Another Side Project


I am finally back on, so I’m going to post another side project.  Have fun!

One millennia. That’s how long I’ve been alive. It’s been lonely, living each night, never seeing the day. That’s the price you pay for being a Traditionalist; no sun, no peaceful sleep, and, let’s face it, no peace. In my human life I was a Priest’s daughter! I am still a Christian, that has never changed. But, just as a human, turning your back on your upbringing can be hard. You see, the vampire who changed me was a…hunter. His name was Jonathan, and he was a vampire that lived to kill humans, or change them if he thought they were worth looking at.

Anyway, my first memory of this life was drinking human blood. That’s all my life was for the first five hundred years; blood, running and blood. Until my ‘siblings’ and I rebelled, threw Jonathan to the villagers and went into hiding.. Over the years new vampires have joined us, and for some reason I have become the leader of our coven. These days we live in a small abandoned castle in a remote part of Romania, it’s what modern Americans would call ‘creeptastic’. I love it here, it’s my home, and it is near my birthplace. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t keep killing people, even if they are at deaths doorstep.

One day, I took Gavril aside and told him so. I told him, “I want to attempt living as an Ani-Blood. My sprit can no longer endure the strain of taking human lives. Perhaps living on animal blood will help me.”

Gavril bit his lip, and asked “Why do you tell me this? What do you want me to do?”

I took his hands, “Gavril, you are my second. You lead in my stead. This is what I require of you now. Take the coven, lead them somewhere for a decade or two. I need to be alone to change my diet. If you are around, still feeding on humans, I do not believe I will be capable of it. If I cannot change, I will kill myself.”

Gavril looked shocked, “Adriana, you cannot possibly believe Felix and I would-”

I cut him off, “I do not expect you or Felix to stand around watching. You and he are my brothers, in every way that matters and more. Do this for me Gavril. If you return to find me yet living, rejoice with me! But if you return to find me gone, do as my brother would, and give me a proper Romanian burial.”

Gavril growled, and said a few choice words in his native tongue, then he glared at me and said “Adriana Bloodgood, I am still older than you. I can, and will-”

I cut him off again, “Are you challenging me for leader?”

“If that’s what it takes to keep you alive.”

I dropped his hands, grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulled him within a foot of my face and said “Perhaps you do not understand me. It does not matter who leads the coven. If I cannot change how I live I will die. If you do not leave me alone for a decade, ten years that’s all, then I cannot change.”

He continued to glare at me, then he dropped his gaze, “I want to be able to check on you.”

I sighed, and let him go. “Then come back after five years. But do so alone, you should prepare yourself for what may happen.”

Gavril growled again, “It will not happen. You are too strong.”

I smiled, “Pray that is true. Now go tell Felix and Majestria what I’ve said. Get the coven ready, and leave.”

Gavril nodded, “Alright. Will you see us off?”

I shook my head, “No. I’m thirsty, I should hunt before sunrise.”

He nodded again, knowing I refused to say goodbye and gave me our customary farewell, “Be at peace, sister.”

“You as well brother,” I patted his arm, “I will see you in five years.”

He didn’t look at me as he answered, “I hope so.”

With that, Gavril left. I sighed, put on my cloak, and took my favorite exit from the castle…the window.

I grabbed the top braches of the nearest tree, and started swinging myself to the ground. I woke up a few birds on the way down, and they put up a racket to, uh, wake the dead. Well, it just meant I needed to go a ways to find some decent game.

It took me some time, but I finally found a small heard of deer. I set my sights on a large doe. She was getting a drink from the river when I approached. I pounced, my fangs sinking easily into the flesh of her neck. I got one taste of her blood, and rolled off her into the river, spiting the foul liquid from my mouth. The herd scattered as I sat in the water, coughing. Deer blood tasted worse than dirt.

I sat there, praying, thinking. Then it hit me, something an Ani-Blood who stayed with my coven a few centuries back had said. He’d been sitting with me in the library, drinking wine and discussing things. We’d come to the subject of blood drinking, and he said “Some animal blood is repulsive. But if you hunt the predators, there lies the good blood. You almost cannot tell the difference between their blood, and that of an elder human.”

That was it, find a predator, a hunter. I had to go to the mountains to do it, but I finally found a decent…meal. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and the Ani-Blood had been right, predator blood tasted like that of an old person.

The years passed, and I was successful with my lifestyle change. Gavril did return after five years, to find a much happier me than when he left. We went down to the part of the cellar that I had converted to a sitting room and talked. He asked all the normal questions, how have I been? How was the animal blood?

“What is it like to sleep without nightmares?”

I smiled, “I am not completely rid of them yet…”

He raised an eyebrow, “Adriana…you haven’t been cheating?”

“I have not! You remember the undertaker in the village?”

“The one Felix got to pay for electricity?”

