I am Alive! And here with a new story!

Hey everyone!

I just want to start by saying…Yes, I am still among the living.  I’ve just been stuck in College prep/bowling tourney/scholarship app, season.  So writing has unfortunatly had to take the backseat for a little.  But I have a new story for you all to read.

Before I post the actual excerpt, I’d like to explain a few thing, because if I don’t you will, (not might, WILL) get confused.

This story is about Aura Irons, a girl who has been able to see spirits (Angels, demons and the like) since she was very young.  When she was ten she was attacked by a demon and left without sight.  But because of her Gaurdian Angel, Aaron, she retains her ablity to see the dead.

This is also about Uriel Evans, a young man who has been plagued by demons his whole life, both inner and physical.  He views his ablity to see and speak with spirits as a curse, and not a gift.  Aura is the first person with the same ablities that Uriel has ever met, and she helps him see the point of life again.

The part I’m about to post is more for fun filler than anything else, it’s to bring in some new characters and show something different in my stoytelling.  This is part one of….I’m not sure how many yet.  At least two ;D

I also use this scene to give introduction to a friend of mine and a (admittidly) spinoff of a character of hers that we both adore.  So, “Esther” please let me know what you think!  Enjoy…

Blind with Sight

 About a week after Uriel and I met, I decided to bring him to meet some of my friends.

There’s this after school activity that I do every week called “The Historic Paranormal Research Club”.  We meet at the library and normally focus on researching different historic sites around America, and then we’ll look for any possible paranormal activity.  If possible we set up visits to see if we can catch anything like EVP’s or verifiable photo evidence.

Myself, Esther McHale, and Leatrice (Lea) Michealson are the founders of the club.  We’re the ones who show up no matter what, and the ones who contact and go to the most places.

Obviously I’m the “Ghost expert”, Esther deals with Tech, and Lea will do sketches if there are any witnesses who can give descriptions of who/what they saw.

The best part is that we also offer tutoring for those who are desperate for help in Social Studies, Government, or World History.  Right now we’re the only three in town, so it’s going to be a small meeting.

Esther was there when Uriel and I arrived.  I was walking with my cane, and Aaron guiding me like normal.  I could see Lucy walking behind Uriel, but I couldn’t see Esther’s Angel in the room anywhere, though I could feel her presence.  I looked toward Aaron and asked “Are they in the back?”

He looked at me, smiled, and said “Oh yeah.  And our favorite little friend already knows we brought a new kid.”

I stifled a laugh.  Of course he would.  I leaned toward where I though Uriel was walking and said “Just a heads up, Esther’s Angel likes to try and scare new kids who he thinks can see or hear him.  So…I’d keep yourself a bit on edge, because he already senses you.”

Both Lucy and Uriel said “Don’t worry, I can sense him too.”

Lucy looked over her shoulder to a spot right next to me, smiling and rolling her eyes.  I glanced over and noticed Uriel’s aura, a faint line of peaceful blue.

We walked to the back room in silence, and as I thought, someone was waiting to scare Uriel.

Jerry.  The pain of my existence.  But also the funniest guy I know, living or dead.  I could tell he was ready to jump out at Uriel, but then he saw Lucy, and stopped dead in his tracks.

He smiled, and ran one hand through his dark gold locks, pushing them back from his face.  “Well, hello there.”

Lucy started, I saw her eyes widen and a slight blush spread across her face, “H-Hi.”

Jerry looked at me, “Dang Aura, you could’ve warned me you were bringing someone cu-ute to this meeting.”

I rolled my eyes at him, and his blasted Texan accent.  “Jerry, you know I wouldn’t have even if I could.  Now where’s Esther hiding?”

He laughed once, “Where else?  With her nose in a book on the Hale Homestead.”

I shrugged, “Ok.  By the by, this is Uriel, and Lucy.  Guys, this Esther’s Angel, Jerry Hamilton.”

I saw Uriel’s aura bob, as though he were nodding, and Jerry didn’t notice.  Instead the perpetual flirt took Lucy’s hand, kissed it and said “Pleasure, miss.”

Lucy looked absolutely dumbstruck, and her mouth gapped a little as though she couldn’t find words.

A very irritated Aaron intervened, “Alright, alright, alright!  Are we going to finish the niceties and get the meeting started or not???”

I forced myself not to laugh…this was a new side to Aaron that I’d never seen.  It was like he was jealous.

I shook my head, grabbed Uriel’s sleeve, and dragged him past the Angels and into the back room…

That’s what I’ve got so far!  I’ll post more as it comes.