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     As the title of this post implies, you’re in for a ringer.  This is what I was talking about earlier, the chapter I wrote instead of paying full attention to the lectures at Slave.

     Hope you enjoy!

     Less than a week ’til the Christmas party, and I was sick.  Well, the bright side of this two things: one, it only lasts about forty-eight hours, and two, until I’m better Ally can’t come anywhere near me.  Reason being, since it’s the time between her sixth birthday and her first full moon, (and hopefully transformation), she will catch any and all germs that come in the house.

     Anyway, I was lucky it was a Saturday and Colonial Williamsburg was closed due to a snow storm.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, I was in bed, with every inch of skin from the neck down covered in either polar fleece, sweats, or wool.  Not counting the electric blanket and other two blankets on top of that.

     I had my computer on and was watching one of my favorite shows.  I planned to start a movie marathon after that, but I passed out before the show ended.  The dream I had was a familiar one.  It was one that I’d been having since I could remember.

     Alright, maybe I’m being a little melodramatic.  But I’ve been having this same dream since I was four.

    This time, we were just sitting together, talking.  I don’t remember what we talked about, but I know that at one point He leaned close, and whispered in my ear “If you had lived when I had, I would have seized the first chance to court you.”  I pulled back, blushing, but I never got to answer.

    At that moment, I heard knock at my door, and bolted up out of bed, gasping.

     It took me a full minute to recover to ask “Who is it?”

     Roderick pocked his head around the door and said “Just me.  May I come in?”

     I nodded, “Yeah, sure,” he came in and sat at the end of my bed, like a perfect gentleman.  I rolled my eyes, “I’m not in the hospital, you can come sit next to me.”

     Rodericks skin darkened, (the closest he ever comes to blushing), and moved so he was sitting next to me, his legs lying on my bed.  I noticed, a little disappointedly, that my feet only reached a little lower than mid-calf on him.  I frowned for a moment, then he asked “Are you feeling any better?”

     I nodded again, “A bit, but you woke me up.”

     His skin darkened again, “Sorry, do you want me to go?”

    I shook my head, “No, I’m already up,” he nodded, “So what did you want?”

    He shrugged, “Just to see how you were…and my brothers are out with your cousins at the moment.”

     “Uh huh…In other words, you were bored and wanted a captive audiance?”

     He laughed, “Not quite, though I was tiering of Ally begging me to play dress-up and tea party.”

     Now I laughed, hard.  Unfortunately, the lugh turned to coughing.  Roderick placed a hand on my back so I didn’t hit my head on the wall…again.  When I finally caught my breath, I said “Please don’t make me laugh that hard.”

     Roderick nodded, “Alright,” he pointed at my laptop, “What were you doing?”

     I shrugged, “Watching a show.  That’s when I dropped off.”

     He nodded again, “So what do you want to do now?”

     I shrugged again, “I have some DVD’s if you want to watch one.”  I grabbed the stack of movies next to me and handed them to Roderick.

     He looked through them, saying, “Wolf…Wolf…Wolf…Wolf…The Life and Times of Vlad Tepes?!?”

Ok, I’m sorry but I’m leaving it at this right now.  I’m too hyper to copy notes.  I JUST WON SECOND PLACE IN MY FIRST SCHOLARSHIP BOWLING TOURNIMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $300 for college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Something I keep missing

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!

     Wow it’s been a while since I was on!  Can you say ‘thank you holidays’????  Ok, so that’s not all of it, I’ve just been really busy with life in general.  Anyway, there’s something that’s been nagging at the back of my mind, and that’s the fact that I have not put in a description of all of my characters.  So here they are, all of my characters and what they look like.

     Amethyst Jade Jones (human/nacita): 5 feet 6 inches tall with wavy black hair, big purple eyes, and pale skin.

     Henri Aaron Erick Grey (nacita): 6 feet tall with curly blonde hair, tan skin with just a few freckles across his nose, and vivid bright blue eyes.