“Yes, and I found out why he paid for it; Felix drained the corpses for him…”

It took a moment for this to sink in, “You haven’t!? Adriana tell me you are not dumb enough to drink the deads’ blood?”

“Of course not! Felix, yes, me, no. I still drain the blood for him, and I get the same perks as Felix arranged, but I use the blood as bait for the animals I hunt.”

Gavril nodded, and smirked “I assume that’s where the sound system came from?”

I smiled again, shyly this time, “And all the new books in the library. I’ve had to move it to the tower room.”

Gavril had laughed, but dawn was nearing, so he had to leave. I insisted we stick to the original agreement, and he should return in five years.

I spent another year alone, my only interaction being with the undertaker and the bodies he had me drain. I became lonely, I’d never noticed it before, since I had never been away from my coven, but there was a hole inside me. I could not remember ever feeling this way, not even in human memories. I felt…slightly empty.

Then the dreams started. I thought the nightmares had been bad, but in a way, these were worse. In the nightmares, I was chased by my victims until the sun rose and burnt me to a crisp. I couldn’t clearly remember these dreams. All I saw when I thought of them was the sun and the moon, next to each other in a black sky with no stars.

The dreams plagued me for a year after Gavril left, until one night when I was sitting down to put my normal entry in my journal. I heard a banging on the castle door and went to get it. I assumed it would be a vampire looking for shelter from the thunderstorm outside; so I was surprised when I heard a heart beating on the other side of the door.

I opened the door to see a man standing there. He had a heavy coat on, and the hood drawn over his face so I couldn’t see what he looked like. He was soaked, and so was the duffle bag he was carrying, he looked at me and asked, in badly accented Romanian, “Bun

ă ziua, vă vorbesc limba engleză?”

I covered my mouth to hide a laugh, and said “Yes I speak English. Won’t you come in out of the rain?”

He sighed, and stepped through the door, “Yes, thank you!”

I smiled, he was an American, “You’re welcome, may I take your coat?”

He hesitated, but said “Only if you don’t freak out when you see me.”

I helped him take of his coat, saying “It takes a lot to make me, uh, ‘freak ou-” I looked at him as I was saying the last part. His eyes were two different colors, one silver and the other gold, “Half blood.” I took a step back, just staring at him, then I looked closer, “Wait, your right eye’s gold!”

Now he was the startled one, “What?”

I moved closer to him, “Your right eye’s gold, while you left eye’s silver. This is weird, you’re half vampire half werewolf, but your mother was the vampire!?”

“Uh…sort of…do you want an introduction before you figure out my life story?”

I slapped my forehead, “Sorry! Sometimes I get carried away,” I held out my hand, and automatically reverted to my ‘Human Name’, “Anya Blackwell, and you are?”

He took my hand and said “Ayden Graymark.”

I dropped his hand, “Mon Dieu aidez-moi.”

Ayden rolled his eyes, “I speak French too, why do you want God’s help?”

I whispered, “Vampire hunter.”

Ayden ran a hand through his soaked hair, “That’s my family. But not me, so please don’t ask me to slay anything for you.”

I nodded, “In that case, you’re welcome-”

He cut me off, “Has just run out? It’s ok, I’ve heard it from everyone else in the village.” He took his coat from me and said “I guess I’ll just be on my way.”

I put a hand on his arm to stop him, “Hold it right there, Ayden. You did not allow me finish. I was going to say ‘in that case, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like’. I have no desire to see vampires slaughtered.”

Ayden looked taken aback, “A-alright then,” he pointed to his coat, “Where can I put this?”

I smiled, “You can hand that to me. You go in that room,” I pointed him to the main sitting room and took his coat, “There’s a fire so you can dry off and warm up. Are you hungry?”

He smirked as his stomach growled, and said “If it’s not too much trouble?”

I shook my head, “No trouble. I’ll be back in a few minutes, you go and get warm.”

I walked to the kitchen, hanging the coat on my way. I looked in the fridge, I had some different cuts of meat incase I got desperate or couldn’t find any decent game. I took out one of the better grade steaks and grilled it up until it smelled over done to me, (meaning about medium for a human). After that was done I walked outside to the garden, it was chilly out so I took a moment for my body to adjust its temperature. I kept a vegetable garden incase we had humans show up, I picked two handfuls of string beans and went back in to cook them.

I did something Majestria had shown me, and cooked the beans in the juice from the steak. When the beans were done I took them to Ayden with the steak and a glass of water.

Ayden was where I’d sent him, in the sitting room, admiring mine and my mothers paintings. He was looking at one I made of my father when I came in, “Do you enjoy art?” Ayden jumped, and turned around, I sat the plate of food down on the table and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I hope you like steak.”

Ayden smiled, “It’s alright, and yes, I like steak. I like any type of meat really. Is that a relative of yours?”

