Another Poem

Hi guys!

So I just wanted to post something, since I know I’ve been lacking on this site and didn’t get to post on Valentines due to my being sick.  Trust me, it wasn’t pretty!

But, here’s a poem I wrote last night…have fun!

Friend First

I’ll do as you wish,

No matter how much it hurts.

I’ll be just your friend,

No matter how hot my eyes burn.

I’ll pretend,

That when I’m calm,

You’re not the only one on my mind.

I’ll act as though you don’t pop into my head,

At the oddest moments.

Even though we’re “just friends”.

I won’t call you what I want to.

I won’t say “You’re an idiot,

“Can’t you see?

“What’s on my mind right now,

“Is you and me?”

I know I’m not really pretty,

Like she probably is.

I know I’m considered “fat”

And she’s probably all that.

I know I’m a slob,


I know all my flaws.

I know I’m merely seventeen,

And young to you,

And Naïve…

But aren’t we all?

If you ever read this,

If I ever let you see,

Pay attention now,

As the most important part starts,

This is my way,

Of speaking my heart.

You are wonderful,

And kind,

I know you’d never be “unfaithful”

You wouldn’t feel the need,

To prove anything to me.

So why,

If she knows you so well,

Does she need comfort,

Before you even “Become official”?

So when she breaks your heart,


I’m here,

As a friend.

No matter how much more I’d like to be.

Friend First,

Anything else After.

Yeah, one of those times in my life.