasper again, placed a hand on his cheek and said “Gabriel and Emma can sense that I’m here. It’s part of being a nacita.” He nodded and we left the room. Over the next two days, (which meant I had less than a week until his birthday), I concocted a plan to tell Jasper who I was. It was something that we, (Jonas, Jasper, Amelia and I), used to do to tell one another things that we didn’t want others to know. It would be subtle things, like letting something ‘slip’ that only I would know, or letting Jasper see one of the things he’d sent me for my birthday when he was away. Then, right after I’d finally gotten a plan together; I over heard Katie talking to Emma and Gabriel. I listened to two sentences, and those few words ripped my heart out, “You and Jasper are what!?!?” “Jasper and I are supposed to be true loves.” Katie didn’t see me as she said this. I just went upstairs trying not to cry. Jasper was coming out of his room as I reached it. “Hey Charity. What’s wrong? You look like you’re going to cry.” I slapped his face and said “What’s wrong!?!? What’s wrong is that you’ve been flirting with me, and making me think that you liked me, while all this time you knew that you’re supposed to be with Katie!” “What!?!? No, Charity, you don’t understand-” “No I don’t Jasper, and when you can explain why you decided to fool me, you can talk to me.” I went into my room and locked the door behind me. I sat on my bed and cried my eyes out. When I calmed down I could hear Jasper and Katie talking in the hallway, “Katie, what did you say to her!?” “I didn’t say anything! She must have over heard me talking to Emma!” “Well go fix it! She won’t talk to me.” A moment later I heard a knock on my door and Katie asked “Tory? May I come in?” I wiped my eyes and said “Sure Katie.” She opened the door, walked into the room and sat down next to me. “Tory, I think you may have overheard me earlier, but you didn’t get the entire story.” I looked at her and asked “What do you mean?” “When I said that Jasper and I are supposed to be ‘true loves’ I hadn’t finished the sentence. I was saying that we do truly love each other…as siblings. It’s been a running joke for the past ninety years!” my jaw dropped, “You mean I’ve been crying over Jasper and you for nothing?!?!?” Katie laughed and said “You know, when you fall for someone you seem to fall hard.” “I do not!” “Then why, when you’re not even officially dating, are you so upset that Jasper was supposed to be with someone else?” without thinking I said “Because I’ve known him for years and he should know better than to hide things like that from me!” Katie looked at me, obviously confused and said “Tory, you’ve only known Jasper for a few months. Why do you say it’s been years?” I took a deep breath and said “Because I’m not Tory Johnson. My real name is Charity Jameson, the Charity that Jasper knew when he was a kid.” “How is that possible? Jasper said that Charity was human.” “I never told him what I was. I didn’t even know until I was fifteen that I was part vampire.” I could tell that Katie was skeptical, “Then why not just tell Jasper now?” “It’s a long story, but let’s say that my instincts haven’t led me wrong yet, and right now they’re telling me not to just straight out tell Jasper.” “Tory, I find this all hard to believe.” “I know, but I can prove that I am who I say I am.” “Alright, how?” “Let me show you what I looked like when Jasper knew me.” I took a deep breath and let my disguise fall away. The normal slight pain went through my eyes as they changed back to gold and green, and my scalp tingled as my hair changed to red. Katie’s jaw dropped and she said “You look exactly how Jasper always describes Charity.” I nodded and said “And I can prove it further; you know I haven’t seen Jasper in a shirt without sleeves, right?” Katie nodded and I continued, “On his left arm is a scar from a musket ball. He got it in 1864 when my brother saved his life by tackling him to the ground because he didn’t notice a Confederate soldier aiming for him because he was fighting that soldiers’ best friend.” Katie just stared at me for a moment, I waved my hand in front of her and said “Katie…are you in there??????” she shook her head and said “Ye-yeah. So you’re really that Charity?” I went over to my dresser, picked up a picture, walked back to the bed, held it out to Katie and said “This is the only surviving picture of Jonas, Jasper and I. It was taken the day they came home from the war.” Katie took it from me and stared at it for a moment. “Jasper is going to scream when finds out.” I laughed and said “Yes he will. And since you know who I am I’d like some help.” “What do you mean?” “I have a little plan to get him to guess who I am. It’s something we used to do when we were kids.” “Well what is it?” “It’s a series of clues and hints as to what I want to tell him.” “Ok, I don’t understand what you mean.” “That’s fine; all you really need to do is keep my secret, and get him guessing.” She nodded and someone outside knocked on my door, I changed back to Tory and opened the door. Jasper was standing there, “Tory, let me explain-” “You don’t have to. Katie told me about the ‘true love… but like a sibling’ thing. Just, if there’s ever anything like that again, please tell me!” Katie got up, said “Well I’ll be going and let you two talk.” and left the room. Jasper came into the room and closed the door behind him. He walked over to me, took my hands in his and said “I am so sorry that I didn’t tell you myself. I promise I won’t keep anything like that from you again.” He kissed my hand, and inhaled my scent deeply, “God, why do you even smell like her?” Jasper started kissing my wrist hungrily, and I distractedly asked “Smell like who?” “Charity. Charity Jameson. You smell exactly like her. And you act like her, and talk like her, and dance as gracefully as she did. But worst of all, you look like her! It’s absolutely maddening.” I could barely make any of this out as he kissed my hand and wrist. It wasn’t just because his words were muttered, but also because my brain seemed to not be working correctly. I felt tears start running down my cheeks. I pulled my hand out of Jaspers, and hugged him instead; burying my face in his chest and sobbing lightly. Jasper pulled away slightly, placed a hand on my cheek, angling my face so that I looked him in the eye, and asked “What’s wrong Charity?” I shook my head, “Charity, please, you can tell me. Know that you can always tell me anything you want.” “I know that Jasper. Believe me, I know that. But I can’t tell you this yet. I can’t tell you until I can show you what I really look like.” He nodded, seeming to understand. Jasper kissed my forehead and pulled me back into the hug, holding me tighter, and closer than he had since we’d kissed that fateful morning. I have absolutely no idea how long we stood there. Nor did I care. I felt Jasper burry his face in my hair. “How long do I have to wait?” I had been immersed in memories so it took me a minute to process what he was asking, “Hmm? Wait for what?” “For you to show me what you really look like. How long do I have to wait?” “Not long, hopefully. It depends on a few things.” Now he was kissing my hair, “What things?” I couldn’t think strait again, “I-I don’t remember.” Jasper sighed, leaned his forehead against mine and whispered “You are completely confusing, you know that?” I closed my eyes and said “I’ve been told that before…” once again, we just stood there. I could feel Jaspers warm breath on my face, and I caught his scent with each breath he took. It was comforting, being so close that his scent was like being home again. It felt like I was home, like we were home. I opened my eyes, and met Jaspers gaze. I stared as though hypnotized, his eyes gently bored into mine. I studied Jaspers eyes like I was cramming for a test; hurriedly, afraid that he would look away, but carefully, not wanting to miss a single detail. They were still a gorgeous mix of deepest blue, richest amber, and most stunning green; and they were happy. I looked at his mouth; a slight smile played across his lips. I reached up, and lightly traced his mouth with one finger; wishing all the while that I could kiss him without instantly giving away my secret. (Have I mentioned that I hate keeping secrets from him???) After I finished tracing his lips, Jasper whispered “You won’t let me kiss you right now. Will you, Charity?” I shook my head slightly, and met his eyes again. Now there was longing in them; and I knew he saw the same thing in my own eyes. He smirked a little, “Not even if I say my jaw still hurts?” I placed my perpetually cold hand on his cheek and asked “Does that help?” “A little.” I smiled apologetically and said “I’m sorry I hit you.” “I’ll live.” I let my hand fall, and kissed his cheek. I caught the taste of Jaspers skin, and, (even though he’s a vampire), I wanted to bite him. For some reason Jasper had always brought out my vampire side. Especially his scent, that always made me thirsty, and, now, homesick. I could clearly remember the first day I’d smelled him through a vampires’ nose…