     Leslie Jennifer Brown (nacita) : 5 feet 7 inches tall with hair so pale that if she didn’t have absolutely white skin you’d think it’d gone gray, and eyes green and sharp as a cats.

     Derek Robert Smith (Human): 6 feet 2 inches tall with slightly wavy brown hair, tan skin and dark brown eyes.

     Ruby Esmeralda Black (human) : 5 feet 8 inches tall with dark brown, always unruly hair with one blood red streak down the right side, she has pale skin and emerald green eyes.

     Jackson Roderick Halloway (vampire): 6 feet 4 inches tall with black hair almost long enough to pull back in a short pony tail, (but don’t be fooled, he straightens it every morning, if he didn’t it would sit in loose curls), he has pale skin and gorgeous deep blue eyes with bright green and gold mixed in.

     Peter “Bones” Alexander McKendricks (human/vampire): 6 feet 3 inches tall with tan skin, black hair that he keeps in spikes with the ends dyed platinum blonde.  He has golden brown eyes and five earrings and one nose stud.

     Lucinda “Cindy” Emily Williams (Half vampire half human): Barely five feet tall, Cindy has short edgy black hair with bright blue eyes and pale skin.

     Lillian Nightingale McKendricks (human/werewolf): 5 feet 5 inches tall with strawberry blonde hair that hangs to her elbows, golden brown eyes like her brother Peter, and pale skin.

     Connor Oliver Moon (werewolf): 5 feet 9 inches tall with shaggy red-brown hair tan skin and dark green eyes.

     Charity Abigail Jameson (everything): 5′ 5″ with bright red hair, one green eye and one gold eye with pale skin.

     Jonas Jasper Hawthorn (vampire): 5′ 9″ with brown wavy hair, blue-green eyes and pale skin.

     Jonas Jasper Jameson (everything): 6 feet tall with black hair, eyes like Charity’s, darkly tanned skin, and a smile lines, even though he’s only twenty. (does that say anything about how much he laughs?)

     Amelia Hannah Hawthorn (human/nacita): 5′ 5″ with long, cascading dark brown curls, big blue eyes, and tanned skin.

    Emma Elena Wright, (nacita, with a birth defect….): 5′ 7″ with bright green eyes, tan skin with freakles.  She has hair with so many different colors naturaly in it that you can barely tell it’s really black.  What I mean when I say ‘birth defect’ is that Emma, as a nacita, can do almost everything she’s supposed to be able to, except transform when she goes under water.

     Gabreil Jonas Lenox, (werewolf/nacita): Quite litterally Jonas, but with lighter skin, darker hair, and four inches taller.

     Katerina Walker (vampire): 5′ 3″ with pale skin, dirty blonde hair in a bob cut, and eyes so dark brown that they’re almost black.

     Issac Patrick Walker (vampire): 5′ 10″  with pale skin, grey eyes, and wavy brown hair.

     Athena Annabella Aster (werewolf/vampire): 5′ 7″ with golden-brown eyes, tan skin, and golden-brown and black hair that never does what it’s supposed to.

     Roderick Mason Calahan (vampire): 6′ 4″ with amber and goldstone colored eyes, gold, shaggy, generally unkept, hair, and skin the color of ivory.

     Hestia Rosalinda Aster (werewolf/vampire): 5′ 5″ with perfectly tan skin, (thanks to sunbathing every single day), bright blue eyes, and dyed black hair with dark blue, green and red bangs.

     Christopher Micheal Morgan Calahan (vampire): 6′ 5″ with wavy black hair, pale skin, and sky blue eyes.

     Hecate Rosalina Aster (werewolf/vampire): 4′ 11″ with long sandy blonde hair, skin as white as porcelain, and big shinning blue eyes.

     Edgar William Thatcher Calahan (vampire): 5′ 8″ with curly dark chocolate brown hair, dark green eyes and skin as pale as snow with a long, thin scar running down his right cheek.

And that’s all the people I can think of to tell you about!



Rodericks Back Story


     So here is Roderick’s back story.  I will say now that I am a history junkie so you will be introduced to people from the seventeen hundreds… They are Nathan Hale, Americas first spy, and Deborah Samson, the first woman to receive a honorable discharge from the American army.

