Merry Christmas!

Hi all!

I ment to post this last night, but life interviened.  I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and give you a presant….in the form of part of Amethyst. Have fun guys….

Hi!  My name’s Amethyst or if you prefer Amy.  I’m here to tell you a story, a story about what happened to me when I asked some friends over for the summer after my parents died, and I met someone very special to me.  Before I begin you should know it’s na-KEY-ta not na-SEE-ta.  So here we go…

“Where’s Leslie?” I asked Derek who was starting up the grill to make lunch.

“I haven’t seen her all day,” the handsome veterinary student said, his dark brown hair, as messy as ever, falling over his pale gray eyes, “Why don’t you go ask Zeke and Colin.”

I did, they hadn’t seen her since she went out for a walk the night before.  I went outside to look for her.  I walked about thirty feet from the back door when I saw her lying on the ground shaking slightly, a thin trickle of blood running over her cheek from the corner of her mouth.

I screamed for Derek at the top of my lungs as I ran back to the house.

“What’s wrong Amy?” he asked me as I ran to him,

“Leslie!  There’s blood coming out of her mouth and I think she’s seizing!  You need to come with me now she’s right outside!”

He ran faster than I did (he’d had a crush on Leslie for years.  Unknown to him she’d had a crush on him for just as long) and when he reached her he pulled back her jacket to reveal a bite mark on her shoulder.  It was already cleaned but Derek still looked like he was at her death bed.

“She was attacked by a nacita.” he said.

It was like someone had stabbed me through the heart.  I had heard of nacitas, but had never seen one, from what I’d heard they weren’t the friendliest of creatures and they could produce venom that killed instantly.  Thankfully since Leslie was still alive she hadn’t been poisoned, but something had happened to her and I wanted to know what and why.

A few days went by with Leslie slowly recovering in the hospital she was finally getting some color back but still hadn’t opened her eyes although that didn’t stop her from crying out in her sleep.

Derek didn’t leave her bedside until I told him that I’d gotten a boat to go out onto the lake to see if we could catch the nacita that attacked her.

The next day we set out on the lake.  Derek wasn’t going to let me help

“I want to help!  I want to do something!  She’s my Best Friend Derek!” I yelled at him, he replied coolly

“Fine; you can hold the bait in the water if you like, just yell if anything bites.”

With that he handed me the bait and I put my hand in the water.

After a while my hand started to go numb with cold from the water and all of a sudden my hand hurt, the water stung, my head spun, and I was nearly drug under water by something that surfaced when I pulled my hand out of the water.

I was looking at a boy with long hair and the most amazingly blue eyes I’ve ever seen, he looked to be about my age.  But what surprised me the most was that he had the bait in his mouth.

I didn’t yell for Derek but stared at the boy, who didn’t take his eyes off of me.

He swam up to the side of the boat, took my hand and wiped away the blood.  Then he smiled and looked up at me and said something that I didn’t quite understand.  Like it was in a different language that I had started to learn and had half forgotten.

“What did you say?” I asked him, he repeated it I still didn’t understand and told him so.  He raised his hand, covered my eyes with it and said,

“Can you understand me?” he sounded anxious and excited, I nodded as he uncovered my eyes and I said,

“Of course I can understand you now that you’re speaking English.”

But I wasn’t, the words that came out of my mouth were strange and unfamiliar to me but I still knew what they meant and I didn’t know how.

The boy broke into the biggest smile I’d ever seen as I stared at him slightly scared; and very puzzled.

He looked at my hand, then at me and then shrugged; I looked at my hand as well, it was bleeding again.  I wiped away the blood and saw that my hand looked like it had been bitten by a dog, a dog with very sharp teeth and a strangely human like muzzle.

I now understood.  The boy was a nacita and he had bitten me.  “Who are you?” but before the boy, (Who for some reason I wanted to call ‘Henri’), could answer Derek started yelling behind me and a net was thrown over the boy and he was dragged onto the deck and then down below by Zeke and Colin (it helped that the boy wasn’t fighting).