It had been two weeks since my fifteenth birthday, two weeks since I’d become ill, and one week since I learned I was part vampire. My mother had brought me blood, almost nothing but blood, and I drank it eagerly. Once I started breaking cups she brought me small animals to feed off of. Mostly birds and rodents, I refused to bite rabbits and deer. Mother let me out of my room when she thought I could handle being around humans; Jonas however was still awaiting the full moon for a transformation. When I had heard that Jasper was waiting for me in the garden I rushed out to greet him; I hadn’t even gotten to thank him for my present before I collapsed in pain. I saw him before I smelled him, Jaspers hair was unkempt and he looked worried; then he saw me and smiled. I smiled back, not bothering to hide my fangs; he’d notice them at some point anyway. I was about a yard away from him when the wind blew from behind him; sending Jaspers scent strait into my face. It hit me like a battering-ram. One moment I was glad to see my best friend standing there, and the next it was all I could do to not rip his throat out. I covered my mouth and nose with my hand to dilute his scent with mine. He was at my side in a moment, “Charity? What’s the matter?” “Nothing,” I said through clenched teeth, “I was merely walking too quickly and became nauseous.” I looked at Jaspers face, he was obviously worried. I dropped my hand slowly, carefully, and smiled reassuringly. “I’m alright, Jasper, really. I just need to sit down for a moment.” I took a cautious breath and his scent hit me again; honey and lilac, with the bite of straight peppermint. I thought it was a strange scent for a man. But then I thought of Jaspers personality; genteel, but not a coward. He’d stood up for me several times when we were children; whenever someone would tease me about playing with boys, Jasper would be at my side…

