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    I’m not dead!  Don’t faint!  -.-”  Anyway I know it’s (once again) been a while since I was on, but job hunting got in the way.  Though this time it paid off!!!  WHOOO!!!!!!  Ok, so here’s the profile for one of the supproting characters in Charity.  I admit I would have had this one up sooner, but I wasn’t sure if my friend Jermaine would have seen it before this past Saturday.  Reason being, this is his character, and I wanted the profile to be a surprise for his Grad party.  So here’s Emo Boy:



Riley Coltear


Age: Physically: 23 In Reality: … 94

Height: 6’3”

Favorite book: The Picture of Dorian Grey

Favorite song: Mercy – OneRepublic

Favorite place: The Rocky Mountains…there’s very good hunting there.

First line: “Get.  Off. Me.  Now.  Woman!”

Annoying nickname for Charity: Cherribell

Annoying nickname for Mia: …oh there are so many! I cannot list them all!

Name only Charity can call him: Emo Boy, (but he still HATES it)

Name only Mia can call him: Rye, or Rye Bread, if she’s trying to be “cute”.

B-day: 5/5/1915

Species: Half Blood.  Vampire/Nacita

Talent: He can turn invisible at will. A gift he makes good use of to pull pranks while bowling with Charity.

Background: Riley’s mother was a banished nacita and his dad a slightly…eccentric, vampire. Ever since Riley opened his eyes, his parents knew he would have his fathers immortality. The only question, when would he stop aging?

Thankfully, Riley has the typical nacita powers; controlling water, the normal telepathic abilities, and control over his age. So when the time came for Riley to be able to change his age at will, he settled as a twenty-three year old.

Life was good, until the Depression hit, that part of his personal history Riley refuses to talk about. Since the nacita half of his family shunned Riley and his parents, they lived as Wonderers for many years after the Depression. They only settled down again in the late 40’s.

Unfortunately, Riley had already started having “The Dreams” a certain, uh, problem that only affects Wonderers. He always has a Dream, and it’s always the same thing…or should I say, one? He can’t remember the actual dream, just glimpses of someone in the dream. He needed to start moving around again, trying to find what he was looking for. So he finally moved out of his parents house!J

He traveled alone for a long time, before he met little Alma, he found her during a full moon, with her ears and tail out, cowering in an alley. She was only physically ten at the time. After that night Riley and Alma have been inseparable. Riley’s even the one who came up with ‘Mia’ as a nickname, because of Alma’s fascination with ABBA.

In the 80’s, while Riley was going through his “Emo Phase” and Mia was having a leather fetish, they “bumped” into Charity. It was during one of the rare times when Riley and Mia had settled in an area temporarily and Riley was having…issues. Charity basically gave him a slap upside the head and helped set him straight.

Riley and Mia stayed near Charity, (who usually stays near her family), until 1992, when one of Riley’s dreams started pulling him towards England. He asked Charity to come with him, but she declined so she could stay with her young great-great-great-great nephew. Little did they know they wouldn’t see each other for almost twenty years…

BFF: Mia, (though she’s more like his baby sister), and Charity.

GF:…I’ll answer that when these dreams stop…

Favorite things to do: Bowl. Annoy Mia when she annoys me. Bowl. Goof around. Bowl. Hang out with Charity when we’re in town. And did I mention Bowl? (Writer: Yes, Riley, yes you did.) Oh…Well, that’s it I guess…Seeya!


Something I keep missing

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!

     Wow it’s been a while since I was on!  Can you say ‘thank you holidays’????  Ok, so that’s not all of it, I’ve just been really busy with life in general.  Anyway, there’s something that’s been nagging at the back of my mind, and that’s the fact that I have not put in a description of all of my characters.  So here they are, all of my characters and what they look like.

     Amethyst Jade Jones (human/nacita): 5 feet 6 inches tall with wavy black hair, big purple eyes, and pale skin.

     Henri Aaron Erick Grey (nacita): 6 feet tall with curly blonde hair, tan skin with just a few freckles across his nose, and vivid bright blue eyes.

     Leslie Jennifer Brown (nacita) : 5 feet 7 inches tall with hair so pale that if she didn’t have absolutely white skin you’d think it’d gone gray, and eyes green and sharp as a cats.

     Derek Robert Smith (Human): 6 feet 2 inches tall with slightly wavy brown hair, tan skin and dark brown eyes.

     Ruby Esmeralda Black (human) : 5 feet 8 inches tall with dark brown, always unruly hair with one blood red streak down the right side, she has pale skin and emerald green eyes.

     Jackson Roderick Halloway (vampire): 6 feet 4 inches tall with black hair almost long enough to pull back in a short pony tail, (but don’t be fooled, he straightens it every morning, if he didn’t it would sit in loose curls), he has pale skin and gorgeous deep blue eyes with bright green and gold mixed in.

     Peter “Bones” Alexander McKendricks (human/vampire): 6 feet 3 inches tall with tan skin, black hair that he keeps in spikes with the ends dyed platinum blonde.  He has golden brown eyes and five earrings and one nose stud.

