Entries for Lora Innes’ FanArt Palooza 2011 ;)


So this post is a bit different…it’s a few poems I wrote for The Dreamer a webcomic I read by Lora Innes.  These are my entries for FanArt Palooza 2011!  Hope you enjoy them 😉

To A.W. From B.W.

By Half Moon

My life I know,

But in truth,

I know yours too.

I’ve seen your heart,

Worn proudly on your sleeve.

I’ve seen your soul,

When you think of family.

One life I know,

Another I long for.

I struggle to recall,

The details now.

The flashes that come,

Are more vivid than anything,

I may ever know.

I know how I feel,

I must know you are real.

I would pay,

Any price,

For just one moment,

To know you truly live.

I know this cannot be,

Merely a Dream.

It is far to clear,

To be a vision,

Of things only my mind may see.

So why can’t you be real?

Logic bids me think.

Why can’t this be true?

As true as pen and ink.

Lest I be proven mistaken,

Though I know,

That will be the day,

When I feel my heart,

Is forlorn,

And breaking…

I have a grip now,

On a line so thin and so bare,

I refuse to let go,

As long as you aren’t standing there.

Hurry up now,

You know who you are.

Hurry up now,

The drop is very far.

I have a grip,

It’s slipping fast.

Hurry up now,

Catch me quick,

Or I may slip,

And lose our Past.

Forgotten Hero

By Half Moon

What’s thy name,

Forgotten Hero?

Where’s thy fame,

Fallen Allie?

Have we ever sung thy praise?

Will we ever know thy days?

T’is sad at best,

When those for whom,

Thou hast gone to rest,

Cannot recall,

A simple thing,

As simple,

As a name.

If thou art forgotten,

Then who lies with thee?

What other names,

What other fames,

Have slipped away?

Will we ever have the evidence?

Who will prove,

That thou were real,

Thy story true,

Will we ever know,

There really was a you?

Forgotten Hero…

Fallen Allie…

Name you,

That I would.

Know you,

If only I could.


By Half Moon

Why does the thing I love,

Torture me so?

Why do the dreams,

I crave the day long,

Cause me such pain?

Not when I sleep.

No! Sleep brings me peace!

For I see Him again…

The most wonderful man.

Why can’t you be alive?

Why do I see you?

Why must you seem so real?

Your eyes,

I see,

Your voice,

I hear,

Your hand in mine

I feel!


I ask simply,

Why must you seem so real,

So alive?

I know,

When next I open my eyes,

Once again,

You’ll be gone,

From my sight.

Though never from my mind,

Until the next night.

Dear dreams,

Why must you be,

So unkind?

That’s all the poems!!!!

Thanks for reading,



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