I came back to the present and realized I was crying into Jaspers shirt. He had pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me as I’d sobbed. “What’s wrong? Please Charity, tell me. I want to be able to help you.” I looked up at him, I could tell he was worried again. I placed a hand on his cheek and said “I’m so sorry that I can’t tell you yet, Jasper. You already know what’s wrong but you just don’t realize it yet.” He raised an eyebrow at me, “Please explain.” I sighed, and laughed slightly before saying “You know me well enough that you know what’s wrong; you know how to make it better, but you’re denying it because your logic is telling you that it’s impossible.” Jasper looked like I’d smacked him. “Don’t say that Charity. You don’t know how many times I’ve hoped that was true, how many times I have dreamt that it was true, and then had to wake up and face reality. I beg you; do not give me false hope when it comes to Charity Jameson.” I pulled away from him, took his hand, said “If there is one thing I will never do, it is lie to your face. Now come with me.” I led Jasper out the door that goes to my terrace and then up a ladder I found that leads to a widow’s walk. We reached the top and sat in the dark for a moment. Then I broke the silence, “She loved you, Charity, I mean. She really did love you.” Jasper didn’t answer for a long time. But he finally said “Can you tell me something?” “Whatever you want to know.” He thought for a moment, “Why did she refuse me for so long?” “Jasper, please understand that your friendship was the most important thing in Charity’s life. She didn’t want to loose it over a fight or something stupid. She was devastated when you disappeared; she kept thinking that she saw you in the woods. She was that way for years.” Jasper looked as though I were torturing him. “She saw me? Charity saw me watching her?” Watching me? “What do you mean Jasper?” “After I was sure I could be around humans again I started watching Charity, making sure nothing ever happened to her. Making sure she was safe.” His voice broke as though he would start crying. I hugged him and said “Don’t cry, please don’t, Jasper.” He took a couple of deep breaths to steady himself, then he looked at me and said “I’m alright. Tell me more; tell me everything that happened when I had to leave.” So I told him. I told him about how it was for me and Jonas, and about Jonas and Amelia’s wedding; and how Jonas had decided to not have a best man since Jasper hadn’t been there. I told him about their kids, and about how Jonas and Amelia had died. “Amelia died first, right after giving birth to her third child; he was their second son, so Amelia insisted that he be named Jasper Joseph, for you and your dad. Jonas died a few years later from a blood disease that he’d gotten from a bullet wound back in the Civil War. Charity took care of the children after that, and she asked me to keep my eye on her family for her.” “I was the reason Jonas got that wound.” “Jonas Jasper Hawthorn, I know what you’re thinking; it was not your fault that Jonas died. He was only human.” He started to stutter incoherently and I hugged him tighter. We stayed there, me soothing Jasper, and him with his arms around me; trying not to cry, for a long time. After a while, we laid down, and watched the stars. I remembered doing this with him when we were younger, when we were home. I sighed, and Jasper slid his arm around me. I moved close to him, and lay there with my head on his shoulder. We were silent for a long time, and the question that had been eating at me finally had to be spoken. “Jasper, why did you leave?” I felt him sigh, “I didn’t want to. Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do was leave. That day, the day I came home from war, was the best day of my life. I’d been trying to court Charity for years, and she’d always refused me. But that day, she kissed me. I’d dreamt of that moment the entire time I was gone, there were days, battles, where the thought of her was the only thing that kept me going. I never did tell her that she was the only reason I made it through my surgery. The weeks after I returned were…perfection. I planed to propose on her birthday, but that night, I was attacked. I walked straight into it. I heard someone calling my name from the woods. I followed the voice until I came to a small, crystal clear pond. Sitting at the edge was a girl, she couldn’t have been older than sixteen, she had flowing black hair, and eyes like the moon. She stood as I walked up, she smiled and said “Hello Jasper, I’ve been expecting you.” She came close to me then, and started whispering things to me. Things that, as a gentleman, I will not repeat,” I suddenly did not like the idea of what she had been saying, “I could feel my heart beating extremely fast, but all I could think of was Charity, her face, her voice, what she would be saying if we’d found the pond together,” he chuckled, “She would’ve asked to go swimming. And if I said no, she would’ve pulled me in anyway,” I laughed now, too. He knew me too well, “The girl was silent for a moment, just staring at me, then she pounced. The pain was horrible when she bit me, and then I passed out. I didn’t wake up for several days. When I did I went to find the girl, she was still at the pond. When I approached, she smiled and said ‘I knew you wouldn’t stay away, Jasper.’ I scowled at her and said ‘Right now the only reason I’m here is because I have a lot of questions and no answers.’ She patted the ground next to her as an offer for me to sit. I didn’t move. She pouted and said ‘Come now, Jasper. We might as well be civil to each other. Here I’ll start, my name is Gloria Walker,” I started, “Hold up, ‘Walker, as in-” “Isaac? Yes, now where was I? Oh right, she held her hand out, but I did not take it. ‘What did you do to me?’ I asked. She giggled and said ‘Why, silly, I bit you. You are a vampire like me now,’ I could have thrown up, Gloria didn’t seem to notice, ‘Now, what did you need to ask me?’ I shook my head, and had to sit down. My thoughts were chaotic. A vampire? Immortal? Ever living, never aging or dying, never able to have a normal life. Never able to be with Charity. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest, and the wound left to fester. The next few days are a blur, I did not move from the spot where I sat. I even resisted when Gloria brought humans to the lake to feed on. I could not stand the thought of taking another’s life, just to sustain my own empty existence. In the time I spent with Gloria I learned that she had some mental issues, and that she was Isaac’s older sister. Thankfully, one day, while she was away hunting, Isaac came to the clearing. He’d followed Gloria’s scent and found me, weak and starving, sitting under the same tree. He took one look at me and said ‘Hey kid, let me help you’. He held his hand out to me, I hesitated, but finally took it. I tried to get to my feet, but nearly fell from thirst. Isaac understood and kept me from falling, he half dragged, and half carried me out of that clearing. I have never gone back there since, and I still have no desire to. After Isaac taught me that we could live on deer and fresh meat I started looking after Charity. Watching her, keep her out of harms way. I did that for about ten years, then the pain of not being able to be closer to her got to me…” His voice trailed off, and I said soothingly, “I understand how you feel.” “How?” I looked at him and stroked his cheek, “When I was