The boy took a last look back at me and said in that strange language “Please find me as soon as you can Amethyst.” this surprised me immensely.  I hadn’t said a lot, much less introduced myself.  But before I could think this through I was interrupted by Derek answering his cell phone, having a hurried conversation, hanging up and saying “That was the hospital.  It’s about Leslie…she’s awake and well enough to come home!” he smiled and continued “I’m going to pick her up now.  You know how she hates hospitals.  You’d better go and rescue the nacita.  Not even the worst nacitas deserve to be subjected to ‘alone time’ with Zeke and Colin.” he laughed bitterly most likely remembering the last time HE was left alone with the twins.  I covered a laugh with one of my dog like coughs.

After Derek left I went below to, as he put it, “rescue” the boy.  When I got down to the room where he was, I found Zeke tying the boys hands behind the chair he was sitting in and talking his ear off about all of the knots that he’d learned in boy scouts while Colin (who loves everything and anything that has to do with fish) was asking about stuff like the oxygen content of the lake water and what type of fish and other marine life were in the lake.

On the other hand the boy just looked up at the ceiling with the words “Will this torture NEVER end!!!???” written all over his face.  “OK that’s enough you two.  Derek told me to watch the nacita while he was gone so you guys can go back to your room.” I told them and they left.

I closed the door behind them and turned to face the boy.  “What’s your name?” I asked him, he didn’t reply but I seemed to hear a voice in the back of my head say “My name is Henri Grey.  Could you please untie me?” I looked around to see if there was anyone behind me.  “Did you hear me?” the boy asked I replied “I thought I heard something but…” I trailed off and shook my head then said “I-I guess I imagined it.  Now are you going to answer my question?” he blinked and said “I already did.  That’s what you heard in your head it was me saying ‘my name is Henri Grey, could you please untie me’ now?  That other boy tied the ropes so tightly that I’m losing circulation in my hands.”

He spoke slowly and steadily, his voice was kind of deep but not really, like the middle of a pool where your head is about to go under but it doesn’t, he had an accent to, it sounded like a cross between British and French, mostly British.  I liked it, it was cute.

I asked Henri “How do I know you won’t try and run away?”  His eyes shone in the dim light when he answered me “Look at your hand.  I bit you, we’re connected now.  If you don’t want me to run away then I won’t Amethyst.” I then asked him “That’s another thing!  How do you know my name when I haven’t even introduced myself?”  Henri looked at me like I should know then said “I bit you.” I still didn’t understand and told him so.  He sighed and said “I bit you so I have a basic knowledge of you.  Name: Amethyst Jade Jones, age: sixteen and that’s all I know.” I nodded he continued “You should know a little about me too.” I frowned and asked “How?” he replied “You just know.  If you try you should be able to tell me my full name and my age.  But before you try could you PLEASE untie me?”

I first turned on the lights.  I now saw that Henri’s hair wasn’t just blonde but looked like gold and it looked so long when it was wet because it was so curly, extremely curly like fine, tightly coiled springs.

I walked over to him and asked “What about that thing where I can hear you inside my head?  I mean can I do that too?  Can you hear me if I want you to?”

Henri nodded and winced when I finally got the knots undone.  As he was rubbing his wrists he said “Do you know my full name and age yet?”

I took a deep breath and said “I think so.” Henri signaled to go ahead so I continued “Your full name AND title is Count Henri Aaron Erick Grey, physically your seventeen in reality your ninety four years old…why are you laughing!?” after he’d calmed down, (Ha-ha), he said “That-“ laughter “Pronunciation of my name was-“ peels of laughter “Atrocious!!!!”  I put my hands on my hips and said “Well excuse me for having to wear a retainer 24/7!!!!!!”  This only made him laugh even harder “Then why don’t you call me by the English translation of my name.  Henry.”

I thought for a moment, finally saying “Henry.  I like it, but it doesn’t really fit you.” I heard Henry think “That’s why my parents decided that my first name should be French.” I rolled my eyes and said “You realize I can hear you right?” he replied “Yes.  I know you can hear me Amethyst.”  I smiled sweetly and said “Call me Amy.  Most of my friends do.”