Roderick Calahan: My Life, Before Hope

By Meredith Morrison



     Hello, my name is Roderick Mason Calahan. I am here to tell you what my life was like before the year 2010…

     I would like to start with when I was human, back in the eighteenth century post-revolutionary era.  My father was a merchant, and he traded throughout the thirteen colonies.  He would be gone for weeks at a time, sometimes months; that left me at home with my mother, who was one of the best weavers in Williamsburg at the time, and my two elder sisters, Bethany and Isadora, who would constantly be in the garden or kitchen.

     We had two slaves, Martha and William, we didn’t want to own slaves, my parents were steadfast abolitionists, but we could not afford to run our house without them. We treated them like family, even building a round home for them, like they were raised in, in Africa. When they had a son, he became the closest thing to a brother I had, his name was Edwin, he was two years younger than I, and became smarter than anyone I’d ever met. He could read before I could, and so, during the years when I became sick and was confined to bed, he would read to me.  We both adored the works of Shakespeare and my father had a collection of his plays in the library, we made good use of them.

     My life was simple, when I was young, I was healthy. When I reached age six, I became ill. I was not expected to live to see my tenth birthday. Somehow, I did live, but I was still sick on and off for three more years. On my thirteenth birthday, I felt well again, and I got better and better as the days went by. I started going outside again in time to pick the apples in my yard. For a time, I was happy.  I learned everything I could; from playing musical instruments to math.

     My life changed once again on the eve of my twentieth birthday.

     I had been out with my friends and family, I remember Bethany talking to the Inn Keepers eldest son for quite some time. I forget his name, but he was interested in Bethany’s hand, so I let them be. Mother was crying again, Father had plans to take me to England shortly after my birthday to trade with him. I was not interested in becoming a merchant, though I’d always longed to see the world.

     My ambitions in life were to become a teacher, one day to have a loving family, and be happy. It was late when I started home; I was walking by myself when I heard someone calling for help in the woods. I followed the sound, walked into the woods, and everything went black. I woke up, much later, covered in dirt.

     I started to panic, I clawed at the dirt and found I was not deep in the ground. I calmed, and sat up. I realized the dirt in my eyes did not hurt as it should have. I could see better too, my vision had always been blurry, but now I could see the cracks in the tree bark twenty feet away from me. I felt stronger too, and I could hear the small stream that ran behind my house, though I’d been far away from my home when I passed out. My teeth hurt, I felt them, and gasped. I had fangs… I pricked my thumb on one and pulled my hand away, expecting to see blood welling up on the puncture. But I didn’t bleed, I stared, perplexed.

     I rubbed the right side of my neck, and cringed, I had two sore spots, one above the other. I took a steadying breath and stood up slowly. I tried to take a step, but almost tripped.

     Someone caught me and said “Steady there, son. You’re alright.”

     He helped me sit back down, I said “Thank you kindly,” And looked up at the man who had helped me. He was tall, with brownish blonde hair and light blue eyes; he also had what looked like a gun powder burn on the right side of his face and forehead. He sat next to me and I saw that his skin was extremely pale.

     He looked me full in the face and his mouth spread into an eye crinkling grin, “Why Mason Calahan. What are you doing here?”

     I stared at him for a moment before saying “I apologize, sir, but Mason Calahan is my father. My name is Roderick.”

     He laughed once, “So that old dog finally had a son of his own.”

     I nodded, “Yes sir. May I ask how you know my father?”

     He straightened himself and said proudly, “I served with him in the war,” he held out his hand and said “Captain Nathan Hale, at your service.”

     My eyes widened in shock, and my mouth opened a little. I shook his hand and said “It’s an honor to meet you sir. But my father said you were dead.”

     Captain Hale’s smile fell a little, and he said “I was nearly dead. The British discovered I was a spy, and they had me hung. The doctor they had examine me when I stopped moving was sympathetic to the American cause, he lied to the soldiers and told them I was dead. He said he would make arraignments to return my body to my family. He waited until nightfall, and then he bit me.”