“Yes, he’s an ancestor of mine. He actually built this castle.”

Ayden frowned, “Really? I thought he built a convent?”

I laughed, “He did. You’ve only seen two of the rooms I’ve converted into living spaces.”

Ayden sat down, picked up the plate of food and utensils, and dug in, “So what you’re saying is you converted a convent?”

I laughed again, “Yes, I did.”

He shook his head, “I didn’t think it could be done.”

“So, how did you come to Romania?”

Ayden swallowed, and cleared his throat, “That’s a long story…”

“I have time.”

He sighed, “I’m not supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be in France to finish training with my aunt and uncle.”

“So why aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to be a vampire hunter. I can’t kill something I feel a connection to.”

I smiled, “You don’t mind being part vampire?”

Ayden scoffed, “I’m not technically a half blood. My parents were trying to break up a large coven before they knew my mom was carrying me. A vampire got their hands on her, and she bit them to get away. She just swallowed some of their blood in doing so.”

I nodded, “She didn’t get to a church in time?”

“Oh she got blessed in time to not turn into a Follower. But the blood got to me too, so I wound up with a few vamp perks.”

“And what about the werewolf?”

Ayden held his arm out to me, and pulled up his sleeve. On his forearm were two distinct markings; the first was a gray star, and the other was a cresset shaped scar. “A young one got me.”

“You were bitten?”

He nodded, “My silver eye, used to be brown.”

I stared, perplexed, then it dawned on me, “You weren’t fully changed due to the mix of vampire and human blood. It only affected the human part of you.”

“Exactly. I take it you recognize the tat as well?”

I smiled, and recalled something my father used to read to me, “Sit venatoria notari-”

“Quoniam praesidia populi Dei. ‘Let the hunters be marked, for they shall be the protectors of God‘s people.’ Yes, I speak Latin too.”

I laughed, “How many languages do you speak?”

“I could ask the same thing. You’ve already spoken my three favorites.”

“You, sir, are avoiding my question.”

Ayden sighed, “If you count the different sign languages…ten.”

“Name them? The spoken ones I mean, s’il vous plaît.”

Ayden sighed, and started counting on fingers, “German, Russian, Romanian, Latin, French, Spanish, and Italian. I also know parts of Ancient Egyptian.”

I smiled, “That’s incredible. Have you been to all those places?”

He shook his head, “No…I’m home schooled, and my passion is Language. I love how the different languages of the world sound, and I love learning how to speak them.”

“I should show you my Library sometime, Ayden. You would love it.”

“That would be nice,” he yawned, “Um…I’m sorry, but is there a room I can sleep in? I’m pretty beat.”

I stood, and said “Of course, follow me.”

Ayden stood, and I started walking with him on my heels. On the way to his room, I pointed out a few things he’d need to know. “So you are not surprised in the morning, I usually sleep late into day. I work for the local undertaker at night, so you will have run of the castle while I am gone. You can go anywhere you like, except the basement.”

“Why the basement?”

I looked at him, “That’s where my chambers are.”

Ayden blushed, “Ah.”

I nodded, “Before I leave I will show you the library. Once again, you may use anything you like, as long as you take good care of them. The only book you may not touch is a large red leather volume on the pedestal near the window. Before you ask, that is my personal diary.”

Ayden’s blush deepened “Ok.”

I laughed, “I would wish you luck trying to open it. I had the lock custom made and I keep the only key in a place no man will ever find it.”

We reached the room Ayden could use. I showed him in, and asked if he had any other bags, he said no and I left him for the night.

Life continued as normal after Ayden arrived. He did enjoy the library, very, very much. He lived in the library; it became a custom to have lunch in the library, at the side table, and discuss the latest book he’d been reading. He still couldn’t believe I’d read them all. Then again, he still didn’t know I was a physically fifteen-year-old vampire who’s been around longer than Da Vinci.

We also had dinner in the library often. Every evening after Ayden went to bed for the night, I’d sit down, write my journal entry, and go hunting. One night, an entry went thus:

Dear Journal,

Tonight Ayden and I discussed a collection of poems he’s found, and has become highly interested in. It’s that small collection by the American woman who’s name I can never spell correctly. Unfortunately, Ayden took the volume to his room so I do not have the reference available right now.

I am debating whether or not to tell him what I am. I have never revealed my secret to a living person, not even a Half Blood. But Ayden has been residing under my roof for near two months now, so he deserves to know. Does he not? Surly he has noticed something strange about me; has he not frequently inquired as to why I look so young? Or why I eat so little? He has even noted the strange hours I keep, and the way I speak as though I am not of this time.

If I do not tell him, I fear he will discover the truth for himself, and what would happen then? Would he accept the fact I am a Night Child, or stake me for my past transgressions against mankind? I shall admit, as much as the former appeals to me, the latter terrifies me.