Henry smiled, got up and walked to the door.  I thought he was going to try and leave so I said “I don’t want you to leave Henry.”  He turned around to face me, smiled and said “If you don’t want me to then I won’t.  I promise, Amy.” he walked over to the window and gazed out it.

With each step he took his hair bounced a little and I had an unexplainable urge to go over and run my hands through the spring like curls.  I resisted though.  Henry said something in that strange language and I sighed and said “Here we go again!  I can’t understand you.”  He turned around and said “I’m sorry Amy.  I forgot that you’re not a nacita yet so you don’t really know how to speak nacitian.” he smiled bitterly and continued “At least I don’t think you’re a nacita since you’re not having compulsive seizures and coughing up blood.”

I stared at him and backed away, shaking my head thinking “That’s what happened to Leslie.  She can’t be.  It’s impossible.”  Henry looked at me and asked what was wrong, so I told him everything that had happened up to this point.

When I finished he sat back down, hung his head and said “I’m so sorry Amy, but I was the one that did that to your friend.”  I didn’t want to believe him.  It couldn’t have been Henry, not Henry.  I wanted to say no but I found myself asking “Why?”

Henry raised his head; he looked like he’d been trying not to cry,

“I don’t know how to explain it.  But I can show you if you’ll let me.”

“How can you show me something that happened several days ago?”

Henry walked over to me he was about five inches taller than me just enough that I had to look up at him.  He grasped my right hand, the hand he had bitten, and said “I can show you if your a nacita, or at least nearly one.  Do you trust me?”

I looked him in the eye and thought for a moment, I couldn’t help but completely trust him.  Then I nodded.  Henry lifted my hand and kissed it.  My hand seized for a second and I closed my eyes as an unexplainable warmth and tingling sensation spread through my body, I opened my eyes to see that Henry was smiling at me and he was still holding my hand.  I looked at it, where there had so recently been a bloody wound there was only a pure white scare.  Henry spoke in nacitian “Can you understand me Amy?” I smiled and said “Yes I can understand you Henry.”

He took my other hand and placed one on each side of his head and then he placed one of his hands on each side of my head, right on my temples.  My eyes snapped shut as images flashed through my mind some of them were from my life and others were unfamiliar to me, many of them were of a woman with long, very curly, black hair and brilliantly blue eyes.

Every time I saw her I felt a rush of joy and then a pang of sadness, then I was at a funeral standing next to a slightly younger Henry who was crying and looking down into the coffin.  I looked down too, the woman that I had seen earlier was lying in it, and it hit me.  These were images from Henrys life, and the woman was his mother.

The joy and the sadness were his.  “W-we’re al-almost there Amy, ho-hold on.”  I could tell that Henry was trying not to cry as he said this and I stepped closer to him as a tear ran down my cheek.

So many memories of his went through my head so fast that I couldn’t see anything but a blur of colors but I found the memory of my parents funeral, I wanted to let him know that I knew what it was like to lose your parents, he stepped closer to me and his hands moved like he was going to hug me, but then realized he couldn’t break the connection, instead he whispered “I’m sorry Amy.  So sorry.”  I smiled sadly and kissed his cheek.  Somehow I knew he wouldn’t mind, somehow I just knew.  Then I saw Leslie, she and Henry were arguing then she grabbed his wrist as he turned to leave and they broke out into a complete fight that ended with Leslie lying on the ground shaking a little with the bite mark clearly visible, Henry knelt down, cleaned her wound, picked her up and carried her to where I had found her.

I started to cry and Henry took his hands away from my head and hugged me pulling me even closer to him than I was before and I hugged him as I cried into his shoulder for several minuets, after I had calmed down I looked up into his eyes, they were full of sympathy and understanding.