     “Bit you?”

     He nodded, “Yes, I am a vampire Roderick, as you now are.”

     I was stunned for a moment, when I found my voice I said “Captain Hale, they’re not real. Vampires are just a myth made to frighten people.”

     He shook his head, “They are indeed real Roderick. And please, call me Nathan; after all, I cannot be that much older than you.”

     “I am nearly twenty, sir. New Years Day is my birth day.”

     Nathan nodded, “Then I am two years older than you, physically.”

     “Two years?”

     “Yes, you were bitten on New Year’s Eve. You cease to age the day you are bitten; you are frozen at nineteen. I am frozen at twenty-one, that’s a difference of two years.”

     I nodded, and my hair fell in my face. I brushed it away and sighed, I’d lost the leather tie I use to hold it back. As I thought of this, Nathan pulled out a canteen and opened it. Whatever was in it smelled wonderful, it made my mouth water. He took a long drink, then sighed. I watched the canteen the whole time, trying to figure out what was in it. Nathan saw where I was looking, and offered me a drink, “Go on, you need it.”

     I smiled slightly and took it. “What is in here? I don’t recognize the scent.”

     “It’s animal blood. I do not attack humans.”

     I swallowed convulsively.  Nathan disguised a laugh with a cough, “Blood? But it smells so good…”

     Nathan laughed openly now, “That would be because you are craving it. Now drink some of that…or the first human being to walk by will have a very sore neck.”

    I laughed, and took a wary sip, and gasped. It tasted like nothing I’d ever had before. I drained the canteen, and looked at Nathan, “Do you have any more?” When Nathan laughed now, his head fell back and his shoulders heaved. When he composed himself again he said “I will take you hunting after nightfall,” he winked at me playfully, “Then you’ll have something to sink your teeth into.”

     I grinned at the joke, and asked “How did you know when I was bitten?”

     “I was watching. I came here to see your father, I know he likes to celebrate the holidays with drinking, so I thought I’d drop by and pose as a result of the ale he drank. I saw you come in the woods, and I watched as the vampire bit you.”

     My jaw dropped, “Why didn’t you stop them???”

     “No vampire can be stopped once they start to feed. So I let her finish, and bury you. I’ve been watching the same spot for three days, waiting for you to wake up.”

     “How did you know I would?”

     Nathan grabbed my wrist, pulled back my sleeve to reveal the band I wore that bore my family crest. “That is why I knew you would wake up.”

     “I do not understand. What does my family crest have to do with vampires?”

     “Nothing at all. It’s what the crest is made of.”

     I looked at it, “It’s made from silver…”

     “And that would be why you woke up.” I must have looked confused, because Nathan continued, “A silver knife to the heart is the one thing that can kill a vampire. But to become a vampire you need to be wearing something made of silver when you are bitten.”

     “How did you know I was wearing this?”

     Nathan smiled slightly, “Your father received a twin to that when he turned fifteen. He explained that it was a tradition in your family to give the sons their own wrist bands with the crest on it when they turn fifteen.”

     I nodded, Nathan looked about to say something, but then his head whipped around to the east, and he said “We have to go. Now.”


     “Humans. Coming this way, you’re not ready to meet humans again. You need to disappear. We need to disappear.” He started to walk away again.

      I grabbed his arm and said “Nathan, I cannot just leave. My mother, my sisters, my father. What will they be told? I cannot just leave them to think I am dead.”

     Nathan grimaced, “Roderick. I never said it would be easy. It is far from easy. I have watched as the woman I loved married another, because I am a vampire and thought dead. I have watched from a far as all of my sisters wed, and most of my brothers too. I have never been able to say goodbye to them.”

     I nodded, and was about to apologize when I caught a very appealing scent. My grip on Nathans arm tightened, and I asked “What’s that smell?”

     Nathan stiffened, “Humans. Come on.”