young, before I fully knew what I was, I was in love. He was the best man I ever knew. He was kind, genteel, fun and funny. He could make a joke out of anything and everything, and he often did exactly that. He was, quite literally, the man of my dreams. I just failed to see it before it was too late, and I lost him.” We were silent for only a moment, “What happened to him?” I sighed, “I still do not know. Perhaps I’ll find out soon.” Jasper nodded, “Does it ever get better?” “What?” “The empty feeling, does it ever go away? I mean, there are times when I don’t feel it, but then I’ll see something, or hear something, that will remind me of Charity, and that feeling will be back again.” I laughed once, humorlessly, “Jasper, for people like us, the immortal who have loved and lost, that feeling is always there. Right under the surface, waiting to engulf us and drag us into the darkest side of our nature, the side we fight off with every humane action we take.” “Have you ever lost control?” I sighed, “No, though I suppose that the fact that I’m closer to human than vampire helps. As does the fact that I have never hidden from humans.” Jasper didn’t say anything to this, and I started to doze off. I woke later that night, back in my room, and listening to very familiar screams from the next room. I ran into Jaspers room, and straight to his side. Jasper was thrashing around in his bed, like he did right after coming home from the war. As I got closer, Jasper woke up and nearly shouted “The Crater!” I placed my hand on his cheek and said “Shhh…shhh…Jasper you’re safe, look at me. Jasper look at me.” He turned in my direction, but his eyes were wild, and petrified. I just looked at him for a moment and stroked his cheek. When Jasper calmed a little, I said “Jasper, you’re safe, you’re home, with me. You’re safe. The Crater happened a long time ago. You’re home now.” He still only stared at me, but now he held my hand, and after a moment he said “Charity?” I nodded, “Yes, Jasper, I’m here.” “You’re alive?” “Yes…” I was starting to get puzzled, “Of course I’m alive.” “It was a dream. All just a bad dream. It’s still 1865.” My ears pricked up at that statement. I used my free hand to move some hair behind an ear, while letting just enough fall free so I could see the color. I was a redhead. In my rush to get to Jasper I forgot to change back to Tory. My thoughts were cut short when Jasper suddenly kissed me. I made a surprised sound, and my eyes widened for a moment; then I felt his lips move against mine, and I melted. I didn’t care if this ruined my plan, this was Heaven, this was my perfection. He gently pulled me onto the bed, and held me. I clung to him, pulling myself closer, Jasper didn’t complain. He just wrapped his arms around me tighter, slid one hand into my hair, and kissed me even more passionately. After a while I had to pull away so I could catch my breath. Jasper just looked at me. I can’t describe how good it felt to know that as he looked at me he saw me not Tory Johnson, just me. I stroked his cheek and said, “I love you.” Jasper leaned toward me, leaned his forehead against mine and said “As I love you. Charity, you would not believe how good it is to see you. I feel like I’ve been away for so long.” I smiled kindly, “I understand Jasper, three years was a long time to me too.” he shook his head, “It’s not that Charity, I’m talking about my dream. It was awful. I thought I’d lost you. I-” I placed a finger on Jaspers mouth and said “Sh. Jasper, you’ll never loose me. I’d find you, somehow, no matter how long it took me. Do you really think I’d give up my true love that easily?” Jasper smiled ecstatically, and kissed me again. This time, I forgot that I wasn’t home. When we finally broke apart, I tucked my head in his neck, and Jasper held me. After a while we both started yawning and laid down. “Jasper, I need to go.” Jaspers arms tightened around me and he said “Please stay. At least stay until I’m asleep, please Charity?” I sighed when he said my name again, “Alright. I’ll stay until you’re asleep.” he nodded, and kissed my hair. We were silent for a long time, and I wished that this wouldn’t end. But, Jasper started snoring, and I had to leave. I got up, carefully so I didn’t wake Jasper. I kissed his forehead and left the room. I went back to my room and fell asleep again. The next morning Jasper was depressed. After Emma and Gabriel left for work I asked “Ok, what’s wrong?” He sighed and said “I had an incredibly realistic dream last night.” I nodded, “The Crater?” Jasper nearly chocked on his coffee, “You heard that part?” I nodded again, “Yes, and you mumbling after that. Though I couldn’t understand you.” Jasper was quiet for a while, then he said, “I had a dream about Charity. I thought I was home, in the right time. Again.” “Again?” “Yeah…I have dreams like that quite often. Though, usually not quite so vividly.” I placed my hand on top of his and said “I’m sorry. I under-” Jasper pulled his hand out of mine and said “Don’t say you understand. Please do not try to empathize with me on this.” “Why not?” “Because everyone does. And no one can possibly understand what it’s like to-” I cut him off, “To what? To have dreams that your one true love is still alive? To think that you’re not immortal, and actually have a chance at a life with them, a normal, human life? Just to have it ripped from under you the second you wake up, and once again cry over that person, the life that you want so much but can never have? Well I have news for you, Private Jonas Jasper Hawthorne, I’ve been having those same dreams for almost a century and a half. So, yes I know exactly what it’s like.” At that, I left Jasper with his mouth open, and went to my room. I had no idea why I’d snapped at him like that. I just had. I just sat on my bed, my head in my hands, tears streaming down my face. I looked up when I heard a knock on the door. I got up, walked to the door and asked “Who is it?” “Isaac, can I come in?” I nodded, and opened the door, “What do you want?” He shrugged, “Not much… I was just wondering why the kid was downstairs banging his head against the wall saying ‘stupid, stupid, stupid!’?” I blushed, “I didn’t mean to upset him like that… He can be just so…ugh.” I leaned my forehead against the door and willed the tears back. Isaac put a hand on my shoulder and said “Whatever he did, he didn’t mean it. He cares for you Charity, more than I think you know, or he wants to admit.” I smiled a little, “Thanks Isaac. I should go talk to Jasper, I wanted to ask him something anyway…maybe it can be a peace offering.” “Go get ‘em kiddo.” I headed downstairs, and sure enough, Jasper was in the living room. Beating his head on the wall. I slipped between him and the wall. Jasper’s eyes were closed so he didn’t see me, “You know, Jazz, a bruise on your forehead isn’t very attractive.” He opened his eyes and stared down at me, “What do you want Charity?” “I’m sorry.” “For what?” I placed a hand on his cheek, “For what I said earlier. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that or where it came from.” “I’m sorry too.” “You don’t have anything to apologize for. You just had an unbelievably realistic dream.” Jasper closed his eyes, and leaned his forehead against mine, “I know, and one of these days they’ll drive me to drink.” “Don’t say that.” “Why? It’s true. I love Charity Jameson, I’ve loved her since I can remember. But…” He opened his eyes to look at me, “I think I’m in love with you, as well.” I smiled, and wrapped my arms around his neck, whispering “Hold me. Jonas Jasper Hawthorne, wrap your arms around me and hold me as tight as you can. And don’t you dare think of being late tomorrow.” I repeated the last words I had spoken to Jasper before he disappeared all those years ago, I knew he’d recognize them. “What did you say?” I pulled away, “Nothing. But I did want to ask you something…?” “What?” “Well, a couple of my friends are in town and I was wondering if you wanted to come bowling with us?” “Uh…I don’t know how to bowl.” I laughed, “That’s fine. Knowing Riley, Mia and me, we’ll maybe get one ‘serious’ game in. We haven’t seen each other in about fifteen, or twenty years.” Jasper thought for a second, then said “Ok. If you let me drive.” “Um…In a car?” Jasper just looked at me, “No Charity. In a chariot.” I frowned, “Very funny. But…ok.” Jasper took my hand and we walked to the car. As we drove to the bowling alley Gabriel’s parents and I own, I explained a few things to Jasper, “So my friends are both like me. They’re both Half Bloods, and both have talents. Though, we still don’t know how Mia ended up with one, since she’s half secita and not nacita.” “Ok, and your friend, Riley, he’s vampire and nacita like you?” I nodded, “We met back in the eighties. He was having some issues, and had started auto-drinking. When I ran into him, it was because I’d smelled his blood, and recognized the mixed scent. He was drunk, and feeding at the time. Mia, who was physically eleven at the time, was trying to stop him. She hated seeing him like that. I simply walked over to Riley, yanked his wrist out of his mouth and said ‘Keep doing that, and your sister will have someone to mourn.’ He just glared at me, got up, and walked away,” I looked at the highway sign, “Get off here, Jasper.” He nodded, and took the exit, “If that’s how you met, why are you friends?” “Because Mia and I talked, she may have physically been a child at the time, but she’s never been a fool. She took me to where they were staying, hoping I’d be able to help Riley. They’re closer than most siblings, and what he was doing scared her. You should ask Riley to tell you the rest though, it’s much more entertaining coming from him.” Jasper raised an eyebrow, “Can I trust you on this?” “I make no promises you won‘t regret it.” Jasper laughed, “Ok. Is there anything I should be warned about before I meet them?” I thought for a second before answering, “Riley can turn invisible, and he likes to pull pranks on Mia and I while we’re bowling. I don’t know if he’d do it to you or not, but you should know just in case.” Jasper nodded, and I pointed out the parking lot. We drove in and Jasper told me to go on ahead because he wanted to hunt before meeting my friends. I said alright, and walked in the building. I walked to the front desk, and turned to see my closest, oldest friend leaning against the snack bar. Riley Coltear was six feet three inches tall, with pale skin, and golden brown hair. Though the golden always out shown the brown…and he currently had the tips of his hair dyed red, blue, dark green, and of all things, purple. His eyes were closed, and he was listening to music on his headset. I quietly walked up to him and he stood up from the snack bar and turned to walk away. I smiled, ran up behind him, jumped on his back, and squealed “Emo Boy!!!” He stiffened like a board, and said through gritted teeth, “Get. Off. Me. Now. Woman!!!” I laughed, “Hello too Rye.” I got off his back and he shook his hair. He turned around, put on an obviously forced smile, and said “Hi Cherribelle. How’re you?” I put on a thick southern accent, “Good. Now I want my hug.” Riley laughed, and hugged me briefly. When he pulled back I asked “How was England?” He shrugged, “Good. So was France…and Germany…and Ireland…though it wasn’t better than Romania.” I smiled, “You went to Drac’s castle?” “And got chased out by those dumb Traditionalists.” He rolled his mis-match eyes. Right one gold, like mine, and the left one dark blue; announcing to every supernatural creature that he’s a Half Blood. I shrugged, “I told you to get a set of contacts. They would conceal your colors.” He opened his mouth, showing his fangs, and said “One: they’re too expensive. Two: I hardly ever see anyone who knows what I am other than you and Mia. Three: I don’t want to.” I laughed and shook my head, “Alright. You haven’t changed much. By the by, where’s my favorite little Halfy with a furry little problem?” Riley laughed, and said “Out waiting to change for the night. It’s a full moon remember?” “Ah. Well…Jasper went hunting for a while, so we have the alley to ourselves.” He nodded, then what I said fully sunk in, “Wait, who’s Jasper?” I blushed, “Jonas Jasper Hawthorn…The guy I told you about.” Understanding bloomed on Riley’s face, “The one you lost? He’s here?” I nodded, “He was Turned.” He nodded, and was silent for a minute, lost in thought. I finally waved my hand in front of his face and said “Hello? Want to do something before we have to pay attention to other people?” Riley shook his hair out, and said “Sure. Hey, you still have my bowling stuff?” I shook my head and grinned evilly, “No. I have something better.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my office. I opened the door and dug out a surprise I’d had waiting for him. I handed him the retro-style, green and white bag and said “Open it.” He raised and eyebrow, but sat the bag on the floor and opened it. The first things he pulled out were a pair of bowling shoes, black and gold, and by his favorite company. Then he pulled out the ball and his jaw dropped. “Cherribelle, did you do what I think you did?” I grinned again, polished my nails against my shirt, and said sarcastically, “Who? Me? Use my lovely little connection at Storm to get you a custom made prototype of the new ball not due out for another year in your favorite colors? Why, Emo Boy, do you not know me at all?” Riley was speechless, he just gaped at the emerald green and silver ball in his lap. Finally he thought “Wow…You’ve really out done yourself this time.” I smiled, and said in nacitian “It’s about to get better. Come with me.” It took me a minute to pry the bowling ball away from him, but Riley finally consented to follow me. I took him over to the digital juke box, and showed him how to override the payment system and we put on a never ending marathon of Evanescence. We were rocking out to Tourniquet when Mia walked in and scared me by sneaking up behind me and grabbing me by the waist. I screamed, and whirled around. When I saw it just Mia I said breathlessly, “Don’t do that Almond!!!” Mia, who is half secita, half werewolf, growled, her tail swishing side to side, “Don’t call me ‘Almond’ if you want to live.” I scoffed, and ruffled her hair saying “I’m sorry kiddo, but I still remember you as the little girl I met with tear filled eyes, begging Emo Boy here to stop biting himself.” She and Riley both laughed. We decided to go get the lane set up for bowling. We got the fresh oil down, and started putting names in. When we were deciding what order to put the names in Jasper finally showed up. “Um…Hi.” I stood up and said “Hi Jasper!” I went over, grabbed his hand, and dragged him to meet my friends, “Jasper, these are Riley, and Alma.” Riley stood and shook Jasper’s hand, Mia just sat there and waved. Jasper stared at Mia, before he could ask I said “Mia is half werewolf, and it’s the full moon. That’s why she has the wolf ears and a tail right now.”