Still he held me tightly, like he never wanted to let me go.  “Your eyes are purple,” He said in surprise “The same shade as your name.” I could just barely hear him.  I nodded and said “My mothers’ eyes were the same color.” Henry whispered “I think I like that color.” he leaned down as though he was going to kiss me, one of his hands slowly found its way into my hair and my arms started to wind their way around his neck and my hands into his golden, spring like hair and my eyes began to close…

Then there was a knock on the door and we broke apart.  “Amy, are you in there!!???  Or are you to busy flirting with the nacita?  I heard he’s cute.” that was the voice I’d been waiting to hear since Derek had left, “One minute Les!! And I’m not flirting with himHe’s flirting with me!!!  Oh and he’s not cute, he’s smoky!!” I called back and as I turned back to Henry I heard her laugh, then I thought “I should retie you Henry.” he nodded, stroked my cheek gently with he back of his hand, my eyes closed at his touch, smiled and sat back down in the chair as he thought “Thanks for the compliment.”

I smiled and quickly retied the knots then ran over to the door and asked “Password?” Leslie replied “Amelie and Lesthyst super heroines’ extrodinar!”  That was it; I opened the door laughing to let her in.  She looked awful, her green eyes were slightly sunken in their sockets and she was paler than normal, you could tell that her hair was blonde and not white, but she smiled all the same and I hugged her.  She let go of me and looked over my shoulder, her face fell when she saw Henry and she asked, in nacitian “Does she know?” he looked at her and said “Ask her yourself.  She can understand us after all.” Leslie looked at me and said, reverting to English “Amy, I can explain-” I cut her off by saying “You’re a nacita and you never told me?” I thought we’d always told each other everything, “Amy after all the stories we’d been told I didn’t want you to think I was a monster or something.” Leslie was nearly crying.  I held up my hand so she could see the scar and I said, purposely speaking nacitian “Well, there’s no danger of that now, we’re the same.” her jaw dropped and she started to laugh and, I don’t know why, I started to laugh right along with her.  Henry stared at us for a minute then said “I’d hate to break up this little laugh fest but…CAN YOU PLEASE UNTIE ME AGAIN!!!!!????” I walked over to him and knelt down so our faces were level, I brushed some hair out of his face, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply at my touch, I ran my hand through his hair again and again, I liked how it felt, thick, curly, soft and still a little wet.  “If Derek’s back, I shouldn’t.  I’m sorry Henry.” I thought when he opened his eyes and looked directly at me.  He nodded and kissed my forehead, this time I closed my eyes.  Then there was another, harder, knock at the door.  I stood up so fast that I hit Henrys nose with my hand, I heard him mutter “OW!” and I thought “Sorry!” as Leslie opened the door, this time it was Derek that came in he was holding something that I couldn’t see clearly but before I could ask what it was he said “I thought I’d come down and see how you two were doing with the nacita-” Derek was interrupted by Henry angrily saying “I would prefer you not call me by speeches alone.  I do have a name after all.” Derek opened his mouth to reply but Leslie found it prudent to not let him speak.  “His name is Henri Grey, Derek.” Derek nodded curtly and said “Fine.  Henri then-” he was interrupted once again by Henry “That’s Count Grey to you.” Derek bit his lip, I knew that he was also biting back hundreds of insults at the same time and I shot Henry a warning look.  When Derek spoke again he was addressing me “I need to show you where Count Grey” he nearly spat the name “Is going to be staying.  I don’t want him untied unless he’s either A: handcuffed to you or B: locked in his room.” he threw the thing that he’d been holding at me.  I caught it and saw that it was a pair of handcuffs “Now I suppose?” Derek shot me a look and snapped “What do you think?!” Henry pulled at the ropes binding him and said “Don’t snap at her!!!”  Derek raised his eyebrows and said “Oh…it looks like Amy has a boyfriend.  Maybe you can teach him some tricks after you work on his manners.” that was it.  Derek had gone too far.  I clenched my fists and walked over to him, Leslie, who was closer than I was, hauled off and slapped him across the mouth.  