Something a little Random…


So recently a friend of mine asked who I would like to play a role of one of my characters if it was made into a movie/tv show.  This is partly for you guys to have fun and get a sense of how I see the characters in my head.  So here’s a dream cast for my books:

For Amethyst:

Amethyst:  Hillary Duff

Henri: William Moseley

Derek: Robert Pattinson (request of Jenni)

Leslie: Anna Sophia Robb

Ruby Black:

Ruby: Ashley Greene

Jack: Ethan Peck

Cindy: Selena Gomez

Bones: Matthew Bellamy

For Lily:

Lily: Elle Fanning

Connor: Joe Jonas

Charity Jameson:

Charity: Evanna Lynch

Jasper: Alex Pettyfer

Emma: Emily Osment

Gabriel: Taylor Lautner (again, you’re welcome Jenni)

Jonas: Channing Tatum

Amelia: Elle Fanning


Anna: Emma Watson

Roderick: Jamie Campbell-Bower

Lina: Dakota Fanning

Edgar:  Matthew Gray Gubbler

Linda: Dakota Fanning (there are ways….)

Christopher: Ian Somerholder

Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh. I know.  Wishful thinking on 90% of the casting…and I was wrong, Jamie didn’t hit me while I was half asleep. He occured to me at work while I was cleaning for the night. Go figure.




  1. Matthew Bellamy…that’s the lead singer of Muse…and he makes me wobbly. 🙂

    • Thanks Julie!!! I picked him because I heard Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) and was like “OMG! That’s Bones’s voice!”

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