For obvious reasons, (like how late it is -.-“) I’m leaving this as a bulk paragraph.  Have fun guys, and stay safe!



Another Side Project


I am finally back on, so I’m going to post another side project.  Have fun!

One millennia. That’s how long I’ve been alive. It’s been lonely, living each night, never seeing the day. That’s the price you pay for being a Traditionalist; no sun, no peaceful sleep, and, let’s face it, no peace. In my human life I was a Priest’s daughter! I am still a Christian, that has never changed. But, just as a human, turning your back on your upbringing can be hard. You see, the vampire who changed me was a…hunter. His name was Jonathan, and he was a vampire that lived to kill humans, or change them if he thought they were worth looking at.

Anyway, my first memory of this life was drinking human blood. That’s all my life was for the first five hundred years; blood, running and blood. Until my ‘siblings’ and I rebelled, threw Jonathan to the villagers and went into hiding.. Over the years new vampires have joined us, and for some reason I have become the leader of our coven. These days we live in a small abandoned castle in a remote part of Romania, it’s what modern Americans would call ‘creeptastic’. I love it here, it’s my home, and it is near my birthplace. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t keep killing people, even if they are at deaths doorstep.

One day, I took Gavril aside and told him so. I told him, “I want to attempt living as an Ani-Blood. My sprit can no longer endure the strain of taking human lives. Perhaps living on animal blood will help me.”

Gavril bit his lip, and asked “Why do you tell me this? What do you want me to do?”

I took his hands, “Gavril, you are my second. You lead in my stead. This is what I require of you now. Take the coven, lead them somewhere for a decade or two. I need to be alone to change my diet. If you are around, still feeding on humans, I do not believe I will be capable of it. If I cannot change, I will kill myself.”

Gavril looked shocked, “Adriana, you cannot possibly believe Felix and I would-”

I cut him off, “I do not expect you or Felix to stand around watching. You and he are my brothers, in every way that matters and more. Do this for me Gavril. If you return to find me yet living, rejoice with me! But if you return to find me gone, do as my brother would, and give me a proper Romanian burial.”

Gavril growled, and said a few choice words in his native tongue, then he glared at me and said “Adriana Bloodgood, I am still older than you. I can, and will-”

I cut him off again, “Are you challenging me for leader?”

“If that’s what it takes to keep you alive.”

I dropped his hands, grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulled him within a foot of my face and said “Perhaps you do not understand me. It does not matter who leads the coven. If I cannot change how I live I will die. If you do not leave me alone for a decade, ten years that’s all, then I cannot change.”

He continued to glare at me, then he dropped his gaze, “I want to be able to check on you.”

I sighed, and let him go. “Then come back after five years. But do so alone, you should prepare yourself for what may happen.”

Gavril growled again, “It will not happen. You are too strong.”

I smiled, “Pray that is true. Now go tell Felix and Majestria what I’ve said. Get the coven ready, and leave.”

Gavril nodded, “Alright. Will you see us off?”

I shook my head, “No. I’m thirsty, I should hunt before sunrise.”

He nodded again, knowing I refused to say goodbye and gave me our customary farewell, “Be at peace, sister.”

“You as well brother,” I patted his arm, “I will see you in five years.”

He didn’t look at me as he answered, “I hope so.”

With that, Gavril left. I sighed, put on my cloak, and took my favorite exit from the castle…the window.

I grabbed the top braches of the nearest tree, and started swinging myself to the ground. I woke up a few birds on the way down, and they put up a racket to, uh, wake the dead. Well, it just meant I needed to go a ways to find some decent game.

It took me some time, but I finally found a small heard of deer. I set my sights on a large doe. She was getting a drink from the river when I approached. I pounced, my fangs sinking easily into the flesh of her neck. I got one taste of her blood, and rolled off her into the river, spiting the foul liquid from my mouth. The herd scattered as I sat in the water, coughing. Deer blood tasted worse than dirt.

I sat there, praying, thinking. Then it hit me, something an Ani-Blood who stayed with my coven a few centuries back had said. He’d been sitting with me in the library, drinking wine and discussing things. We’d come to the subject of blood drinking, and he said “Some animal blood is repulsive. But if you hunt the predators, there lies the good blood. You almost cannot tell the difference between their blood, and that of an elder human.”

That was it, find a predator, a hunter. I had to go to the mountains to do it, but I finally found a decent…meal. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and the Ani-Blood had been right, predator blood tasted like that of an old person.

The years passed, and I was successful with my lifestyle change. Gavril did return after five years, to find a much happier me than when he left. We went down to the part of the cellar that I had converted to a sitting room and talked. He asked all the normal questions, how have I been? How was the animal blood?

“What is it like to sleep without nightmares?”

I smiled, “I am not completely rid of them yet…”

He raised an eyebrow, “Adriana…you haven’t been cheating?”

“I have not! You remember the undertaker in the village?”

“The one Felix got to pay for electricity?”