     Lucinda “Cindy” Emily Williams (Half vampire half human): Barely five feet tall, Cindy has short edgy black hair with bright blue eyes and pale skin.

     Lillian Nightingale McKendricks (human/werewolf): 5 feet 5 inches tall with strawberry blonde hair that hangs to her elbows, golden brown eyes like her brother Peter, and pale skin.

     Connor Oliver Moon (werewolf): 5 feet 9 inches tall with shaggy red-brown hair tan skin and dark green eyes.

     Charity Abigail Jameson (everything): 5′ 5″ with bright red hair, one green eye and one gold eye with pale skin.

     Jonas Jasper Hawthorn (vampire): 5′ 9″ with brown wavy hair, blue-green eyes and pale skin.

     Jonas Jasper Jameson (everything): 6 feet tall with black hair, eyes like Charity’s, darkly tanned skin, and a smile lines, even though he’s only twenty. (does that say anything about how much he laughs?)

     Amelia Hannah Hawthorn (human/nacita): 5′ 5″ with long, cascading dark brown curls, big blue eyes, and tanned skin.

    Emma Elena Wright, (nacita, with a birth defect….): 5′ 7″ with bright green eyes, tan skin with freakles.  She has hair with so many different colors naturaly in it that you can barely tell it’s really black.  What I mean when I say ‘birth defect’ is that Emma, as a nacita, can do almost everything she’s supposed to be able to, except transform when she goes under water.

     Gabreil Jonas Lenox, (werewolf/nacita): Quite litterally Jonas, but with lighter skin, darker hair, and four inches taller.

     Katerina Walker (vampire): 5′ 3″ with pale skin, dirty blonde hair in a bob cut, and eyes so dark brown that they’re almost black.

     Issac Patrick Walker (vampire): 5′ 10″  with pale skin, grey eyes, and wavy brown hair.

     Athena Annabella Aster (werewolf/vampire): 5′ 7″ with golden-brown eyes, tan skin, and golden-brown and black hair that never does what it’s supposed to.

     Roderick Mason Calahan (vampire): 6′ 4″ with amber and goldstone colored eyes, gold, shaggy, generally unkept, hair, and skin the color of ivory.

     Hestia Rosalinda Aster (werewolf/vampire): 5′ 5″ with perfectly tan skin, (thanks to sunbathing every single day), bright blue eyes, and dyed black hair with dark blue, green and red bangs.

     Christopher Micheal Morgan Calahan (vampire): 6′ 5″ with wavy black hair, pale skin, and sky blue eyes.

     Hecate Rosalina Aster (werewolf/vampire): 4′ 11″ with long sandy blonde hair, skin as white as porcelain, and big shinning blue eyes.

     Edgar William Thatcher Calahan (vampire): 5′ 8″ with curly dark chocolate brown hair, dark green eyes and skin as pale as snow with a long, thin scar running down his right cheek.

And that’s all the people I can think of to tell you about!



Guys Side???

Hey guys,

    So, the writing is going great, Ruby might just be done by the end of the year!  So many mixed emotions about that… oh well.

    I am considering writing the guys side of the story…just because in Roderick, Jack, and Jaspers cases I have them running through my head anyway.  I’m already playing around with Jasper and Roderick’s stories…  I’ve decided that Roderick is going to have two books, just because his back story is soooo long…and I’m working Deborah Sampson and Nathan Hale in to it, (I will post the first bit under Anna’s excerpts).

    To any Dreamer fans that might read this:  Nathan was part of this story from the beginning.  A.K.A December last year when I had the original highly weird\AWESOME dream.

Name Changes for Victoria!

Hi everyone!
Ok, so due to some accidental similarities to Twilight characters of the same names, I have had to change the names of four of the characters in Victoria. Following this post is a list of the original names with the new names after.

Victoria Abigail Jameson – Charity Abigail Jameson

Jacob Jasper Jameson – Jonas Jasper Jameson
Jacob Jasper Covitch – Jonas Jasper Hawthorn

Tyler Jacob Lenox – Gabriel Jonas Lenox

So those are the new names.  Stay tuned for the first part of the story, following the publishing of this post… 🙂


Victoria Jameson

     Ok, so for right now I’m just going to tell you a little about Victoria…

     Hi!  I’m Victoria Abigail Jameson.  I have a twin brother named Jacob Jasper, (he was named for my father).  My best friend is also named Jacob Jasper, though he prefers to go by Jasper.  I’ve known Jasper ever since I was a year old, and we grew up together in a small town in Pensylvaina…in the 1840’s.

     You see, I’m…strange.  I’m part vampire, part nacita, AND part werewolf.  As such, I have lived for a VERY long time.  I have seen many things in my life, I have seen death time and time again.  I have watched my family members grow up, have families of their own and, somehow, find room to keep me in their lives.

     I know first hand how a mind can change its’ perspective of a person; one day I saw Jasper as just a friend.  The next thing I know he’s home from the Civil War, has just kissed me, and I, (finally), fall for him.

     The strangest thing I have ever seen is something that is happening right now;  Jasper is alive.  The man I am in love with and have mourned for over a century and a half is still living in the same little town we grew up in…and he’s a vampire.

That’s all for now,