Then I got there and punched him with all of my strength, I was surprised at how hard I hit but didn’t show it on my face.  I turned my back on Derek and walked over to Henry.  “Let me go!!!  Untie me Amy!!!” he was screaming in his mind so I was the only one to hear, I knelt down again and thought “No.  He got the message when Leslie hit him.  Leave him be for now.” “But he insulted you!” Henry looked ready to kill Derek.  I gently placed my hand on his cheek and told him “He insulted you not me Henry.  Leave him be.  Don’t give him a reason to harm you.” Henry gave me a look.  I copied it then crossed my eyes; Henry smiled and laughed then nodded.  “Alright then; are you right or left handed?” he said it didn’t matter so I cuffed my right hand to his left and untied him.  He stood up and I asked Derek “Can I have the key now?” he rummaged in his pockets for a minute then said “Uh…I may have given it to Zeke or Colin.”  I heard Henry grown beside me.  “I’ll go get them.” said Leslie, and she left the room.  I asked Derek “Are you going to show us where our guest is staying?” with out a word Derek lead us down the narrow hallway to the room next to mine, it was small with only one window that looked out into open water.  We walked into the room and Derek said “Amy don’t forget that we’re having a Birthday party for Leslie in three days.  The twins are doing something together and I was going to surprise Leslie by asking her to dance with me so-” Henry cut in by asking “Am I aloud to dance?” Derek ignored this and went on “So I don’t know who you’re going to dance with.” Henry turned to me and said “I’ll dance with you Amy.  If you want me to.”  I slid my hand into his, carefully so Derek didn’t notice and said “I wouldn’t mind that.  Do you have an objection Derek?” “If he’s cuffed to you at ALL times, then no I don’t have an objection Amy.” with that he left the room and left me and Henry alone.  I turned to Henry and said “I don’t know how to dance.” he smiled and said softly “That’s alright Amy.  I can teach you, if you want me to.” now I smiled and said “I’d like that Henry.  I’d like that a lot.”  He took a step back, bowed, held out his hand and asked me to dance.  I curtsied and gave him my hand, he placed my hand on his shoulder and then he put his hand on my waist and whispered in my ear “Follow my lead Mon a mi.”  I blushed and we started to dance.  Henry hummed the song we were dancing to.  He’d decided to teach me a waltz first and (just like the absolute, positive, klutz I am) I stepped on his feet more than ten times, after the first five Henry just laughed and said “You’re worse than I was when I first learned how to dance!” I smiled and couldn’t believe that he’d ever been bad at dancing, he didn’t dance.  He didn’t even glide.  He FLEW across the floor moving from one step to the next as easily as walking.  When I finally got the hang of the dance Henry started to dance faster throwing in a turn here and there he ended the dance by dipping me.  I went back and my eyes closed, I could feel Henrys’ hand on the middle of my back keeping me from falling, he brought me back up and I tripped when I tried to take a step closer to him.  Henry caught me as I flung my uncuffed arm around his neck to try and stop myself from falling.  My hair fell in my face and he brushed it back with his hand, we stared at each other for a long time I found myself thinking “I’ve never seen such beautiful blue eyes.” then there was a knock on the door and we broke apart (or as close to apart as two people handcuffed together can be).  I opened the door, Leslie was standing there with the key to the handcuffs in her hand, I gave her a look that said quite plainly ‘PLEASE LEAVE LESLIE’ she got the message and said “Sorry Amy, Derek wanted me to bring the key down ASAP.  He trusts Henri about as much as he likes my cousins.” which meant he didn’t “I don’t blame him Les; I’d be pretty POed at the nacita that attacked my CRUSH if I were him.” Leslie gapped at me then broke into the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her face.  “Yes I said crush.  Bye.  Please.” with that she left and I turned back to Henry, he said “Would you like to try a different dance?” I nodded and unlocked the handcuffs.  Henry put his hands on my waist and pulled me close, a little awkwardly, like he was nervous about dancing so close to me.  I put my arms around his neck and looked him in the eye.  He smiled, some how I could tell that he felt incredibly, remarkably happy and I knew that I felt happy and comfortable, very comfortable, like I could’ve stayed in his arms forever.  