“Yes, and I found out why he paid for it; Felix drained the corpses for him…”

It took a moment for this to sink in, “You haven’t!? Adriana tell me you are not dumb enough to drink the deads’ blood?”

“Of course not! Felix, yes, me, no. I still drain the blood for him, and I get the same perks as Felix arranged, but I use the blood as bait for the animals I hunt.”

Gavril nodded, and smirked “I assume that’s where the sound system came from?”

I smiled again, shyly this time, “And all the new books in the library. I’ve had to move it to the tower room.”

Gavril had laughed, but dawn was nearing, so he had to leave. I insisted we stick to the original agreement, and he should return in five years.

I spent another year alone, my only interaction being with the undertaker and the bodies he had me drain. I became lonely, I’d never noticed it before, since I had never been away from my coven, but there was a hole inside me. I could not remember ever feeling this way, not even in human memories. I felt…slightly empty.

Then the dreams started. I thought the nightmares had been bad, but in a way, these were worse. In the nightmares, I was chased by my victims until the sun rose and burnt me to a crisp. I couldn’t clearly remember these dreams. All I saw when I thought of them was the sun and the moon, next to each other in a black sky with no stars.

The dreams plagued me for a year after Gavril left, until one night when I was sitting down to put my normal entry in my journal. I heard a banging on the castle door and went to get it. I assumed it would be a vampire looking for shelter from the thunderstorm outside; so I was surprised when I heard a heart beating on the other side of the door.

I opened the door to see a man standing there. He had a heavy coat on, and the hood drawn over his face so I couldn’t see what he looked like. He was soaked, and so was the duffle bag he was carrying, he looked at me and asked, in badly accented Romanian, “Bun

ă ziua, vă vorbesc limba engleză?”

I covered my mouth to hide a laugh, and said “Yes I speak English. Won’t you come in out of the rain?”

He sighed, and stepped through the door, “Yes, thank you!”

I smiled, he was an American, “You’re welcome, may I take your coat?”

He hesitated, but said “Only if you don’t freak out when you see me.”

I helped him take of his coat, saying “It takes a lot to make me, uh, ‘freak ou-” I looked at him as I was saying the last part. His eyes were two different colors, one silver and the other gold, “Half blood.” I took a step back, just staring at him, then I looked closer, “Wait, your right eye’s gold!”

Now he was the startled one, “What?”

I moved closer to him, “Your right eye’s gold, while you left eye’s silver. This is weird, you’re half vampire half werewolf, but your mother was the vampire!?”

“Uh…sort of…do you want an introduction before you figure out my life story?”

I slapped my forehead, “Sorry! Sometimes I get carried away,” I held out my hand, and automatically reverted to my ‘Human Name’, “Anya Blackwell, and you are?”

He took my hand and said “Ayden Graymark.”

I dropped his hand, “Mon Dieu aidez-moi.”

Ayden rolled his eyes, “I speak French too, why do you want God’s help?”

I whispered, “Vampire hunter.”

Ayden ran a hand through his soaked hair, “That’s my family. But not me, so please don’t ask me to slay anything for you.”

I nodded, “In that case, you’re welcome-”

He cut me off, “Has just run out? It’s ok, I’ve heard it from everyone else in the village.” He took his coat from me and said “I guess I’ll just be on my way.”

I put a hand on his arm to stop him, “Hold it right there, Ayden. You did not allow me finish. I was going to say ‘in that case, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like’. I have no desire to see vampires slaughtered.”

Ayden looked taken aback, “A-alright then,” he pointed to his coat, “Where can I put this?”

I smiled, “You can hand that to me. You go in that room,” I pointed him to the main sitting room and took his coat, “There’s a fire so you can dry off and warm up. Are you hungry?”

He smirked as his stomach growled, and said “If it’s not too much trouble?”

I shook my head, “No trouble. I’ll be back in a few minutes, you go and get warm.”

I walked to the kitchen, hanging the coat on my way. I looked in the fridge, I had some different cuts of meat incase I got desperate or couldn’t find any decent game. I took out one of the better grade steaks and grilled it up until it smelled over done to me, (meaning about medium for a human). After that was done I walked outside to the garden, it was chilly out so I took a moment for my body to adjust its temperature. I kept a vegetable garden incase we had humans show up, I picked two handfuls of string beans and went back in to cook them.

I did something Majestria had shown me, and cooked the beans in the juice from the steak. When the beans were done I took them to Ayden with the steak and a glass of water.

Ayden was where I’d sent him, in the sitting room, admiring mine and my mothers paintings. He was looking at one I made of my father when I came in, “Do you enjoy art?” Ayden jumped, and turned around, I sat the plate of food down on the table and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I hope you like steak.”

Ayden smiled, “It’s alright, and yes, I like steak. I like any type of meat really. Is that a relative of yours?”

“Yes, he’s an ancestor of mine. He actually built this castle.”

Ayden frowned, “Really? I thought he built a convent?”

I laughed, “He did. You’ve only seen two of the rooms I’ve converted into living spaces.”

Ayden sat down, picked up the plate of food and utensils, and dug in, “So what you’re saying is you converted a convent?”

I laughed again, “Yes, I did.”

He shook his head, “I didn’t think it could be done.”

“So, how did you come to Romania?”

Ayden swallowed, and cleared his throat, “That’s a long story…”

“I have time.”

He sighed, “I’m not supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be in France to finish training with my aunt and uncle.”

“So why aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to be a vampire hunter. I can’t kill something I feel a connection to.”

I smiled, “You don’t mind being part vampire?”

Ayden scoffed, “I’m not technically a half blood. My parents were trying to break up a large coven before they knew my mom was carrying me. A vampire got their hands on her, and she bit them to get away. She just swallowed some of their blood in doing so.”

I nodded, “She didn’t get to a church in time?”