I believe I will tell him. Though not now. Perhaps tomorrow, after I have fed and he has slept.

I’m leaving for the hunt now, I have fresh blood for bait, so I expect to have ample prey tonight…

Adrianna Bloodgood

I locked the journal, and took my exit through the window.

It was three hours later, hunting did not go as I had hoped. The first thing that came anywhere near me was a small fox. It wasn’t exactly what I would have liked, but it was better than nothing.

I was stalking towards my prey…that’s when I head a twig snap. The fox darted, I spun in place and pounced. We rolled on the ground for a moment, then I saw the stake hovering above my heart, and I saw Ayden on top of me.

I gasped, “Ayden!”

He looked down at me, and then at the stake, as though seeing it for the first time. He pushed off of, and away from me. He threw the stake aside, “Anya! You- You’re a-a-a-”

I crawled over to him, took his face gently between my hands, and spoke with my voice layered in Persuasion, “Yes, I am. Ayden, you need to sleep. I’ll answer all your questions tomorrow, but now just sleep…”

He tried to fight my influence, but Ayden finally fell asleep. I sighed, and picked him up as I got to my feet. I carried him home, and laid him on his bed. I pulled a chair up next to the bed, and waited for dawn.

I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up to Ayden gently shaking my shoulder. As soon as I opened my eyes and lifted my head off the bed he asked “Was last night a dream?”

I looked away, “No…I apologize, Ayden. I meant to tell you today. I never wanted you to find out the way you did.”

We sat in silence for a long time. I could sense my words sinking into Ayden’s mind, coming together and making a complete picture for him.

Finally, he asked, “Who are you, really?”

“You know that portrait down stairs?”

“That does not answer my question.”

“Yes it does. The name in the corner is Adrianna Bloodgood, the name of the mans daughter. I am that same Adrianna who painted that portrait of her father.”

Ayden was silent for a while again. I was afraid, he was born and raised to kill my kind, what would he do now he knew what I was?

Ayden grabbed my hand, “Why are you shaking?”

I hadn’t realized I was. “I-I’m scared.”


Tell me what y’all think!




  1. hello!,I really like your writing so a lot! percentage we be in contact more about your article on AOL? I require an expert in this space to unravel my problem. May be that’s you! Having a look ahead to look you.

  2. Hello Morgana,

    I found a link to your site from some of your comments on Erstwhile, and thought I’d check out what sort of things you ‘write like crazy.’ 😉

    I’ve been enjoying samplings of your posts a bit today. So far what I’ve read seems to be well thought out, like you have a plan for where you want the stories to go. I do have one question: Do you plan to publish any of your works? I was assuming so from the snippets you’ve shared, but maybe you just like to tease your readers. *laughin*

    There is one thing I thought I’d mention about this particular excerpt – other than the fact that I’d like to see the rest of the story. 😀 It involves the use of the word steak. A steak is a piece of meat. What a vampire hunter would use is a stake. It’s just a bit of a tug away from the web of your tale when the first thing I think Ayden is going to do to her is hit her with a piece of meat, or possibly feed her a nice dinner, for her past transgressions. Also, the image of him sitting astraddle Adrianna with a ‘steak’ above her heart tends to cause a giggle rather than the serious moment I believe you were trying for. 🙂

    If you DO plan to publish, I’m sure an editor would catch it, but if it’s only for yourself and online at this time, perhaps you’ll take my advice without being upset. Please don’t feel bad or take my comments poorly, I only mention it because of how it jolted me out of a thoroughly engaging tale. Sometimes it’s a bother being as well-read as I am. *laughin*

    Keep writing, and keep reading, and you will travel far. I look forward to reading more of your stories and being engaged by your characters in the future.


    • OMG! First, Thank you for pointing that out! This makes me hate auto spellcheck/fix on this site even more ^.^” lol
      Second, Yes I am trying to get published. Just at the moment it’s kind of gone on the backburner as I’m getting ready to start college.
      Third, on a somewhat less serious note…I’m glad my trolling various fabulos webcomics pays off in some way…Thanks for your comment and I hope you continue to enjoy my work!

      • ahh I can understand how auto-fix could be annoying in some cases. I’m sorry if my explanation about the difference between steak and stake was unnecessary. Like I said, I wasn’t trying to be annoying, it may have just turned out that way.*laughin*

        Is there a way to have it run spell check without the fixing bit – just marking? It’s almost as bad as the function on the cellular phones that guesses what word you might mean after 2 or 3 letters I’d imagine. 😀

        Keep writing, even if it’s only a few minutes every day, and you will continue to grow and hone your craft. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. 🙂


      • Lol, no you weren’t annoying at all! And I usually just go through and double check but I guess I missed it on this post…but I went and fixed the spelling after you pointed it out. Thanks again!

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