     He tried to pull me away from where we were standing, but I could not move. I could hear the humans hearts beat, hear the blood pulsing through their veins, the sound made my throat ache. I was half turned to run at them, but then I heard a voice calling my name. “RODERICK!!!!!!!!” It was not my father. They called again, it was Edwin, looking for me.

     His voice brought me back to my senses. I thought for half a second, then I took off my wrist band, scratched, “For Edwin” into the leather, and dropped it on the forest floor.

     I turned to Nathan, “A reminder of me for my best, and oldest friend.”

    Nathan nodded understandingly, and said, “It’s all we can do for those we leave behind. We must leave, before they get too close.”

     I nodded. Nathan started running, but I stole one last look in the direction of Edwin’s voice. I whispered “Goodbye.” and took off after Nathan.

     I met up with him again, a few miles away from the search party. We ran to Maryland to hunt. From there we kept running, traveling the country together for almost twenty years, though I snuck away once to see my home one last time. It was April 1827 when that all changed.

     We were in Massachusetts and I was hunting on the edge of the woods. I had to be careful, I could smell humans near by, there was one very close to where I was. I saw her before she saw me, I nearly laughed. Even though she was older than the last time I saw her, and her golden hair had turned gray in places, there was no mistaking the odd way she held her quill as she wrote on the parchment in her lap. Bent over that paper and oblivious to the rest of the world.

     I walked over to her, knelt down, placed a hand on her shoulder and said quietly “Deborah Samson Gannett?”

      She jumped, spun around and cried “Roderick!!!” then she slapped my face and said “I thought you were dead! Do you know what you did to your poor mother??? And your sisters! I visited your family right after your birthday and what do I find? A house full of mourners! No one can find you, and all that was left was your wrist band! What happened to you!?!?”

     “I…cannot tell you.”

     Deborah sighed, “I suppose I should not have expected anything else.”

     “That is not true. If I could tell you I would. But telling you would put you and your entire family at risk, my being here puts you at risk now.”

     Deborah put her hands on her hips and said, like a soldier, “Roderick Mason Calahan. I served in the United States army, with a countless number of men at my side and I out fought several of them many times during training. So what do you think will put me in danger???”

     At that moment I heard Nathan running toward us. I knew he was starving. I knew he probably wouldn’t find any large game. I never guessed that he would even think of doing what he was now.

     I pulled Deborah behind me and ran to hold Nathan off. I managed to get his arms pinned behind his back, but Nathan is still stronger than me. He pulled away and flipped me onto my back, then he started running again. This time I couldn’t stop him. He reached Deborah, and tackled her to the ground…

Hope you liked this peek at the past!


Guys Side???

Hey guys,

    So, the writing is going great, Ruby might just be done by the end of the year!  So many mixed emotions about that… oh well.

    I am considering writing the guys side of the story…just because in Roderick, Jack, and Jaspers cases I have them running through my head anyway.  I’m already playing around with Jasper and Roderick’s stories…  I’ve decided that Roderick is going to have two books, just because his back story is soooo long…and I’m working Deborah Sampson and Nathan Hale in to it, (I will post the first bit under Anna’s excerpts).

    To any Dreamer fans that might read this:  Nathan was part of this story from the beginning.  A.K.A December last year when I had the original highly weird\AWESOME dream.

Christopher Calahan

Hey guys,

     So I told you I would post one of the vampires stories before I left, so I thought you might want to get to know Christopher Calahan; Roderick’s physically older, realistically younger adopted brother.  So here goes…

     We ate dinner in the sitting room, and Christopher was oddly quiet. Once Roderick asked what was wrong, and he said “I’m trying to remember something.”

     Roderick glanced at me and nodded. After dinner I sent Laura up stairs, and put the dishes in the sink. Then I went back to the sitting room and said “Ok Christopher. Your turn.”

     He sighed, and Linda sat down next to him. Christopher looked at her before beginning, “Alright, Annabella, you need to understand that not all vampires retain their human memories. I do not remember most of my life. From what I know of history, and what little I remember, I believe I was born sometime in 1924. I fought in the second World War as a fighter pilot, I think I was shot down somewhere over Germany in 1945.