“Oh she got blessed in time to not turn into a Follower. But the blood got to me too, so I wound up with a few vamp perks.”

“And what about the werewolf?”

Ayden held his arm out to me, and pulled up his sleeve. On his forearm were two distinct markings; the first was a gray star, and the other was a cresset shaped scar. “A young one got me.”

“You were bitten?”

He nodded, “My silver eye, used to be brown.”

I stared, perplexed, then it dawned on me, “You weren’t fully changed due to the mix of vampire and human blood. It only affected the human part of you.”

“Exactly. I take it you recognize the tat as well?”

I smiled, and recalled something my father used to read to me, “Sit venatoria notari-”

“Quoniam praesidia populi Dei. ‘Let the hunters be marked, for they shall be the protectors of God‘s people.’ Yes, I speak Latin too.”

I laughed, “How many languages do you speak?”

“I could ask the same thing. You’ve already spoken my three favorites.”

“You, sir, are avoiding my question.”

Ayden sighed, “If you count the different sign languages…ten.”

“Name them? The spoken ones I mean, s’il vous plaît.”

Ayden sighed, and started counting on fingers, “German, Russian, Romanian, Latin, French, Spanish, and Italian. I also know parts of Ancient Egyptian.”

I smiled, “That’s incredible. Have you been to all those places?”

He shook his head, “No…I’m home schooled, and my passion is Language. I love how the different languages of the world sound, and I love learning how to speak them.”

“I should show you my Library sometime, Ayden. You would love it.”

“That would be nice,” he yawned, “Um…I’m sorry, but is there a room I can sleep in? I’m pretty beat.”

I stood, and said “Of course, follow me.”

Ayden stood, and I started walking with him on my heels. On the way to his room, I pointed out a few things he’d need to know. “So you are not surprised in the morning, I usually sleep late into day. I work for the local undertaker at night, so you will have run of the castle while I am gone. You can go anywhere you like, except the basement.”

“Why the basement?”

I looked at him, “That’s where my chambers are.”

Ayden blushed, “Ah.”

I nodded, “Before I leave I will show you the library. Once again, you may use anything you like, as long as you take good care of them. The only book you may not touch is a large red leather volume on the pedestal near the window. Before you ask, that is my personal diary.”

Ayden’s blush deepened “Ok.”

I laughed, “I would wish you luck trying to open it. I had the lock custom made and I keep the only key in a place no man will ever find it.”

We reached the room Ayden could use. I showed him in, and asked if he had any other bags, he said no and I left him for the night.

Life continued as normal after Ayden arrived. He did enjoy the library, very, very much. He lived in the library; it became a custom to have lunch in the library, at the side table, and discuss the latest book he’d been reading. He still couldn’t believe I’d read them all. Then again, he still didn’t know I was a physically fifteen-year-old vampire who’s been around longer than Da Vinci.

We also had dinner in the library often. Every evening after Ayden went to bed for the night, I’d sit down, write my journal entry, and go hunting. One night, an entry went thus:

Dear Journal,

Tonight Ayden and I discussed a collection of poems he’s found, and has become highly interested in. It’s that small collection by the American woman who’s name I can never spell correctly. Unfortunately, Ayden took the volume to his room so I do not have the reference available right now.

I am debating whether or not to tell him what I am. I have never revealed my secret to a living person, not even a Half Blood. But Ayden has been residing under my roof for near two months now, so he deserves to know. Does he not? Surly he has noticed something strange about me; has he not frequently inquired as to why I look so young? Or why I eat so little? He has even noted the strange hours I keep, and the way I speak as though I am not of this time.

If I do not tell him, I fear he will discover the truth for himself, and what would happen then? Would he accept the fact I am a Night Child, or stake me for my past transgressions against mankind? I shall admit, as much as the former appeals to me, the latter terrifies me.

I believe I will tell him. Though not now. Perhaps tomorrow, after I have fed and he has slept.

I’m leaving for the hunt now, I have fresh blood for bait, so I expect to have ample prey tonight…

Adrianna Bloodgood

I locked the journal, and took my exit through the window.

It was three hours later, hunting did not go as I had hoped. The first thing that came anywhere near me was a small fox. It wasn’t exactly what I would have liked, but it was better than nothing.

I was stalking towards my prey…that’s when I head a twig snap. The fox darted, I spun in place and pounced. We rolled on the ground for a moment, then I saw the stake hovering above my heart, and I saw Ayden on top of me.

I gasped, “Ayden!”

He looked down at me, and then at the stake, as though seeing it for the first time. He pushed off of, and away from me. He threw the stake aside, “Anya! You- You’re a-a-a-”

I crawled over to him, took his face gently between my hands, and spoke with my voice layered in Persuasion, “Yes, I am. Ayden, you need to sleep. I’ll answer all your questions tomorrow, but now just sleep…”

He tried to fight my influence, but Ayden finally fell asleep. I sighed, and picked him up as I got to my feet. I carried him home, and laid him on his bed. I pulled a chair up next to the bed, and waited for dawn.

I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to Ayden gently shaking my shoulder. As soon as I opened my eyes and lifted my head off the bed he asked “Was last night a dream?”

I looked away, “No…I apologize, Ayden. I meant to tell you today. I never wanted you to find out the way you did.”

We sat in silence for a long time. I could sense my words sinking into Ayden’s mind, coming together and making a complete picture for him.

Finally, he asked, “Who are you, really?”

“You know that portrait down stairs?”

“That does not answer my question.”

“Yes it does. The name in the corner is Adrianna Bloodgood, the name of the mans daughter. I am that same Adrianna who painted that portrait of her father.”

Ayden was silent for a while again. I was afraid, he was born and raised to kill my kind, what would he do now he knew what I was?

Ayden grabbed my hand, “Why are you shaking?”

I hadn’t realized I was. “I-I’m scared.”


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