Did It Have To Be A Dream?

Ok, here’s that excerpt I mentioned

     I woke with a start. I didn’t want to be awake. I hadn’t been asleep…had I? The dream had been so vivid. Alexander had come back, after so many years…

     My name is Nefertiti, yes, like the queen of Egypt back in the fourteenth century B.C.

     My twin sister, (Christina), and I have lived at the same orphanage since our mother died when we were four. We still have family, somewhere in the world. But the last time we’d heard from our dad, he’d had to sign a contract with the orphanage. So he obviously couldn’t take care of us.

     Ever since we came here, if anything bad happened, our imaginary friends, Alexander and Damien, would show up and ‘fight the bad things’ for us. They always made it look like play fighting, so Christina and I would enjoy it. I clearly remember the first time we saw them…

     We’d been four, and we’d been there only a few months. I don’t completely remember the ‘bad thing’ that our friends had fought. But I remembered that he’d scared me before I saw his face, or heard his voice; I could just sense something wrong. I remembered that it had been the full moon, and it was getting dark when he approached. He was dressed all in black, and he told us to come with him, that our dad wanted to see us. He reached for me, but then Alexander had stepped in front of me, he said “Not her.” and the bad thing had snarled at him, and hit him. That’s when they started to fight…

Hope you enjoyed this!!!


PS. I am open to comments about any of the excerpts I post!  (I only ask for no hate mail).




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