     “All I remember is the shooting, the sound of the planes, and the feeling of falling.  Then I woke up.  I was clutching the remains of my dog tags.  The only legible words on it were my first name and my age.

     “The next few days were horrible; my throat burned like it was on fire, that is, until a human crossed my path. That’s when I learned what I was, what I had become,” He swallowed, and took a moment before continuing, “The worst part was seeing the girl I had attacked, she couldn’t have been much older than Laura.

     “The next five years weren’t any better. I couldn’t stand killing humans,” He shook his head and relaxed a little, “Then these two ‘animal lovers’ tackle me while I’m looking for homeless people to feed on, and they drag me into the woods.

     “Of coarse, I think they’re trying to steal my kill, so I try to fight them off. I shook Edgar off, but Roderick got me into a head lock, and threw his nice little ‘mood stabilizer’ on full force. I calmed down enough to listen to what they had to say. 

     “Then I decided that the animal blood diet sounded better than torturing myself by going as long as possible between feeding so I would kill as little as possible. I’ve traveled with them ever since, and I have never regretted the decision, particularly not now.” He kissed the side of Linda’s head.  My cousin turned blood red, and Lina and I giggled…

Hope you enjoyed that!


Exerpt from Annabella Aster: Strange Love


     Here’s the first part of Annabella, thought you might like it…    

     Hello, I’m Annabella.  I’m a werewolf with a peculiar story.  And I’m here to share it with you…

     It was the full moon, and I had already transformed into a wolf.  I was running at top speed and once again I was glad that my parents let me camp by myself during full moons.  One of the many benefits of being a home-schooled seventeen-year-old-werewolf is that your parents know they can trust you to not set the forest on fire in the middle of the night.

     But I wasn’t paying attention to that right at that moment.  An incredibly good scent had caught my attention and I was following it.  It must have been nearing dawn when I saw him, the source of the scent.  He was standing as still as a statue when I reached the edge of the clearing.  I caught the scent again; curry, (the plant, not the spice), rosemary, wild thyme and basil.  I sniffed the air again, and again, and before I realized it; my paws were carrying me closer to the strange man.

     When I was about a foot away, he knelt down and held out his hand, apparently unafraid of the wolf approaching him.  I sniffed at his hand, the animal desires took over for a moment, and I licked his hand.

     I know it sounds weird, but he tasted good, as good as his scent smelled.  The stranger patted my head, my ears folded back in contentment; he leaned forward as he moved his hand along my shoulder.

     I was frozen in place as I felt his breath somehow penetrate my long fur, I heard him whisper “This won’t hurt.”

     My fur stood on end when he spoke.  I jumped back, pulling myself out of the strangers’ reach.  A growl ripped though my teeth as I took a defensive position about ten feet away from him.  The first rays of dawn shone through the trees, and I was…um, forcibly removed from my wolf form.

     I stayed in the crouch that allowed me to be ready for an attack, or to run for my life.  Whichever came first.  The stranger looked shocked for a moment, before recovering and springing gracefully to his feet.  He didn’t look like he was getting ready to attack, or defend, or do anything.

     I wasn’t moving, though.  My instincts told me he was danger, and I listened.  “Who are you?!?!” I asked…

That’s it for now… =)


Annabella…My Turn.

Hi, last character…for the girls anyway…

     My name is Annabella.  Do not call me Bella, under ANY circumstance.  I am seventeen years old, home schooled, and a werewolf.  My life is was simple, I hardly ever got in trouble, I lived in Colonial Williamsburg VA, I was a role model to my little sister and best friend to my twin cousins, Lina and Linda.

     My life changed in one night.  The one night I ran towards trouble, and his name is Roderick Calahan.  He is a vampire, the one thing on earth I’d been taught to hate.  Not dislike, HATE.  Roderick was not what I expected, he was kind, and polite, and…charming.  We became friends…slowly.

     Then my life changed, again.  But you’ll just have to read my story to find out what happened, and what the consequences of my choice are…

Look for exerpts!