Henry started to hum a song again, this time I didn’t step on his feet I just rested my head on his shoulder and listened to the song.  When we stopped we just stood there in each others arms, Henry started to stroke my hair as I played with a lock of his hair absent-mindedly.  I found my self thinking, “Don’t let go.  Please don’t let go.”  Henry heard me and thought “What makes you think I want to?” and he held me tighter, pulling me closer as though he never wanted to let me go.  I don’t know how long we stood there but it was long enough that Leslie deemed it safe to come back down and get us for dinner.  During dinner Henry and I thought to each other and I asked him “If nacitas are so nice then what are all of the stories about?” he said “Those are about secitas.  They’re another part of the family all together; you shouldn’t worry about them though.  They can’t change in fresh water and we can’t change in salt water.  That would be why there’s never a family reunion.  Well…there’s also the fact that we’re not blood thirsty like them.  Or the blood suckers and hell hounds.” I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and thought “OK…you lost me at ‘blood suckers’ and burnt the map at ‘hell hounds’.” he laughed and replied “Sorry.  There’s no nacitian word for ‘vampire’ or ‘werewolf’ so we just call them things like ‘blood suckers’ and ‘hell hounds’ the Council calls them different things than that but they’re really fowl.” seeing the look on my face Henry said “The Council’s our version of government, my grandfather is on the council in this lake.  I’m supposed to take over for him when he dies, even though I don’t want to.” “Why don’t you?” I asked.  “Because of what he and the rest of the Council believe.” I sighed and thought “And that is?” Henry looked at me and thought “They think that the bitten nacitas don’t belong with the rest of us.  Have you gone over the Civil War, Amy?”  I nodded and he continued “Well to put it this way, you’re a black, the council’s a load of southerners, and I’m a northerner…and proud of it.  But then again if I wasn’t you wouldn’t be sitting here talking to me like this.”  I smiled and thought “I’m glad that you’re proud of being a northerner.”  Henry smiled and we both jumped when Colin asked “Why are you both grinning like that?” without missing a beat we said in unison “Nothing.” We both started to laugh and we brushed our hair back at the same time.  Then we looked at each other and said “Stop copying me!” I said crossly “Henri!!!” and Henry said sarcastically “Amethyst!” I said “Yes that’s my name.  You got a problem with that?” “I have no problem with girls being named after a gem. Although it’s rare in the nacita community.” he thought the last sentence so that only I could here it.  I thought “But I’m not a born nacita.  So I wouldn’t be treated any different.  Would I?” Henry sighed and said “No.  No you wouldn’t Mon a mi.  No matter what your name is you’d be treated like a bitten nacita by most of the lake.  But not by me.” I smiled and we finished dinner in silence and walked back to Henrys room I had slipped my hand in to his again and he held it tightly stroking my scare once in a while.  When we got to his room I unlocked the handcuffs kissed his cheek and thought “Good night, Henry.” I turned to leave but Henry caught my hand and said “Good night Mon a mi.” I smiled and said “Try Mon Amy.” he raised an eyebrow and said “That means ‘My Amy’.” I stepped close to him and stroked his hair away from his ear “I know that Henry.” I whispered “That’s why I said it.” he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him, holding me tightly but gently as though I was made of glass and he was afraid that I would break if he let go or held me to tight.  I however hugged him as tightly as possible, burring my face into his shoulder, breathing in the sent of the lake that still clung to his shirt and my mind began to wonder away from the boat.  Away from having to secretly hold, and be held by, Henry.  A noise from outside brought me crashing back to reality, Henry heard it too and let go of me.  We stared at each other. How long had we been standing there?  I left his room and quietly went to my own.  I slept badly that night, I woke up several times thinking someone had called my name…

I can’t believe it’s been four years since I had this dream, and almost three since I put it on paper….yikes I feel old o.o

Anyways, Merry Christmas again, and in the words of one of the most famous characters in History… “God bless us, Everyone!”